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Socialism is Growing in America. Here’s Why

                                  ~ American Liberty Report Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the new leftist media darling after pulling off a major upset in the New ...

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Liberals Humiliated as Trump’s Popularity With Hispanics Surges

Posted By: adminon: TotalConservative For the last three years straight, the mainstream media, Democrats, and open-borders activists have been telling us that ...

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APN Considers Immigration from a Biblical Perspective

APN Considers Immigration from a Biblical Perspective  One of the most hotly debated issues in America for many months has been immigration—the ...

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Kentucky Welcomes The Bible Back Into The Classroom

The ACLU could not stop it since it is an elective.  by Sam Di Gangi/CDP   The Holy Bible (pictured) is back in the ...

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Barletta Meets with Ivanka Trump on Paid Family Leave

WASHINGTON – This week, Congressman Lou Barletta (PA-11) met with Ivanka Trump and members of both the U.S. House of Representatives ...

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Senator Mike Folmer Column: A Tale of Two Revolutions

Consider the different outcomes of two revolutions:  America’s (celebrated July 4th) and France’s (celebrated July 14th, Bastille Day).  French military ...

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June Jobs Report Shows More Jobs Added, Wages Rising

Timothy Doescher / The Daily Signal Notable job gains include: professional and business services (+50,000 jobs), manufacturing (+36,000 jobs), health ...

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The United Nations Report on American Poverty Is Just Plain Wrong

The UN insists that the US is mired in poverty, but their report is full of deception and bad data. By ...

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Scott Pruitt's Lasting Legacy

A litany of minor ethical missteps by the EPA chief finally forced his resignation. By the Political Editors · at the ...

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DAVE/keepandbear Last week, Jarrod Ramos walked into the office of The Capital, a newspaper that he has had a long running ...

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Rap Sheet: ***70*** Acts of Media-Approved Violence and Harassment Against Trump Supporters

Collage of Trump supporters being attacked or harassed in public.
Various; Frederic J. BROWN / AFP/Getty; Arr: BNN

When not calling Trump supporters “Nazis” as a means to dehumanize us, the establishment media like to whine about the lack of civility in American politics, even as they cover up, ignore, downplay, or straight-up approve of the wave of violence and public harassment we are seeing against supporters of President Trump.

It is open season on Trump supporters, and the media is only fomenting, encouraging, excusing, and hoping for more… The media are now openly calling Trump supporters “Nazis” and are blaming Trump for a mass murder he had nothing to do with. This, of course, is a form of harassment because it incites and justifies mob violence.

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