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Questions about REAL ID?

Facebook Website Bio Latest News Contact REAL ID Event If you have questions about the Pennsylvania REAL ID, please consider attending my REAL ID event.The event ...

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Poll Shocker: Americans Do Not Trust Mueller or His Report

                    American Liberty Report Americans’ confidence in special counselor Robert Mueller’s investigation is at an all-time low according to a new Washington ...

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Angry Americans Demand DNC Pay Back Money Spent On Russia Collusion Investigation

 TIM BROWN —  Freedom Outpost I can certainly appreciate that Americans are angry that their money was spent on this political fiasco, but ...

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Senate Panel May Probe Alleged Plot to Oust Trump

Fred Lucas / @FredLucasWH / at the Daily Signal Andrew McCabe, pictured holding a press conference as acting FBI director on July 13, 2017, ...

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I'm Not Breaking Up with America This Valentine's Day, and Neither Should You

Share Tweet   By John W. Whitehead February 11, 2019 “There’s absolutely no evidence to support the statement that [America is] the greatest country in ...

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UN IPCC Scientist Blows Whistle on Lies About Climate, Sea Level

By Alex Newman                                 of The New American STOCKHOLM, Sweden — The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (UN IPCC) is ...

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There Are Two Energy Futures for America

  As with other goods and services, energy’s availability and affordability will depend on whether natural incentives and economic law are ...

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Trump Has a Strong Legal Argument That He Can Declare National Emergency at Border

John G. Malcolm / @malcolm_john / The Daily Signal President Donald Trump has said he might declare a national emergency on the border ...

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Trump Demands California Give Back $3.5 Billion Back For That ‘Green’ High-Speed Rail

 ALICIA F. LUKE /Godfather Politics President Trump demands that California return the $3.5 billion in funds for the state’s ‘disaster’ bullet train ...

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President Starts a War? Congress Yawns. Threatens to End One? Condemnation!

  Written by Ron Paul at the Ron Paul Institute Last week’s bipartisan Senate vote to rebuke President Trump for his decision ...

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Andrew Kerr | Investigative Reporter/DC
  • Illinois Democratic gubernatorial candidate J.B. Pritzker fraudulently obtained more than $330,000 in property tax breaks by removing the toilets in one of his mansions, according to an inspector general report released Monday.
  • The Illinois Republican Congressional Delegation called for a full investigation of Pritzker’s alleged “toilet fraud” scheme in a letter Wednesday.
  • Pritzker has offered to pay back the money.

The seven representatives of the Illinois Republican Congressional Delegation called for a full investigation of Democratic gubernatorial candidate J.B. Pritzker’s alleged “toilet fraud” scheme in a letter Wednesday to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of Illinois.

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