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Judicial Supremacy Runs Amok Against Census

by John & Andy Schlafly from Phyllis Schlafly Eagles A stirring rebuke of judicial supremacy is, remarkably, posted on the Department of Justice website.  Attorney ...

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Shut Up, They Explain

   JOHN STOSSEL  /TCNN Gloria Alvarez, the young woman from Guatemala I wrote about last week, just got blocked by Facebook. Why? Because ...

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Tucker Carlson’s eye-opening Kavanaugh BOMBSHELL

The Horn News Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation uncovered the dark underbelly of the Democratic Party and just how extremist ...

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“A Truly Constitutionalist Court”: Conservative Groups Celebrate Kavanaugh’s Confirmation

Posted By: adminon: TotalConservative While the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh was an obvious win for Republicans and the Trump administration, prevailing over the ...

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[NEW Edition] Your Top Weekly Immigration News & Updates!

          FAIR's Dan Stein and Matt O'Brien Discuss Federal Judge Blocking Trump's Approach to TPS FB Live ft. Dan Stein & Matt ...

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Americans Have Almost Entirely Forgotten Their History

Jarrett Stepman / @JarrettStepman / The Daily Signal A recent survey revealed that many Americans don't know much about the American Revolution ...

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NSA Employee Sentenced to 5 Years for Compromising Defense Intelligence

Getty Images BY: Mikhael Smits / Washington Free Beacon The Department of Justice announced Tuesday that a former National Security Agency employee had been sentenced to ...

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Federal Court: Hamas-CAIR Must Stand Trial For Fraud

Despite being named as an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest terror funding trial in our nation’s history, CAIR remains the ...

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Trump Donates His Salary to Veteran Entrepreneurship Program

by Warner Todd Huston/eaglerising Staying true to his word, President Donald Trump has once again donated his salary to charity. This time ...

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How Justice Kavanaugh Will Change the Supreme Court

Hans von Spakovsky / @HvonSpakovsky / The Daily Signal Hans von Spakovsky predicts that in replacing Anthony Kennedy, newly minted Justice Brett Kavanaugh ...

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The FAIR Take: Immigration News and Policy Update for April 6


Legislative Update

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Mayor of Escondido Sam Abed Vs California’s Sanctuary LawFAIR’s Joe Gomez had the opportunity to discuss the issues facing the upcoming vote on California’s new SB 54 law with Mayor Sam Abed.By Joe Gomez | Watch Video

President Trump Signs Proclamation Sending National Guard to Southern Border

With increasing numbers of illegal immigrants traveling to the southern border and a Congress incapable or unwilling to “build the wall,” President Trump made the decision this week to deploy the National Guard.

By Heather Ham-Warren | Read More

No Border Wall Can Stop This Caravan

If the goal is to prevent further immigrant “caravans” from attempting to cross into the United States, walls and more border control agents are not the answer. What is needed is to clarify what constitutes “credible fear” and who meets that standard for asylum.

By Heather Ham-Warren | Read More

California Mayor : Sanctuary Cities Are “Immoral, Illegal, And Unconstitutional”

This week Escondido voted 4-1 in favor of filing a “friend of the court” brief in support of the Trump administration’s lawsuit against California’s sanctuary state law.

By Jennifer Hickey | Read More

Iowa Legislature Passes Anti-Sanctuary Bill, Heads to Governor for Signature

As its session came to a close, the Iowa legislature became the latest jurisdiction to pass anti-sanctuary legislation.

By Shari Rendall | Read More

Sheriffs Deliver a Message of Stronger Border Control To Congress

A group of sheriffs from around the country traveled to Washington to personally tell lawmakers to act quickly to strengthen the nation’s borders.

By Robert Najmulski | Read More

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