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State Senator Lisa Boscola's Report

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Trump Isn’t Backing Down — Shutdown Could Last for ‘Years’

                  Liberty Planet Last Friday, President Donald Trump threatened to keep part of the federal government closed indefinitely if the $5.6 billion ...

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BCP December 13th meeting to honor our veterans

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THANK YOU  THANK YOU   To all of you that made Honoring our Veterans last night a huge success.
We want to thank Colonel Kline of Muhlenberg HS  ROTC for their performance and assisting us in other aspects of the program.   Great team of kids.  Encouraging for our future
We want to also thank Commissioner Leinbach for singing and playing guitar of two patriotic songs and making us aware of the many activities that Berks County and the Commissioner have been involved with concerning our Veterans.
Additional thanks for Representatives Mark Gillen, Dave Maloney and Barry Jozwiak for their kind words to our Veterans and presentation of  US Flags and pins.   Additional thanks to newly elected US Congressman  9th District Dan Meuser, who said a few words to the Veterans and thanked BCP members for their support in this crucial victory.
Also, we want to thank Schuylkill Valley 6th Grade Class Teachers Christine Wysocki and Christine Miller for their letter writing contest and winning letters read to the Veterans.   The winners were: Esira Sheetz,   Chase Homan,  Levi Rosenbush and Isabella Burch and runners up were Mackenzie Bachman  and Kody Albright. We hope to have these letters put on our website soon..
We also want to thank our members for their generous contributions of food and other items brought to our event as well as thanking Mission BarBQ,for their meats, Hershey Harvest for BarBQ and Redners for the Veteran’s cake.
It was also nice seeing the video of Bryan Sheetz shown by his Father, Carl, graduating from his Army basic training.   In case you don’t remember, Bryan was our main speaker in June, educating us on the True American Heritage and defined who we are and how and why America is great.
Also, the facts about “Wreaths Across America” presented by Judy Pelka was very interesting.
Folks, it was all about the Veterans and this year BCP supported Keystone Military Families, Kyle Lord Director.   They were the benefactor of many canned goods and clothing and presents for the kids as well as a $300 check from the Berks County Patriots as well as a lot of left over food.
And, as Mark Gillen said, “we need to remember our Veterans 365 days a year”.
The raffle was a success giving the winner $125.
We also  thank all of you that came early to help with all the set up that was required.
Please let your friends and relatives know of the good will of our organization, Berks County Patriots.
The Berks County Patriots Board wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Safe, and Healthy New Year.


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