There is a mob heading to the American border. A mob no doubt driven by the belief that they are owed something by the United States. They are almost certainly being funded by George Soros while undoubtedly receiving the full support of the Democrat Party. This will culminate into a crisis of epic proportions if not stopped. It has the potential to re-define what we consider to be our sovereign nation. As they burn our flag and proudly display their own, this five-thousand strong invasion force would have us believe they are seeking a better life in the U.S. and are fleeing poverty and oppression. If this is the case then why are they burning our flag? If our nation is so racist, as the Democrats would have you believe, why will they insist we let these people in to have a chance at a better life? How can they have a better life if we are so racist? The truth is that this is an attempt to completely remake the demographics in our country and eliminate the white majority, period. Below is an excerpt from chapter 9 of my new book Psychopolitics in America: A Nation Under Conquest entitled Racism, Multiculturalism and Immigration.