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To deal with leftists, imagine you're confronting Satan

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In our cultural civil war, November 6 is Gettysburg

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Why Is The Mainstream Media Telling Us That A Giant West Coast Tsunami “Might Hit Without Warning”?

In Southern California, an earthquake could trigger an underwater avalanche in the Santa Monica Bay, producing a tsunami that could ...

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State Representative Daryl Metcalfe Calls on the Governor to come clean



Representative Daryl Metcalfe

12th District

Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact:  Ty McCauslin

717.772.9979 /


March 27, 2018


Metcalfe Confirms Time Is Up for Wolf Administration to Produce Information on Illegally Voting Foreign Nationals


HARRISBURG — House State Government Committee Chairman Daryl Metcalfe (R-Butler) sent another open letter to Gov. Tom Wolf demanding that his administration comply with the March 28, 2018 deadline to release all communication and records between former PA Department of State Secretary Pedro Cortes and his staff regarding voter registration and/or illegal voting by non-citizen foreign nationals.


The letter reads as follows:


“Dear Governor Wolf:


Tomorrow marks the deadline provided by the Office of Open Records for you to release the information you have been withholding, regarding the number of foreign nationals illegally registered to vote in the Commonwealth following my successful appeal.


“Just yesterday, you announced a voting reform plan for the state, in which you claim that, ‘Pennsylvania has been on the wrong side of voting rights reform.’ On the contrary, Governor Wolf, you are on the wrong side of this pivotal, commonsense issue involving voting integrity in the Commonwealth. You are on the side of secrecy and silence, instead of on the side of openness and transparency.


“In your announcement, you also stated that in order to ‘rebuild trust in Harrisburg, we must have fair and accessible elections for all citizens from our rural communities to our big cities.’ Nothing is more unfair to citizens across the Commonwealth than for you to make them question whether their votes have been cancelled out by illegally registered foreign nationals.


“Your effort to keep this information from the People of Pennsylvania raises those questions and more. Your voting reform plan is a facade to distract the public from your secrecy concerning this matter of Pennsylvania’s electoral process.


“Accurate voter rolls are the foundation of election integrity. Without this foundation the bills you describe in your press release offer nothing but a false promise. Unlike the issues you raise, the issue of foreign nationals illegally registering and voting is nonpartisan and of extreme importance. At a hearing on December 22, 2017, when discussing the Department of State’s investigation into the registration of foreign nationals, Philadelphia City Commissioner Al Schmidt stated that the Department of State’s ‘initial match of driver license numbers with INS indicators to voter registration database records with driver license numbers was in excess of 100,000 in Pennsylvania.’

“Governor Wolf, it is time to come clean and be transparent with the people of Pennsylvania. It is your executive duty to remedy this situation and work with the General Assembly to ensure that the votes of every Pennsylvanian are protected from dilution by those who are illegally registered to vote.


“I call on you to immediately release these records. Pennsylvanians need to know that not a single vote they cast will be stolen, in any election. ‘One person, one vote’ is the foundational principle of our republic.”



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