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Sheriff Says Colorado's New Gun-Confiscation Law Is 'Wholly Unconstitutional'

By Susan Jones | at cns news (Photo by Thomas Cooper/Getty Images) ( - Colorado Gov. Jared Polis (D) is about to sign ...

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Washington State Police Chief & Sheriff Declare Their Constitutional Duties To Not Infringe On Rights Of Gun Owners Despite Attorney General's Threats

 TIM BROWN /Freedom Outpost The Second Amendment Foundation and National Rifle Association filed a lawsuit in federal court challenging ...

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List Of Major Corporations Who Oppose Your Right To Keep & Bear Arms

 TIM BROWN /Freedom Outpost  Last year, we asked the question, "Should Major Corporations Be Influencing Gun Control?"  The problem here is ...

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Kamala Harris: Guns for me but not for thee

Washington Times/GOPUSA   File - (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall) Sen. Kamala Harris, a 2020 presidential hopeful, said while campaigning in Iowa on Thursday that she ...

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Senate Banking Chair Warns Banks Against Targeting Gun Industry

'Business lending decisions should be based on creditworthiness, rather than politics or political pressure' Chairman of the Senate Banking Committee Mike ...

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CEPTA Announces a Night with Congressional Candidate Dean Browning, a Public Forum

Hello Fellow Citizens, In the 2018 Congressional Campaign, Democrat Susan Wild, Esq., ran as a moderate Democrat. She won.  Once in ...

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Obama White House Counsel Greg Craig Indicted for Alleged False Statements

Barack Obama greets White House Counsel Greg Craig / Getty Images BY: David Rutz / Washington Free Beacon. Former Obama White House ...

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All hell broke loose when Rush Limbaugh accused Schumer and Pelosi of this crime

Renewed Right Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi scrambled to preserve the Obama Deep State cover up after Attorney General William Barr revealed the ...

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 POLITICS Chuck Ross | Reporter/DC Attorney General William Barr dropped a bombshell Wednesday, telling a group of senators that he believes spying ...

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2016 Trump Campaign Adviser: Russian FBI Informant Tried Framing Me with Clinton Dirt

Carsten Koall/Getty, Jewel Samad/AFP/Getty JOSHUA CAPLAN/Breitbart News Network  Former Trump 2016 campaign adviser Michael Caputo said Tuesday that a Russian FBI informant attempted to frame ...

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Second Amendment Committee of LVTP Announcement

2nd Amendment Committee of the Lehigh Valley Tea Party

Huge Pittsburgh Rally To Protest Gun Grab
January 7 @ 12 Noon

In case you haven’t heard, Pittsburgh’s Mayor is promising to break state law and pass city ordinances to ban “assault weapons” & limit magazine capacities, and more. (here is an article on his plans)

Well a few advocates decided to fight it legally. That battle is lead by Kim Stolfer (FOAC) and Josh Prince (Prince Law). Here is an article on that.

But some felt we needed a physical presence, so a rally was scheduled and it is turning out to be huge. (article: Protesters urged to carry guns at rally against Pittsburgh regulations)

A few of us are definitely going. Do you want to join us? We will rent the number of vans needed to accommodate those who want to go ($35 round trip).  Guess who promises to be there… Kaitlin Bennett (info on who she is)

It is a 5.5 hour ride to P-burgh. The rally starts at 12 Noon. Right now, we are not sure if we will leave Sunday night (7 PM) or Monday morning (5 AM) from a lot near Dorney Park. If you are going with us, please buy your tickets and reply to this email as to your preferred time to leave. There are a couple of nearby motels that run about $70/night for a room.

If you buy a ticket and then don’t like the final decision regarding departure time, we will refund your money immediately.

Also, please reply to this if you are willing to drive a van.

Get tickets here….  Please get tickets ($35 round trip) before Christmas as we need time to arrange vans. If you can’t go but wish to donate, you can do so on the ticketing page (select tickets and then the ‘donation’ ticket type.)

Please be advised that this is an open carry rally. So, many will be OC’ing handguns and long guns. Currently, we are in a State of Emergency so a License To Carry Firearms (LTCF) is required to open carry anywhere in the state.

2A Committee Meeting Status
Depending on the number of people going to P-burgh, we may or may not have the scheduled 2A Committee meeting. We will let you know for sure next week.

If you come on the van, make sure all firearms are holstered or cased.

Checklist if you are coming:

  1. Get your tickets
  2. Reply to this email whether you want to leave Sunday night, Monday morning, or it doesn’t matter.
  3. Reply to this email if you are willing to drive a van (standard 12-15 passenger van Ford Transit Wagon or similar)

//tom campione

PA Constitution Article 1 Section 21: “The right of the citizens to bear arms in defense of themselves and the State shall not be questioned.“


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