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Senator Mike Folmer Column: Looking Forward to 2019

THANK YOU to the voters of the 48th Senatorial District for reelecting me!  I’m honored to have received your overwhelming support ...

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Barack Obama Tried To Bury This Scandal That Would Have Convicted Him Of Treason

American Patriot News Network Barack Obama lied when he claimed his administration was scandal free. But the truth was even worse than ...

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Obama Is Lawyering Up After Discovering He’s Being Implicated In The Biggest Scandal In US History

IN THE NEWS/ DailyHeadlines Sh*t is hitting the fan in Washington, and there is no amount of bleach bit that is going ...

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The problem with capitalism

By Linda Goudsmit at Renew America I am a capitalist. I believe in capitalism because it is foundational to upward mobility, ...

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The Passage of 50 Years: Was 1968 Worse than 2018?

 GARY DEMAR /Godfather Politics.  On April 5th, 1968 I turned 18. The military draft was in force. At 18 years of age, ...

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ICE Dragnet in Michigan Captures 24 Criminal Aliens

  - James Kouri at Conservative Base via COP Magazine A Mexican national arrested in Wyoming, who has a prior conviction for fourth-degree ...

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Narrowest Democratic House Majority Since 1945

by Alicia F. Luke/EagleRising The Democrats won, but not by much… The narrowest majority in the House of Representative since 1945. Kevin McCarthy: ...

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Video: CNN Reporter Jim Acosta Wrestles With Female White House Staffer (New Video Showing Assault More Clearly)

POLITICS/teaparty (Gateway Pundit) – CNN White House reporter Jim Acosta assaulted a female White House staffer trying to take a ...

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News Media Ignore Black Panther Voter Intimidation: The Georgia Political Race for Governor

  NACOP Chiefs of Police - James Kouri from Conservative Base via COP Magazine As of this news analysis column’s publication, Stacey ...

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Sessions Fired in First Post-Election White House Move

Trump goes on the offensive to end the year-and-a-half-long Mueller investigation. By Thomas Gallatin · at The Patriot Post/ It was a ...

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The left’s ugly methods of waging revolution

Larry Klayman blasts dirty weapons of sex, race, violence

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By Larry Klayman at Renew America


I have said it many times in the last few years: The nation is headed down an ever-increasing slippery slope to the revolution which our great Founding Father and third American president, Thomas Jefferson, predicted would have to be waged every other generation to “clean house” of the inevitable governmental and political corruption that would otherwise destroy the new republic.

Now, in October 2018, Jefferson’s predictions are coming home to roost, albeit (and fortunately) later than he had anticipated. The nation is being torn apart by the vicious onslaught of the left, led by radical feminists, black activists and others, where false allegations of sexual abuse and racism are leveled against anyone and anything that stands in their path to a total takeover of our body politic.

Coming off the Justice Brett Kavanaugh debacle, a more-than-disgraceful if not maliciously criminal display of false charges against an innocent man who would soon occupy a seat on the Supreme Court bench – where truth did not matter, only the destruction of this conservative jurist and his family – the left still has not learned its lesson, despite the jurist’s eventual confirmation. Notwithstanding threats to impeach Kavanaugh now that he has been sworn in, physical threats of violence also erupted just this week from none other than the feloniously minded Hillary Clinton and former Obama Attorney General Eric Holder, two “comrades” of the now socialist, if not borderline communist, Democrat Party.

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