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Abnormal Is A Must To MAGA


Linda J Shuker/LVC

What should be on the minds of Americans, looking toward November? Normally, especially for those who enjoy a meal with all the fix’ins, it would be Thanksgiving. But, this year’s coming November is not a normal one, having an equal important day besides Thanksgiving, and that would be an Election Day, formally called Mid-Term Elections. Historically, these elections don’t bring out as many voters as presidential elections do, but, this is not, what I would consider, a normal Election Day. In review, most previous Mid-Term Elections have normally shown a change in Party control of Congress’s House and/or Senate, usually going to the opposite Party of the President’s. Like our President’s Party, both chambers are currently controlled by the Republican Party. Should a change in that status occur from this upcoming Election Day would, again, be normal, but I’m hoping for an abnormal result, no change.

For those not zeroed-in to the current political landscape, I write this message especially for you. Understanding that many Americans are busy running their lives, working long, hard hours, acting the taxi-driver to get their kids here, there & everywhere, and just being all-around doers & keepers of the lights burning, meals made, laundry done, roof leaks fixed, and if lucky, planning their next vacation, it stands to reason that keeping up with politics is, not on the top of your list of things to do. But, this up-coming election is most important, and worthy enough to take some time to catch-up.

The political lay-of-the-land is, this election is about the Democrats wanting to regain control of the House and/or the Senate, and the Republicans need to maintain control, if President Trump is to continue with his “Make America Great Again” plans. So, here’s what you need to know if you want to have a continuation of the progress he’s accomplished: The Democrats are determined, to the utmost meaning of, “All’s fair in Love & War AND Politics,” to retake control of, at least the House and at best, it and the Senate.

Politics being what they are today, manners and civil discourse have been thrown out with the bath water, being replaced with dirtier bath water, albeit, to the filth and stench of sewer water. By and with the Democrats’ disdain for President Trump, both he and Republican candidates in this election, are “targets” – not opposing candidates, but “targets” to be smeared, maligned and beat (close to death) with any unmeasured derogatory claims, allegations & accusations of some wrong-doing they probably didn’t commit, with tall tales that are short on facts, and to solidify their propaganda they’ll just plain lie.

So, what’s the reason behind their unfettered, seemingly urgent determination to replace Republicans? Because they say, like a well-rehearsed choir, that Republicans are cruel, mean, and evil. And, to double-down on that rehearsed song, they add a chorus of ‘to vote for Republicans makes you complicit in their evil ways.’ That’s about the long and short of the Democrats’ campaign message that’s supposed to persuade you to vote for them. It sure wells-up a warm, fuzzy feeling for me; I’m feeling so jubilant and convinced by their song, I can’t wait to go to the polls and cast all my votes for Democrats. NO! To buy into that message, believe it, and concur with it would make me an idiot; like put a sign on my front door that reads, “Stupid lives here!” The sole reason Democrats are flooding this campaign with sewer water and expect you to bath in it, as if you are cleansing your soul, is to STOP President Trump from continuing his plan to “Make America Great Again.”

If they take the House, their plans are to Impeach the President, repel his Tax Reform Act that gave Americans more money in their paychecks, not build a wall at our border to keep us safer, but they actually want to tear it down and have an ‘open-border’ policy, investigations into the corrupt acts by the FBI & DOJ Obama left-overs to prevent President Trump from occupying the Oval Office would come to a screeching halt and all those bad actors would remain untarnished, Obamacare would be raised-up from the dead, including the mandate you all are required to pay for your ‘not’ free choice of not buying health insurance, that President Trump repealed, our military will again be ‘benched’ instead of being treated & funded like the Champion Team they are and deserve, the gains in the Stock Market, which includes personal portfolios and pensions will be lost – historically, the Market has never done as good under Democrat control, the hiring boom will be diminished as business will again become uneasy without President Trump at the helm, just to mention a few repercussions to expect. Understand, Democrats’ agenda is not to make America great, by their definition, it is to “re-make” America to fit into their ideology. Obama campaigned, using rhetoric like, ‘we are five days away from “transforming” America.’ Well, at the end of his eight-year tenure, how’d you fair-out? Did his agenda of “transforming” America leave you better off?

Pay attention, when possible. Get informed and aware of political tactics, disquised to be truth & promises. Have discussions with your family, friends and neighbors regarding candidates and the platforms they’re espousing. If you’re a church-goer, speak with your clergy and get their perspective. Do whatever you have to do to make an informed, intelligent vote. And, by all means, VOTE. And, then hope the “abnormal” is the outcome!

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