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The Silent Motive of Educators


News Release

Contact: Joe David

540 428-3175



The Silent Motive of Educators


Avant-garde public school educators, committed to supporting controversial transgender and other untraditional activities, are using the Department of Education’s 1972 Title IX sex discrimination law to distract attention from their classroom lessons, according to author and former educator Joe David.


In his satirical novel and published play, Teacher of the Year, the author playfully exposes this practice by taking the reader into the mind of a teacher who uses misinformation and provocative lessons to redefine the role of an educator. “To understand what is really happening to children,” David said, “parents must look beyond the smoke screen, which sex education programs have become, and examine the educator’s motives.”


“Unfortunately,” David continues, “that isn’t what is happening these days, and there doesn’t seem to be any noteworthy indication that it will happen in the near future. Angry parents are reacting exactly as educators want by protesting the outrageous sex education classes and by, so doing, ignoring the political and social propaganda woven into their other classes.”


A group of concerned parents who make up the #sexedsitout movement are one such group resisting the current sex education trend. “We are sick of the sexualization of our children that takes place every day in the classrooms across our nation,” the organization’s spokesperson said. To protest “the graphic, gender-bending sex education programs rampant in the schools,” the organization last April encouraged parents to yank their children out of the public schools for a day.


Other parents and groups have reacted similarly with the same shallow response to what is happening in the schools. Some of the headline news this year on the subject include:


  • Chicago parents removed one teacher from the classroom for penning “deeply troubling and extensive online articles advocating casual hook-up sex, pornography use, and other risky sex behaviors.” – liveactionnews


  • Southern Californiaschool officials discontinued sex education program for elementary school students after parents complained that “the curriculum was too graphic, undermined religious values and promoted premature sexual interest.” – USnews


  • Fort Worth parents fight back against teachers having discussions with sixth graders on transgender, sexual orientation and sexual identity by claiming these subjects should be off-limits in classrooms. – Star-Telegram


Joe David, who has taught for 14 years in public and private schools, believes creating such noise-making controversy is proving to be infinitely successful at diverting attention from the propaganda machine that educators have created to influence students political and social views. As the author points out in his novel, The Fire Within, our schools have become indoctrination centers, and they are no longer offering honest and balanced information to the students. If the material doesn’t fit the educator’s agenda, it is eliminated or minimized. In David’s 1980s nationally acclaimed book, the former-teacher-turned author defined what he believes must become the purpose of education: “The responsibility of educators is to educate students – to teach them to integrate ideas and prove them logically, to think about ideas and understand them conceptually – and not waste intelligent minds on limiting life experiences.”


Shortly after inauguration, President Donald Trump took a stand on the activities in the schools by revoking the Obama era “federal guidelines specifying that transgender students have the right to use public school restrooms that match their gender identity.” Washington Post. But, despite the President’s good intentions by this ruling, he or his Department of Education have never attempted to address the indoctrination programs that are occurring regularly in the schools. As a result, the problem continues to thrive.


“Our students at our great universities are proving to be solid examples of the outcome of today’s teaching.” David said, “They have closed their minds completely to reason and counter it by rioting against any ideas that don’t support their Marxist views hammered into their heads throughout their school years.”


David sees no hope in the immediate future for reversing this trend. “What is happening today in the public schools especially is too well-established. It will take a strong force to end the current trend and bring educators to their senses. This, though, can only occur if the public unites and agree to hold educators accountable for what they teach.”


Joe David is the author of six books, including The Fire Within and Teacher of the Year. His writings have appeared in numerous publications, including newspapers, magazines and journals. Two articles supporting sound teaching practices for educators are available online, “Teaching World Literature” and “History as a Link.” A third article, “10 Recommendations for Parents,” provides some basic suggestions for parents on how to discover what your child is learning in the schools.


