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Letter writer outlines the Kavanaugh fiasco



LVC Note; the letter writer wishes to be anonumous

It looks like Brett Kavanaugh will be confirmed tomorrow following a very thoughtful case made by Senator Collins. We owe her a thanks for ensuring that Judge Brett Kavanaugh will be Justice Kavanaugh and that scurrilous tactics do not work.

Pray that there will be a peaceful conclusion to this sad confirmation process. Sadly, I expect the protests will continue and the allegations will not go away.  

What follows is a very compelling article written by a Maryland man who attended Catholic school and identifies with the tragic attacks on a decent man and what it has done to his family


“A follow-up of a novel, The Trial by deceased Franz Kafka was recently found. The Trial accuses and arrests a man who is told “innocent people are not arrested”, ruining his entire life.   When protesting and defending himself, he is told “The way you’re carrying on, it’s worse than a child.”  Written shortly before Kafka’s death in 1924, the follow-up uncovered is called #IAMBRETTKAVANAUGH


Can you tell me what happened?  Am I in a nightmare?  2 months ago, I was coaching my daughter’s basketball team, a Judge with a wife and daughters. Living a good decent life.  I am not perfect; I believe I am a good person.  A good life by anyone’s estimate.  I follow the teachings of my God.  As a judge I treated people fairly.  The President nominated me to be on the US Supreme Court.


I attended high school 35 years ago, we partied like boys, sometimes to excess. I drank, never losing control, never irresponsible, just kids. Working hard, excelling, I graduated Yale Law School with high honors.  Never skating accountabilities, just working hard with perseverance,


I am a Judge on the DC Court of Appeals with 300 legal opinions; my temperament never questioned.  Controversial court decisions adhered to law and Constitution.  6 FBI investigations delved into every aspect of my life.  No negative items found against me.  I am not perfect, but I lived an honorable life.   Senate committee and liberals called me Evil!  I got through it, and went to sleep.


Awakened September 19th to Senator Feinstein accusing me of attempted rape in High School. Dr. Christine Blasé Ford claims I was her sexual predator.  I can clear this up, disprove it with calendars of my whereabouts since 1980.  She does not know me, or my circle of friends.  Her accusation has no basis.  Don’t you need evidence?  Can’t remember date, time, place, or details that I committed this horrendous act.  Memories come back during some therapy session after 30 years?


People named Judge, Smyth, and Ingham do not corroborate her.  She took a lie detector test?  Why?  After writing her allegations, they asked 2 questions.  1. Is any part of your Statement False? 2. Did you make up any part of your statement?  She answered no.  My name was not mentioned in the polygraph – Why?  Can’t remember the date of the polygraph –2 months ago, but remembers I tried to rape her? I heard she coaches people on how to fool them.


WAIT! This is NOT ME! I was not alone in a room with her, was not around me or my friends. Never treated a women this way! Mark Judge says “never happened”. Her friend never met me.  My entire class has no recollection or rumblings of this.


I awaked into another world.  Senators say: Prove I was not at a party that didn’t exist?  Prove I am not a sexual predator? How do I prove that? My Calendar – useless.  Family can’t provide a single word for me, because no date and time is given.  Senators requesting me to prove my innocence can’t tell me what to prove. As a Judge I worked to ensure the right of the accused.   Senators say I have no rights.  Don’t prove allegations, just accuse then remove me.  Just make stuff up.  Let people destroy your life.


This is untrue!  I am a good person. If I protest, that makes me guilty?  White Privilege?  Call me a liar and say nothing?  TV people say he must be guilty, because I am upset. Everyone has an opinion.  USA Today editorial calls me a predator – I should not be allowed to coach my daughter’s basketball team? I can’t teach at Harvard anymore! My Church, and Jesuits abandoned me, recanted support.  Just an accusation is all that is needed, regardless of a stellar career supporting women.  My life in ruins!


Where is the ACLU? – An Ad linking me with Bill Cosby.  They don’t care about the rights of all people – never did.  Civil Liberties only count for people who agree with them.


I am sorry for Ms. Ford.  My daughter is right. We pray for our accusers, as a Catholic.  Though hard, my 10-year-old has great wisdom.  The delay makes life a hell, and it gets worse.  People digging mining for people who hate me.  Innuendo has not stopped. Every woman who was sexually assaulted believes I am guilty.  They have made my accused attack theirs.


If I defend my honor, and my word, I am whining and spoiled.  Just sit and watch Senators accuse me of things, that I find reprehensible?  My mother and daughters, and future grandchildren will turn to my history page, my name beside accused rapist.   Why can’t I wake up?


They say I am a drunk, I black out, and a sexual predator too?  They said I committed perjury lying about alcoholism.  WHAT? I am an alcoholic?  After 6 FBI investigations, nothing has been uncovered.  When democrats gain power – they will impeach me – Evidence? – Not needed!



Unsigned,  Maryland, USA



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