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Mexican President: ‘We Celebrate’ Border Deal with United States

By Craig Millward | cnsnews Mexican President Lopez Obrador. (Getty Images) ( -- Speaking at a rally in Tijuana on Saturday, Mexican President Andres ...

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Will Obama’s stealth Pacific treaty include immigration, China

Mexican military begins taking action against migrants after striking deal with President Trump

An immediate response PEDRO PARDO/AFP/Getty Image  CHRIS ENLOE/thsblaze The Mexican military has deployed and is taking action against migrants after Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador ...

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President Trump's deal with Mexico on illegal immigration proof that tariffs work

By Robert Romano at the Daily Torch President Donald Trump and the State Department hammered out a deal with Mexico on ...

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Mexico’s President Buckles under Pressure from Trump’s Tariffs

Freedom News Report Trump’s promise to end America’s illegal immigration crisis is arguably what won him the White House more than anything else he promised ...

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The Arizona Illegal Alien Law & The Supremacy Clause of the U.S. Constitution: Exclusive & Concurrent Jurisdiction Explained.

 PUBLIUS HULDAH /Freedom Outpost The Sovereign State of Arizona previously made a law which provides for the cooperative enforcement – ...

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EDITORIAL Stephanie Hamill | Video Columnist/DC The Guatemalan Minister of Governance Enrique Degenhart is calling out the Mexican government for its role ...

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How Open Borders and Sanctuary Policies Victimize (and Kill) Americans

Hans von Spakovsky / @HvonSpakovsky / Greg Walsh / The Daily Signal The Department of Homeland Security intercepted a record number of illegal immigrants ...

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House to Mark Up Surprisingly Bipartisan Bill to Counter China's Shell Companies

Peter Ferrara at Townhall The opinions expressed by columnists are their own and do not represent the views of Source: ...

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The China-Biden Ties Get Even Deeper After This Special Report

By Daphne Moon/Red Right Videos. Previously Steve Bannon warned that China would be the “single most important topic” for the 2020 ...

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MEDIA Scott Morefield | Reporter/DC Tucker Carlson lit the New York Times ablaze Monday night after one of its own interview subjects ...

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Are Religious People Really Happier?—APN


Are Religious People Really Happier?

People who have a relationship with God were never promised that life would be easy. But are religious people happier? That seems to be the conclusion drawn from a new global study from the Pew Research Center.

Sam Rohrer, president of the American Pastors Network, says there’s a key to why Christians might report they are “happy,” even in the midst of trials and tribulations—and that is the promise of peace from Christ Jesus.

Pew found, for instance, that “actively religious people are more likely than their less-religious peers to describe themselves as ‘very happy’ in about half of the countries surveyed. In the U.S. 36 percent of the actively religious describe themselves as ‘very happy,’ compared with 25 percent of the inactively religious and 25 percent of the unaffiliated.”

Pew also asked questions for the survey regarding health, joining groups, organizations, charities and clubs, and voting habits. Read the full survey here.

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Believing in Jesus: More than Historical Assent
Each week, Stand in the Gap TV brings clarity to cultural confusion and makes sense of the nonsense around us. Stand in the Gap TV focuses on root problems and applies Biblical principles so God’s people can know the truth. The program airs on several networks, including WBPH in Philadelphia, VCY-TV in Milwaukee, WLYH Lighthouse TV 49 and Upliftv nationally. Co-hosts Sam Rohrer and pastor Isaac Crockett welcome expert guests to lend insight into a variety of topics. Learn more about the show and watch past programs here.
APN in the News

Defending the Unborn

Sam Rohrer was interviewed on Crosstalk America to discuss the egregious legislation recently passed in New York that allows abortion up to the day of delivery.

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Sins of a Nation – #6

This week we continue looking at the seven specific sins of the nation of Israel that King Solomon identified in 2 Chronicles 6, that would bring God’s judgment unless there was repentance.

Sin # 6 is “abuse of immigrants.” Is America guilty of this same sin? Are you?For a 60-second investment of your time, and a 5-second Facebook post or Tweet, you will help your friends consider this vital question: Do you realize that abuse of immigrants can bring God’s judgment on a nation?

Click to listen to today’s radio feature — “7 Prayers, 7 Judgments: Abused Immigrants.”

Be sure to visit our website each day to check out a new Stand in the Gap Minute (SIGM) program.

Podcast Q&A
with Sam Rohrer, David New & Gary Dull

References to Private Property in the
Declaration of Independence

Listen to this thought-provoking clip here.

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