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Federal Education Programs Are Bloated and Failing. Now, Congress Wants to Give Them More Money.

Jude Schwalbach /The Daily Signal Lawmakers are proposing spending $71.4 billion on federal education programs—$2.6 billion more than in fiscal ...

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Army chooses Raytheon, Lockheed to mature new missile defense radars

AUSA By: Jen Judson at Defense News <img src="" alt=""/> The Army has been trying replace the Patriot radar with a new one ...

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Mainstream Media Can’t Hide the Truth of the Doxing Attack

                  American Liberty Report Brett Kavanaugh is already hearing arguments as a member of the Supreme Court. You might be tempted to ...

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Trump’s Renegotiated NAFTA Agreement is a HUGE Win for Working Class Americans

                            American Liberty Report News of President Donald Trump’s historic renegotiation of NAFTA ramped up business confidence as the Dow Jones pushed ...

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Don’t Vote in November If You want These Types of People in Control

 GARY DEMAR /godfatherpolitics The Democrat Party is evil. Both political parties are bad, but the Democrats are downright demonic. They have no ...

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Polls Paint a Grim Outlook for Democrats in the Midterm Elections

                    ~ Liberty Planet As the country gears up for the midterm elections, regular polls are becoming commonplace and they don’t paint ...

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GA Gov. Candidate Says November Blue Wave Includes ‘Documented And Undocumented’

I Love My Freedom Georgia’s Democratic candidate for governor, Stacey Abrams, was speaking to a group of people about the upcoming ...

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@Censorship: Twitter Bans 10 Conservatives Accounts; Won’t Give Reason Why

 JEFF DUNETZ /godfatherpolitics At approximately 9 pm eastern on October 2, ten conservative twitter accounts owned by ten different entities were suspended by ...

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How Apple and Facebook are Copying Communist China

~ Liberty Planet Communist China has recently assigned a “trust score” to each of its citizens in a move that would ...

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50 Facts That Show How Far America Has Fallen In This Generation

by Michael Snyder/                     The American Dream What has happened to America?  Please show these numbers to anyone that does not believe that the ...

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Senator Pat Browne and Rep Ryan Mackenzie–Press Release



Senator Pat Browne

16th District

Pennsylvania Senate

Media Contact: Matt Szuchyt


Representative Ryan Mackenzie

134th District

Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact:  Tricia Lehman

717.772.9840 /


September 19, 2018


Browne, Mackenzie Announce Grants for Area Infrastructure Projects


HARRISBURG – Sen. Pat Browne (R-Lehigh) and Rep. Ryan Mackenzie (R-Lehigh/Berks) today (Sept. 18) announced they successfully led the effort to secure funding for needed infrastructure upgrades for several townships and boroughs in Lehigh County.


Funding for the projects was approved by the Commonwealth Financing Authority under the Pennsylvania Small Water and Sewer Program.


Grants awarded for various municipal infrastructure upgrades are as follows:

  • Alburtis Borough – $100,000 for the rehabilitation of sanitary sewer lines and laterals.
  • Lower Macungie Township – $225,000 to rehabilitate sewer mains located in the township.
  • Macungie Borough – $95,000 for water system improvements.
  • Salisbury Township – $100,000 for the rehabilitation of sanitary sewer lines at various locations throughout the township.

“Our local governments are facing increased financial pressures to provide, repair and expand sewer and water assets in their jurisdictions,” Sen. Browne said. “Working to get these projects funded is an important step in ensuring the continued levels of service that the citizens have come to expect.”


“This is welcome funding for our local governments, which often have difficulty affording the costs associated with repairs, upgrades and expansion of vital infrastructure, such as sewer and water,” said Mackenzie. “State funding takes some of the pressure off local taxpayers to cover the costs of these necessary projects.”


The Pennsylvania Small Water and Sewer Program offers grants for small water and sewer infrastructure projects and can be used to assist with the construction, improvement, expansion, or rehabilitation or repair of a water supply or sanitary sewer system.


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