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Berks County Patriots Note CEPTA's Night with Congressional Candidate Dean Browning

Let's take the House back from the AOC and the radial left CEPTA ANNOUNCES A NIGHT WITH CONGRESSIONAL CANDIDATE  DEAN ...

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Rebecca Warren dealt dirty by PA State Republican Committee?

  Dear Editor,  I have been monitoring the disgusting behavior by the Pa State Republican Committee, regarding their treatment of Superior Court ...

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Another Letter Writer Supports only one vote for Superior Court-Rebecca Warren

Remember to Vote Tuesday, May 21st Dear Editor of LVC,   In reply to Ron Boltz’s email regarding the GOP State Committee and ...

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Letter Writer Supports Rebecca Warren for Superior Court and tells why!

Dear LVC Editor, The Pennsylvania GOP Establishment is at it again. Party bosses have foisted upon the grassroots faithful a candidate ...

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Letter Writer urges voters to single vote for Rebecca Warren for Superior Court-see why.

  Rebecca Warren Esq.       Dear Editor,   I am writing today to urge you to consider voting for only one candidate for Superior Court, ...

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Lehigh Valley Tea Party Primary Election Endorsements and Report

Primary Election May 21st And Our Petition to Oppose Pittsburgh Gun Ordinances At our May general meeting we held a candidate forum ...

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Former Montour County DA to run for PA Superior Court

By LVC Staff writer   Rebecca Warren, Esquire Attorney Rebecca Warren, a former District Attorney from Montour County, Pennsylvania,  has announced she is ...

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CEPTA to host 7th District Congressional Candidate Dean Browning

CEPTA Meeting Announcement CEPTA Meeting - May 21, 2019 A NIGHT WITH DEAN BROWNING 7th District Congressional Candidate Dean Browning to Speak at CEPTA Former Lehigh County Commissioner Dean ...

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Wait — Why Isn’t Obama Endorsing Joe Biden?

                ~ Conservative Zone Former Vice President Joe Biden did exactly what many had predicted he would do for some time now ...

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Marco Rubio SMACKS Ilhan Omar Over Venezuela Comments

                Liberty Planet Controversy seems to follow freshman Rep. Ilhan Omar wherever she goes. During an interview on PBS’s “Democracy Now,” the ...

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Hey Democrats, catch this!!! Do you believe the accuser?


This item from a reader and it says a lot for the future.  Proof?  Now, we don’t need proof (see Kavanaugh Senate hearings), just the allegation and a demand the FBI and United States Senate look into it!  They now call this justice?  What if the following was real with the pathetic standards the Democrats have now established?


In 1985 I attended a San Francisco Giants home baseball game . I still have the ticket stubs.  The Mayor of San Francisco at that time was Dianne Feinstein.

My brother and I had great seats behind the third base dugout.  Mayor Feinstein was seated next to us.  My brother and I could not enjoy the game because Dianne Feinstein constantly kept sexually harassing us.  In fact at one point she groped me, at least I am pretty sure it was Feinstein.  I complained to the police officer with her police detail, but was told to ignore it because she is the Mayor, his boss.  We were powerless victims and was shocked that the Mayor would do this to two young men.  Although we both were drinking lots of beer, we were pretty sure it was Mayor Feinstein,  I think?

Should this be investigated by the FBI.  Since there were at least 40,000 people in the stands, the FBI should find plenty of witnesses.

I wonder, should Senator Feinstein remain in the United States Senate?  After all, the victim should be heard and believed!  This appears to be the new criteria.  Hey Democrats, you brought this on!  Sound familiar?  Should you treat this as legitimate?  If not, why not?

Is this a spoof?


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