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 MEDIA Virginia Kruta | Associate Editor/DC National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd claimed Sunday that it is “absolutely legal” for the federal government to transport ...

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Border Crisis by the Numbers: Here’s What the Democrats Aren’t Telling You About Immigration

Ulises Ruiz / Getty ImagesCentral American migrants -mostly Hondurans- moving in a caravan towards the United States. (Ulises Ruiz / ...

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President Trump at the border: Our country is full

San Diego Union-Tribune/GOPUSA 7   CALEXICO — President Donald Trump arrived in Calexico today where he is meeting with law enforcement and will tour ...

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America's Trump-Hating Oligarchs

Members of the Ruling Class protect their own against all of us "deplorables." By Arnold Ahlert at the Patriot Post/ “Today’s ruling ...

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Financial Tyranny: America has Become a Pay-to-Play Exercise in Fascism

By John W. Whitehead at the Rutherford Institute If you drive a car, I’ll tax the street, If you try to sit, ...

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New York, high-tax states see exodus of wealthy Americans

Washington Times/GOPUSA   The real estate market in some of the richest pockets of the Northeast is flooded with sellers, as homeowners ...

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Tax Freedom Day 2019 is April 16th

Erica York Madison Mauro Emma Wei  Download Tax Freedom Day 2019 (PDF)   Key Findings Tax Freedom Day is a significant date for taxpayers and ...

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East Penn School District--Parents Be Aware of What is going on!

Dear LVC Editor, As Taxpayers in the Lehigh Valley, we should know how our Tax dollars are spent in our schools We ...

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Protecting Crime Victims

Facebook Website Bio Latest News Contact The Weekly Roundup Friday, April 12, 2019 The latest news from the State Capitol Protecting Crime Victims With this week designated as National ...

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Berks GOP outpacing Berks Democrats

Berks Republican Committee enthusiasm outpaces the Berks Democrat Committee and Invisible Berks.    Invisible Berks was nearly invisible this past Saturday in ...

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Power of President at Stake in War over Border Crisis





























American Liberty Report

Members of the deep state, Democratic Party and now defectors from the GOP have declared war against President Donald Trump over his national emergencydeclaration. They want to stop him from securing the U.S.-Mexico border and protecting everyday Americans from the flow of drugs, violent criminals and illegals who refuse to adhere to our immigration laws.

If one were to believe Democrats, the legislation to block President Trump’s emergency declaration to fund the needed border wall is about preventing presidential overreach. You know, like creating DACA. The Obama-era programs that allowed young illegal immigrants to stay after Congress failed to act.

The majority of Americans saw Obama’s executive overreach to give 700,000 young people a stay of deportation as a humanitarian emergency. But when it comes to protecting the country from criminal incursions, Democrats and now even some Republicans are resisting and obstructing.

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