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The drooling tantrums of the Senate Democrats will never end, but soon no one will be listening

By Laurie Roth at Renew America The Democrats in the Senate have shown themselves through this Kavanaugh witch hunt to care ...

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Illinois Democrat Candidate for Congress Under Fire for Freeing Child Sex Abuser as State’s Attorney

 Warren Todd Huston/Breitbart News Network Democrat Brendan Kelly is running for Congress in Illinois’ 12th Congressional District, but now, only weeks ...

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Limbaugh: Hillary Just Admitted Everything I've Been Saying About The Left

Photo by Brooks Kraft/ Getty Images By JAMES BARRETT/The Daily Wire There's nothing Rush Limbaugh enjoys more than a Democrat publicly proving him ...

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Kamala, Feinstein OUTRAGED by Trump’s 9th Circuit Nominations

‘The White House continues to try to pack the courts with partisan judges who will blindly support the president’s agenda…’ Kamala ...

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List: The Top 20 Inaccuracies And Flaws In Christine Ford’s Letter To Senator Feinstein

POLITICS/teaparty (Gateway Pundit) – A reminder that the letter to Senator Feinstein from Dr. Ford who accused Judge Kavanaugh of ...

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Hillary Clinton Gives up Security Clearance After Private Server Scandal

CreditCreditPablo Martinez Monsivais/Associated Press  Joshua Caplan/Breitbart News Network Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has relinquished her security clearance over her handling ...

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BILL CLINTON ACCUSER Records Stunning Phone Call To Dem Senator Schumer Asking Him To “Believe” Her: ”Unlike Ms. Ford, I Do Have Proof and Witnesses”

From 100% Fed Up .com In October 2016, Leslie Millwee came forward to demand Bill Clinton be held accountable for sexual ...

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New Audio Suggests Juanita Broaddrick’s ‘Gut Punch’ Allegations Against Bill Clinton Are ‘Credible And Horrifying’

  Frank/I LOVE MY FREEDOM  A new podcast episode of the series ‘Slow Burn’ was released that includes audio from Juanita Broaddrick ...

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Legal Watchdog, Citing Secret Material in Clinton Emails, Presses State Department in Court

Kevin Mooney / @KevinMooneyDC / The Daily Signal Hillary Clinton, here speaking Oct. 2 at The Atlantic Festival in Washington, D.C., is the subject ...

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 SIMON DAILY /Patriot Chronicles Bill Clinton makes Kavanaugh’s allegation look like child’s play. Clinton was accused of sexual misconduct by a multitude ...

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Media Malpractice Over ‘Missing’ Melania


Sometimes the “news” isn’t the news; the media’s pathetic coverage of it is.

By Nate Jackson · at The Patriot Post/

Sometimes the “news” isn’t the news; the media’s coverage of it is. Such is the case with First Lady Melania Trump’s “mysterious” absence from the public after she underwent a kidney procedure in May. Media figures advanced wild conspiracy theories including everything from botched plastic surgery to a body double to a mental breakdown to her leaving after spousal abuse at the hands of President Donald Trump. That’s not journalism, it’s a smear campaign, and it was exposed when Melania appeared smiling and apparently well Wednesday at a FEMA briefing.

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