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She’s Back! Stripper Abortionist with Arrest Record Returns to Delta Abortion Clinic in Disguise

 By Operation Rescue 9 Comments By Cheryl Sullenger at Operation Rescue Baton Rouge, LA – Nsikan M. St. Martin wasn’t supposed to be working at the Delta ...

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ICYMI: Barletta USA Today Op-Ed on School Security

We in Congress should protect students from gun violence as well as we protect ourselves After the 2017 congressional baseball shooting, ...

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Rep. Smucker's E-Update

HOME ABOUT CONTACT MEDIA SERVICES Thank you for subscribing to my E-Newsletter! This week I want to update you on passage of my legislation to ...

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Reaching for Four-Percent Growth: Trump’s Economy

Written by Joe Scudder/EagleRising The economy is almost experiencing four-percent growth despite economists saying that it would be lower! A year ago even ...

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Fired-Up Trump Names the Only 3 Things Democrats Are Good At

BY BEN MARQUIS /WJ President Donald Trump took to Twitter Saturday morning to sidestep the liberal media and speak directly to the American ...

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Democrats Exposed as Being Two-Faced, Self-Serving Liars and Anti-American Schmucks

Written by Greg Holt/Eagle Rising UPDATE: The IG’s report was released hours ago and does indeed point to misconduct by former FBI director ...

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Iran Admits They Enabled 9/11 Attackers

~ American Liberty Report Mohammad-Javad Larijani, a prominent Iranian politician, and former diplomat admitted on a Farsi language broadcast confirmed allegations ...

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Warren ‘Filled With Terror’ About Midterm Elections

BY: Andrew Kugle /  the Washington Free Beacon Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D.) told MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow she is "filled with terror" that ...

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RNC Prepares for Midterms by Expanding Field Program to Record 500 Staffers

President Donald Trump, RNC Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel / Getty Images BY: Cameron Cawthorne/ the Washington Free Beacon. The Republican National Committee (RNC) ...

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[Must Read] Top 5 Immigration Stories of the Week!–FAIR


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1. With Resistance, the National Guard Comes to the Rescue
To alleviate U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), President Donald Trump in April requested that states send the National Guard to the border. While California and pro-amnesty states hesitated or outright refused, other states picked up the slack, and Americans know it’s working. Read more2. More Asylum Seekers Game America’s Immigration System
A surge in asylum seekers is swamping U.S. immigration courts and swelling the country’s illegal-alien population. Read more

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3. Americans: Overlooked and Underpaid
Without considering the needs of his fellow Americans, an activist farmer in Michigan is calling for blanket amnesty on behalf of illegal aliens. His call stems from a lack of American citizens applying for open positions on his farm. Read more

4. Betsy DeVos Is Right: Schools Can Report Illegal Alien Students
President Trump’s tough stand on immigration – the signature issue that powered his 2016 campaign – is getting higher marks from voters, and Republican House candidates are joining in as the November elections approach. Read more

5. New York City Released Hundreds of Criminal Aliens Back Onto the Streets and, Surprise, Some Committed Additional Crimes
Last Thursday, New York City filed a legal brief in support of Philadelphia’s lawsuit against the Trump administration for moving to withhold federal grants to cities that adopt sanctuary policies. Hardly able to contain himself, Mayor Bill de Blasio declared his determination to stand with Philadelphia in making “the case that local policies that protect resident immigrants make cities safer.” Read more

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