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NSA Employee Sentenced to 5 Years for Compromising Defense Intelligence

Getty Images BY: Mikhael Smits / Washington Free Beacon The Department of Justice announced Tuesday that a former National Security Agency employee had been sentenced to ...

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Federal Court: Hamas-CAIR Must Stand Trial For Fraud

Despite being named as an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest terror funding trial in our nation’s history, CAIR remains the ...

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Trump Donates His Salary to Veteran Entrepreneurship Program

by Warner Todd Huston/eaglerising Staying true to his word, President Donald Trump has once again donated his salary to charity. This time ...

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How Justice Kavanaugh Will Change the Supreme Court

Hans von Spakovsky / @HvonSpakovsky / The Daily Signal Hans von Spakovsky predicts that in replacing Anthony Kennedy, newly minted Justice Brett Kavanaugh ...

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Andrew Kerr | Investigative Reporter/DC Democratic Senate hopeful Kyrsten Sinema says she went about three years without running water or ...

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[NEW Edition] Your Top Weekly Immigration News & Updates!

          FAIR President Dan Stein Discusses TPS on NPR News Interview ft. Dan Stein | Listen to the Interview House Leadership Eyes Wall Funding ...

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Opioid Addiction Bill is a Veiled Gift to Big Pharma

1                   ~ American Liberty Report The opioid addiction crisis in this country has been in the making for a long, long time. ...

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JOHN SALVATORE  /Keep and Bear An audit of the Obama administration finds that over $500 billion was “miscalculated.” That’s billion – with a ...

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All for one and one for all with Trump and GOP--Just ask Pastor Andrew Brunson

By Laurie Roth at Renew America Quick negotiations freed Pastor Andrew Brunson from 2 years in a Turkish prison. This didn't ...

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Cherokee Nation on Warren DNA Test: She Is Making ‘A Mockery out of DNA Tests,’ ‘Undermining Tribal Interests’

Sen. Elizabeth Warren / Getty Images BY: Cameron Cawthorne / Washington Free Beacon The Cherokee Nation on Monday responded to Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., ...

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John Kerry Continues Potentially Criminal Pro-Iran Talks


~ Liberty Planet

It would be an understatement to say that Obama Administration officials routinely engaged in lawlessness. From Hillary’s thumbing her nose at national security protocols to A.G. Loretta Lynch subverting the criminal prosecution process to Pres. Obama’s illegal DACA program, there was a total disregard for the rule of law for 8 years — and then some.

Former Secretary of State John Kerry appears to think his buddy Barrack is still in office, because his continued diplomacy efforts to save the horrible Iran Deal haven’t stopped. Whether Kerry desperately wants to salvage this last remaining — although horrible — legacy or has just gotten used to lawlessness, he could face jail time under the Logan Act.

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