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Lehigh Valley Commentator E-paper

    Dear readers of the Lehigh Valley Commentator E-paper, The E-paper site has been temporarily suspended until further notice. Our popular quarterly print ...

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Judges Seated by Trump Begin to Transform ‘9th Circus’

Fred Lucas / @FredLucasWH / The Daily Signal Protesters gather outside the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Seattle on May 15, ...

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Tlaib Said Trump Should Be Deported in 2015

News Commentary By Rusty | Featured Contributor | ThePoliticalInsider Rep. Rashida Tlaib, responding to an article about then-candidate Donald Trump’s proposal to close borders in ...

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Is The Presidency Getting Too Attractive?

If we can reduce the power of the presidency to constitutional levels, it may not be worth the effort for ...

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The Economic Cost of Cuban Socialism

Cuba has a sad history. It traded a regular dictatorship for a communist dictatorship six decades ago, and the results ...

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WaPo Gives Booker Four Pinocchios for Voter Suppression Claim

'The most likely explanation for the loss was that Hillary Clinton was on the ballot' Sen. Cory Booker/ Getty Images Zach ...

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Steve Moore in the Wall Street Journal: Counter Inequality With Private Social Security Accounts

  BY STEVE MOORE AND JEFF YASS/ FREEDOMWORKS Originally Published in The Wall Street Journal by Steve Moore and Jeff Yass on 7/26/19. Democratic presidential candidates ...

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Mexicans Want Illegal Immigrants Deported

                Conservative Zone The previous goodwill of the Mexican people has run its course as criminals and desperately poor migrants from Central ...

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Newspaper defends Baltimore with Orkin rat rating list

Baltimore Sun/GOPUSA   It’s true: Baltimore ranked No. 9 on Orkin’s list of American cities with the worst rat problems in 2018. But so is ...

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Federal Judge Orders Deportation Of DACA Recipient For Smuggling Illegal Aliens

DCwire By Daily Caller/ThePoliticalInsider A federal judge ordered the deportation Monday of a Mexican national living in Laredo, Texas, under the DACA program, ...

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PA State Senator Lisa Boscola’s Report

Boscola Bulletin

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Assistance is Avaliable with Financing your Post-Secondary Education

High School graduations are right around the corner…no better time to start thinking about financing that post-secondary education!       PHEAA

Pennsylvania State Grant Program

A grant is a type of financial aid award that you don’t need to repay, as long as you meet all of the eligibility requirements. Make sure to visit for eligibility requirements & to apply/renew.
Did you know…

  • The State Grant deadlines are different for first-time applicants, renewal applicants, and summer-term applicants.
  • If you miss the State Grant deadline for the academic year, apply anyway. Late applications (for terms other than summer) may qualify for awards if funding permits.

PA Forward Student Loan Program

I would like to personally take this opportunity to let students and families know that applications are available for the Commonwealth’s new PA Forward Student Loan Program, currently offering a suite of borrower-friendly loans for undergraduate and graduate students, and parent borrowers.  A PA Forward Refinance Loan will be offered later this year to combine all of a borrower’s Federal and private loans into one convenient monthly payment, which could help lower their monthly payment and/or reduce the amount they pay over the life of the loan.

PA Forward Student Loan ProgramWith first year borrowing limits on federal loans as low as $5,500 and the annual average cost to attend college in Pennsylvania at $43,866, many students have trouble affording the full cost of attendance even after taking advantage of available grants, scholarships, campus-based aid, and federal loans. If family savings are not sufficient, students often rely on private student loans – many of which come with strict credit requirements, higher interest rates, and few borrower benefits during repayment.

While today’s easy access to expensive private loans helps fill a funding gap for many students, it’s also one of the reasons that millions of borrowers are struggling to manage crushing levels of loan debt for decades after graduation. This is also why PHEAA is so excited about the PA Forward Loan Program, as it finally gives Pennsylvania students a borrower-friendly, lower-cost private loan option from a trusted source.

PHEAA will serve as the lender and loan servicer for the program, with tax-exempt allocation provided by the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED).  Leveraging the combined resources of the Commonwealth allows PHEAA to provide the program at low rates with better borrower benefits as compared to most commercial private loan programs. PA Forward student loan borrowers can borrow up to the total cost of attendance with competitively low interest rates.  Additional benefits include no application or origination fees, and flexible repayment options and terms.

Borrowers can receive a .50 percent interest rate reduction upon successful graduation and an additional .25 percent interest rate reduction for immediate repay through direct debit.  Student borrowers could also benefit from an available 6-month grace period after graduation before the first payment is due. This allows borrowers time to get their finances in order, including time to find a job, before repayment begins.

To learn more about PA Forward loans and to apply online, visit

Ready to Succeed Scholarship (RTSS) Program

The Ready to Succeed Scholarship (RTSS) Program is administered by PHEAA in close cooperation with the Pennsylvania Department of Education. The program, which is funded by the Pennsylvania General Assembly, provides awards to high-achieving students whose annual family income does not exceed $110,000.


RTSS provides scholarships to high academic achievers that, in combination with the Pennsylvania State Grant Program, offer a total award up to $2,000 for full-time and $1,000 for part-time students. The minimum award is $500. Awards can be used to cover tuition, books, fees, supplies, and living expenses.

Students must be nominated by their post-secondary institution for participation in the program. Funding is limited for the program and awards are made on a first-come, first-served basis.

To learn more about the RTSS program, visit

State Work-Study Employment

State Work-Study Pays. Earn money & experience.


Pennsylvania has its own State Work-Study Program outside of Federal Work-Study. The program is open to all PA students, as long as they meet the eligibility requirements. This is an additional opportunity to earn money for school and experience for the real world.

The State Work-Study Program is a great option for Pennsylvania students:

  • Take advantage of employment opportunities located in Pennsylvania.
  • Choose your own employer.
  • Pick a job in your future career field.
  • Work up to 40 hours per week.

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