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Liberal Democrats are Declaring War on White Women

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Obama Outs Himself, Says He’s Inspired By White Genocide & Property Confiscation Purveyor

Liberal Agenda 8/American Journal Review Elder Patriot – Barack Hussein Obama traveled to South Africa to speak at the 2018 Nelson Mandela Annual Lecture. ...

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BOMBSHELL NEWS: Documents Prove Huma Abedin’s Guilt, Implicates FBI In Cover Up of Hillary’s Crimes

Corruption 2/American Journal Review The most damning aspect of the FBI’s unfounded and overly aggressive investigation into Donald Trump and his associates is the ...

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Letter writer concerned that Illegal Immigration is #1 issue



The Left’s Trojan Horse Is Illegal Immigration

Reflecting back in time on my life’s memories and experiences, I gleaned the following: On December 7th, 1941, I was 13 years old and hearing the news of the Pearl Harbor attack by the Empire of Japan, I had the feeling we were going to be in that war for a long time.  The citizenry dug in their heels and in less than 4 years we brought Germany, Italy and Japan to the Peace Table.  This was due in large part to both political parties joining in the overall effort to win the war.  The feeling that rationing and other government regulations impacted each and every one of us was accepted as a necessary action.  Generals like Patton and Bradley didn’t use the language we liked, either.  But they got the job done to win their battles. “We Were At War”  was evident and all but a small percentage accepted the consequences.

After 9/11, we entered another period in our history that challenged this country again like December 7th.  It’s been over 16 years since the latest Towers were brought down by an enemy seeking to over whelm us from within.  The President’s language is tough at times, but more important like those WWII Generals, it’s getting the job done.  What is more apparent in our population today is hypocrisy, selfishness and a lack of knowledge of where the country is headed.

There is no overall sentiment or knowledge of the extreme danger this country is in from immigration. The constant attacks on our duly elected President by the media are certainly not in the purview of a nation that is aware that “We Are At War”.

I think our current President made a case for this during his campaign and conservatives responded to those points (Immigration & North Korea) at the ballot box. The present war is one involving illegal immigration as our number one threat and President Trump reacts with many of his comments aand actions because he is aware that “We Are At War”.

Ed Kozelnicky, Upper Saucon Township

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