Teacher of the Year

by Joe David

On target

Spectrum Magazine, Lake Forest College


Funny, racy and frightening

Dwayne Day, WWWV-Radio Charlottesville


Wonderfully humorous

Mike Bowler, The Baltimore Sun


Twistedly comic

Sam Weller, New City (Chicago)


… are what reviewers have said about Teacher of the Year.


Discover why, and step into the madcap world of “education” and meet the unforgettable characters


Erda Von Schwantz, the sex educationist, who has mastered the art of penetrating the minds of her students and who then uses the information to write the definitive book on adolescent perversion; Roger Murphy, the ‘vitamin” pill distributor for a Jamaican manufacturer, who also is a movie producer of adult bookstore art films; Borlinda Borgia, the born-again Christian, who through the guidance of Roger and Erda learns to use her body for God’s work; Pepe/Pepita Noriega, the transvestite school principal, who uses Roger’s vitamins to seduce Niko Papalodopoulos the straight counselor before he can save Pepe/Pepita from him/herself; Phyllis Jaffe, the bullish superintendent, who gives up her worldly ways and dedicates her life to Bible readings, teas, and Borlinda’s mother. And most importantly you will meet the greatest teacher alive, a teacher of impeccable heritage and education, a teacher whose infinite wisdom saves the public schools from scandal. Meet the one and only …

Frank Hamme, teacher of the year!

This paced, hilarious book will delight readers with its fresh peek into the world of education. Although published in the 1990s, time has not eroded its delightfully amusing cerebral twists and turns. In fact, the book may have gained more relevance over time. For laughs and truth, mixed together with funny satire about American education, you can’t do better than Teacher of the Year.

Author: Joe David’s by-line has appeared in such publications as Hemispheres Magazine, Chicago Tribune, US Airways Magazine, Philadelphia Inquirer, and more. He has appeared on many national and local radio and television stations (such as NPR, C-Span, ABC, etc.), and he has written six books; three are fiction (The Infidels, Teacher of the Year, and The Fire Within, the latter two made university reading lists).

ISBN: 978-0939360-06-2

$16.95 for soft back edition

Available through book dealers globally

or by visiting



Is government education anti-America?

A 1980s nationally acclaimed novel delivers the answer!



Robert Kendall, Hispanic Times



Alicia Patti, Libertarian Digest



William P. Schaefer, American University


Stark, chilling portrait

of contemporary public education

Richard A. Cooper, The New York Tribune



Violence-ridden Church Junior High School is the setting for a raw look into the world of “education;” a world filled with hatred and deception, boredom and indoctrination – financially supported by government decree!


The central character is Anne Hart, an idealist, who tries to teach by igniting the fire within of knowledge. Unlike teachers who indoctrinate, Anne attempts to teach her students to think. Her commitment to reason, however, places her in direct conflict with the system and those who control it.


Representing the system is the principal, Loretta Daniels, who doesn’t share Anne’s commitment to reason. She believes that children must “satisfy their needs, their instincts and impulses by action.”


What results is a fast-paced look at “education,” with Loretta and Anne fighting for the survival of their diametrically opposed philosophies. Caught up in the battles are the other teachers, and the real victims – the students!


Discover why this must-read novel will always be relevant

as long as government controls education.


AUTHOR: Joe David taught for over 14 years in private and public schools in the East. Concerned about the problems in education, he wrote numerous articles and several books on the subject. During the 80s and 90s, he was a frequent and a lively radio/television talk show guest candidly discussing contemporary issues. His passionate, often controversial on-air conversations with enthusiastic audiences became the basis for many of his articles. He has contributed to professional journals, magazines, and newsletters, including Annenberg/CPB Math and Science Project, Education Magazine, The Forum (University of West Florida), and Basic Education (Council for Basic Education).


Chapter One of The Fire Within


The Fire Within by Joe David

ISBN: 978-0939360-04-8

Available through book dealers globally

215 Pages



For the author’s view on teaching:

Teaching World Literature

History as a Link


For more information, visit:






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