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Convention of States project vies for four Pinocchios

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Walter E. Williams/FJM         Malcolm X was a Muslim minister and human rights activist. Born in 1925, he met his death at ...

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Dem Congressman: Trump Supporters Are Poorer, Less Educated, Die Early

Trump and his supporters 'want to return America back to a time where white men and white privilege were unchallenged' BY: Andrew ...

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House Democratic Rules Package Could Mean More Spending, Higher Taxes

Justin Bogie / @JustinBogie / Romina Boccia / @RominaBoccia / Adam Michel / @adamnmichel / Rachel Greszler/The Daily Signal House Democrats, led by incoming Speaker Nancy Pelosi, will vote on ...

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The Coming Democratic Disillusion

Column: Control of the House isn't all it's cracked up to be Nancy Pelosi / Getty Images BY: Matthew Continetti/Washington Free Beacon. On ...

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Issue Brief: Democratic House Rules Changes

The Heritage Foundation What are the House Rules? In Article I, Section 5 of the U.S. Constitution, both houses of Congress are ...

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Payback: Trump Informs Her That Her Upcoming Travel Plans Are Postponed Due to Shutdown

 Featured Written by Cassandra Fairbanks/blabberbuzz White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders has posted a letter that President Donald Trump sent to House ...

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Women’s March Event Cancelled for Being ‘Too White’

                  ~ Conservative Zone Far left Democrats and organizations are quick to call upon White American women for their votes come election ...

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Socialism Isn’t Coming Soon, It’s Already Here

Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania Socialism Isn't Coming to Pennsylvania, It's Already Here On January 15, 2019, John Fetterman made history. He took ...

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Letter writer commends East Penn School District for finally approving video taping meetings.


Emmaus/East Penn School District


Dear Editor of the Lehigh Valley Commentator,


I am happy to write this letter to inform the Lehigh Valley Parents of the East Penn School District of the School Board’s decision to Video the Monday Night Board meetings.


They will be available on Utube 48 hours after the meeting. This will enable parents to view the meetings from their homes rather than having to go out at night to another meeting after a long day at work,  Parents are already spread thin and need to help their children prepare for their next day at school, prepare a dinner and get themselves ready for work the next day.  Single parents are even less able to go out to a meeting at night because of having to find child care for the children when they leave.


This is also a way for the Board to be more transparent and for the journalist at the meetings to be more accountable and accurate in their reporting of the meeting decisions and discussions. This has not always been the case. Opinion rather than journalistic reporting has often clouded the actual happenings.


For years, the Board has been approached to do this, and I have been one of those who addressed the Board to have the meetings video taped. Lynn Donches, a former East Penn Board member and her husband, John has also repeatedly addressed the Board to do so as well. John often took it upon himself to video those meetings.  Former Board Member Carol Allen, was another Board member who requested the meetings be video taped to no avail.

Lynn Donches           Carol Allen             Dr. Ziad Munson

Now we hear that Dr.Ziad Munson is the one who has requested the Board to have those videos made public. Regardless of who gets the credit for having this unanimously approved by the Board, with the exception of Mr. Ballard, we as concerned citizens of the East Penn School District greatly appreciate the decision to have these meetings available to the public.


Submitted by Barbara Tantaros


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