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SOCIALIST BACKFIRE: New York City On Verge Of Going Bankrupt For First Time In FOUR DECADES

Martin/I LOVE MY FREEDOM After decades of adopting and implementing socialist policies, New York City is on the verge of going ...

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 GARY DEMAR Socialism is all the rage, but few people really know what it is and how it doesn’t work over ...

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California Homelessness is So Bad, Medieval Diseases Threaten to Destroy the City

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 US Chuck Ross | Reporter/DC Peter Strzok told Congress in 2018 that he deleted communications with Lisa Page, but he claimed ...

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Lisa Page Explains 'Insurance Policy'; Admits 'Paucity of Evidence' at Beginning of Trump-Russia Probe

By Susan Jones | cnsnews Former FBI attorney Lisa Page walks into a closed-door hearing on Capitol Hill on July 13, 2018. ...

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Democrats Just Can’t Quit Russiagate – George Soros Is Paying Them to Believe

                            American Liberty Report House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has laid down the law for her party’s crazy caucus, telling The Washington ...

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IS IT OVER? Robert Mueller’s ‘Pit Bull’ Is Abruptly Resigning

  Collin Rugg/ I Love My Freedom Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s top prosecutor and “pit Bull,” Andrew Weissmann, has announced that he will ...

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25 of New Mexico’s 33 Counties Declare ‘2nd Amendment Sanctuary’ Status

KAREN BLEIER/AFP/Getty Images /Breitbart News Network Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham (D) signed legislation Friday to criminalize private gun sales but 25 of ...

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Colorado Counties Buck Liberal Lunacy, Declaring Their Own “Sanctuary” Status

Colorado is keeping it Constitutional in 2019, and conservatives couldn’t be happier. By  Andrew West/flagandcross While the mainstream media continues to divide ...

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Lawmakers in Hawaii Propose Repealing Second Amendment

This is not the first time Democratic senators in Hawaii have called for congressional action on guns and gun violence.   By ...

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Letter writer commends East Penn School District for finally approving video taping meetings.


Emmaus/East Penn School District


Dear Editor of the Lehigh Valley Commentator,


I am happy to write this letter to inform the Lehigh Valley Parents of the East Penn School District of the School Board’s decision to Video the Monday Night Board meetings.


They will be available on Utube 48 hours after the meeting. This will enable parents to view the meetings from their homes rather than having to go out at night to another meeting after a long day at work,  Parents are already spread thin and need to help their children prepare for their next day at school, prepare a dinner and get themselves ready for work the next day.  Single parents are even less able to go out to a meeting at night because of having to find child care for the children when they leave.


This is also a way for the Board to be more transparent and for the journalist at the meetings to be more accountable and accurate in their reporting of the meeting decisions and discussions. This has not always been the case. Opinion rather than journalistic reporting has often clouded the actual happenings.


For years, the Board has been approached to do this, and I have been one of those who addressed the Board to have the meetings video taped. Lynn Donches, a former East Penn Board member and her husband, John has also repeatedly addressed the Board to do so as well. John often took it upon himself to video those meetings.  Former Board Member Carol Allen, was another Board member who requested the meetings be video taped to no avail.

Lynn Donches           Carol Allen             Dr. Ziad Munson

Now we hear that Dr.Ziad Munson is the one who has requested the Board to have those videos made public. Regardless of who gets the credit for having this unanimously approved by the Board, with the exception of Mr. Ballard, we as concerned citizens of the East Penn School District greatly appreciate the decision to have these meetings available to the public.


Submitted by Barbara Tantaros


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