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Mainstream Media’s Worst Nightmare: Black Trump Supporters

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The Christian ethos vs. arrogant elitists

Alan Keyes exhorts Americans who understand the role of God's authority By Alan Keyes at Renew America I think that every election ...

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NBC Broadcaster Arrested for 'Lewd Acts in Vagas

November 8, 2018 Posted By : Admin from NBC News via Media Alert News/Fox News NBC Broadcaster Arrested For ‘Lewd Acts’ in ...

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Liberal Democrats are Declaring War on White Women

~ Patriotic Freedom Fighter The “blue wave” that was supposed to see the Democratic Party take 100 seats on the platform ...

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UNREPORTED: Black Panthers' voter intimidation!

By Rev. Austin Miles at Renew America   The Black Panthers small mob, armed with AR 15 Rifles, stood menacingly near the ...

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Obama Outs Himself, Says He’s Inspired By White Genocide & Property Confiscation Purveyor

Liberal Agenda 8/American Journal Review Elder Patriot – Barack Hussein Obama traveled to South Africa to speak at the 2018 Nelson Mandela Annual Lecture. ...

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BOMBSHELL NEWS: Documents Prove Huma Abedin’s Guilt, Implicates FBI In Cover Up of Hillary’s Crimes

Corruption 2/American Journal Review The most damning aspect of the FBI’s unfounded and overly aggressive investigation into Donald Trump and his associates is the ...

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Barletta Announces Federal Grants for Pennsylvania’s 11th District


Barletta Announces Federal Grants for Pennsylvania’s 11th District

– This week, Congressman Lou Barletta (PA-11) announced that Pennsylvania’s 11th District received federal grants from both the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).  The Earth Conservancy, located in Ashley, Pennsylvania, will receive a total of $240,000 from the EPA’sBrownfields Cleanup Program, and Duncannon Fire Co. No. 1 will receive $158,953 from FEMA’s Assistance to Firefighters Grants (AFG) program.

The primary goal of the Brownfields Cleanup Program is to assist communities in cleaning up and reusing contaminated properties in a safe and sustainable way.  Since 1995, this program has helped stimulate cleanup and redevelopment to find ways to reuse brownfields, which has both increased job growth and protected the environment.  In November 2017, Barletta urged then EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt to provide funding to Earth Conservancy to assist with its efforts of restoring Espy Run.

“As a life-long resident of Luzerne County, I have seen the Earth Conservancy’s logical, fair approach to brownfield reuse fix damage ecosystems, stop erosion, and revitalize the environment and economy of local communities,” Barletta said.  “With the help of this grant, the Espy Run can continue to be restored and the proud legacy of anthracite mining in Pennsylvania’s 11th District can continue.”

The primary goal of the AFG program is to meet the firefighting and emergency response needs of fire departments and non-affiliated emergency medical service organizations.  Since 2001, the AFG program has helped firefighters and other first responders to obtain critically needed equipment, protective gear, emergency vehicles, training, and other resources necessary to protect the public and emergency personnel from fire and related hazards.  Barletta has been a longtime supporter of the AFG program, having made repeated requests to House Appropriations Committee leaders for continued support and funding.

“Our fire departments and emergency responders are the first line of defense in our neighborhoods when disaster strikes,” Barletta said.  “This grant will go a long way toward ensuring that the residents in our local communities – and their homes and businesses – are protected.”

For more information on the AFG program, please visit  For more information on the Brownfield Cleanup Program, please visit  Additionally, interested organizations may contact Mike Shay at Rep. Barletta’s Hazleton office at (570) 751-0050 or by email at


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