I’ve served on the Senate Judiciary Committee for more than 40 years, and this week marks my 15th and final hearing on a Supreme Court nominee. It also marks what I hope will be the end of partisan high jinks designed to delay the confirmation of an all-star nominee.

After all these years, I’m good at judging judges. But you hardly need an expert to predict federal appeals court Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s jurisprudence. His 300 judicial opinions and various academic articles and speeches make his positions pretty clear—and this week’s hearing pretty predictable.

The only surprise this week was the embarrassing tantrums thrown by the misguided protesters who disrupted the hearing with sporadic squawks.

I had hoped that the activists would—as Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, put it—“get a grip” and treat the confirmation process with the respect it deserves. But while the loudmouths on the left pounded their fists, the grown-ups were having a serious discussion about what it means to be governed by the rule of law.

Kavanaugh’s smart answers were no surprise.

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