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Anti-ISIS Coalition Destroys Large Cache of Narcotics in Syria

Getty Images BY: Jack Heretik /  Washington Free Beacon U.S.-led coalition forces fighting the Islamic State destroyed a large cache of narcotics owned by ...

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Petraeus: Withdrawing From Iran Nuclear Deal Puts ‘Greater Pressure’ on Tehran

Former CIA director says he backs Trump's decision to leave accord David Petraeus / Getty Images BY: Paul Crookston / the Washington Free Beacon Former ...

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U.S. Globalists Put Castro in Power and Kept Him There

Written by Frank de Varona and Alex Newman From the print edition of The New American MIAMI, Florida — When the young ...

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Hey, Millennials, Here’s the Truth About Socialism, Kim Jong-un, and Nicolás Maduro

  Far from being a peacful Utopia, the lived reality of socialism is death, destruction, deprivation, and repression. By Lawrence J. McQuillan                                   ...

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Trump-Bashing Mayor of Puerto Rico Just Got Some BAD NEWS – She’s Under FBI Investigation!

Thomas Robertson /en-volve The mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico, who shot to international fame after criticizing President Trump for not doing ...

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4.1 percent GDP growth is magic number for Q2 to get back on track

By Robert Romano at the Daily Torch When President Donald Trump stood for election in 2016, he set a national goal of getting the U.S. ...

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Thank you, Punchy

By Joan Swirsky at Renew America I remember as a young teenager going by myself to see "On the Waterfront" at ...

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Nunes Shakes Up DC: We’re ‘Getting Close’ to Impeaching Rosenstein

BY CHUCK ROSS /WJ House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes said Sunday that “there will be hell to pay” — including impeachment for ...

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Luke Rosiak | Investigative Reporter/Daily Caller Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe used Peter Strzok’s mistress, Lisa Page, to get information ...

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Financial Aid for Illegals was a Bad Idea at the Start and Now It’s Even More Costly


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1. Financial Aid for Illegal Aliens was a Bad Idea at the Start – and Now It’s Even More Costly
In April, Arizona’s Supreme Court ruled in a unanimous decision that state law prohibited granting lower in-state tuition to illegal immigrant students enrolled under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) program.Read more2. Maybe if California and New York Cared as Much about the Middle Class as They Do About Illegal Alien…
Economists Arthur Laffer (the guy with the famous curve) and Stephen Moore, a leading libertarian voice for mass immigration, predict that some 800,000 people will pack up and leave California and New York over the next three years. Read more

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3. Do We Have Endless Money? Part 2: Legal Aid for Illegals
Despite pushing bills in several states to create single-payer tax-funded healthcare for illegal aliens, the open-borders lobby has been repeatedly coming up empty with that particular scheme. Read more

4. Overreaching Judges Hijack Immigration Law
A year ago, FAIR declared, “Judiciary Wages War on Trump, Jeopardizes National Security.” Several court decisions later, activist district judges are expanding their reach to unconstitutionally subvert immigration laws.Read more

5. May Day protestors come out in support of illegal workers
Judging by the protests that took place across the nation yesterday, May Day has lost its meaning as an occasion to protest for labor and worker rights. This year, the rallies were in support of those who cannot legally hold jobs in the U.S. and the politicians who pander to them. Read more

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