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Keeping Cruz control in Texas

By Bonnie Chernin at Renew America It is critically important for Sen. Ted Cruz to win re-election and keep Texas red ...

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The anti-Trump riots are a smoke screen. The real goal--eliminate the electoral college

By Tom DeWeese at Renew America Many seem bewildered by the anti-Trump riots and demonstrations that have covered the nation since ...

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Walter Williams: The Electoral College Debate

By Walter E. Williams | cnsnews Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (Screenshot) Democratic socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, seeking to represent New York's 14th Congressional District, has called for ...

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Drugs, Drinks, Doors, and Dogs

 GARY DEMAR / Godfather Politics Donald Trump has picked at the scab of Democrat politics and exposed its savage wound on the body ...

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Democrats' New Strategy: Destroy The Institutions Of American Government

JOSH EDELSON/AFP/Getty Images ByBEN SHAPIRO @BENSHAPIRO/DailyWire Back in 2013, President Obama, frustrated by Republican unwillingness to pass his agenda, lashed out at Congress. ...

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Culture Warriors-grid your loins

By R.T. Neary at Renew America The sharp division in American society is not really in evidence until we come into ...

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To deal with leftists, imagine you're confronting Satan

By Selwyn Duke at Renew America If you're a conned-servative who gets sand thrown in your eyes, your kneecaps kicked off ...

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In our cultural civil war, November 6 is Gettysburg

By Bryan Fischer at Renew America Follow me on Twitter: @BryanJFischer, on Facebook at "Focal Point" Host of "Focal Point" on American ...

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Why Is The Mainstream Media Telling Us That A Giant West Coast Tsunami “Might Hit Without Warning”?

In Southern California, an earthquake could trigger an underwater avalanche in the Santa Monica Bay, producing a tsunami that could ...

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 DAPHNE MOON 1/redrightvideos The Conservative sweetheart blows liberals out of the water by using their beloved President, Obama’s, own words against ...

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“You’re Invited!”–State Rep Eric Roe’s Report

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Thursday, June 7, 2018 The latest news from the State Capitol
Dear Neighbor,You and a guest are cordially invited to join me on the evening of Tuesday, June 19 in the East Wing Rotunda of the Pennsylvania Capitol Building for a reception held by the Pennsylvania Veterinary Medical Association and the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Veterinary Medicine.

I am very honored to have been selected for this year’s Distinguished Service Proclamation award. The Distinguished Service Proclamation is given annually to someone who is a champion for the veterinary profession in Pennsylvania. I was selected for this year’s award for my efforts on behalf of the Penn Vet New Bolton Center, located in East Marlborough Township, to ensure its state appropriation was restored in the Fiscal Year 2017-18 state budget.

As your state representative, I’d like to invite my bosses and employers – the residents of the 158th Legislative District – to join me for this momentous occasion. This award truly belongs to you. 

Friends of Veterinary Medicine Reception 
Tuesday, June 19th, 2018, 5:00pm – 6:30pm
*Award Presentation will begin at 5:30pm
East Wing Rotunda, Pennsylvania Capitol
501 N. Third Street
Harrisburg, PA 17120

No RSVP is required. If you have any questions, feel free to contact my district office at (610) 388-3100.

Should you choose to attend, I look forward to seeing you in Harrisburg on June 19.


Eric Roe

Keeping Dangerous Drugs off the Streets



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