Awareness Act

There have been quite a few terrible tyrants in History, but

these ten take the cake by far on being the worst. The list

below is compiled based off of the blood trail their tyranny

left, death tolls in the


General Yakubu Gowon is known as the former head

of state of Nigeria. His role took place from 1966 to

  • 1975, taking power after another military figure was
  • overthrown. During his rule, the formal secession of
  • the eastern region happened which is known as the
  • Republic of Biafra. This, of course,triggered war. A
  • war that lasted thirty months and saw over 100,000
  • soldier deaths as well as over one million civilian
  • deaths. Most of which starved to death under a
  • Nigeria-imposed blockade.The Nigerian Air Force
  • which was overall born in the middle of all of this
  • conflict was even accused of targeting civilian
  • populations, relief centers, and marketplaces as well
  • as committing terrible deeds like rape, looting, and
  • mass execution of the civilian population.

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LVC Editors Note:

The one tyrant not discussed is the Democrat  Planned Parenthood, they

exterminated just under 60.8 Million Americans since