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Truth and light in black and white

By A.J. Castellitto at Renew America I don't like singling people out based on the color of their ...

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Clarence Thomas Shows Left’s Hypocrisy on Discrimination

Star Parker / @UrbanCURE /The Daily Signal Liberals cannot tolerate Justice Thomas', pictured in 2008, consistent, unyielding and faithful commitment to America's founding ...

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Stacey Abrams lost Georgia because America is racist, 2020 Dem says on CNN

The narrative that won't die Bastiaan Slabbers/NurPhoto via Getty Images)  AARON COLEN/theblaze Rep. Seth Moulton (D-Mass.), one of nearly two dozen Democrats running ...

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WATCH: Trump Reads FDR’s Historic D-Day Prayer–Reveals How Far Democrats Have Fallen

It is a prayer that really proves just how far the Democrat Party has fallen from true Americanism By Warner Todd Huston/flagandcross   In ...

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D-Day’s ‘Forgotten’ Woman

Cal Thomas / @CalThomas / The Daily Signal American troops of the 4th Infantry Division ("Famous Fourth") land on Utah Beach June ...

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Memorial Day Flashback: Obama's 5 Most Pathetic Military FAILS

Source: AAN by: AAN     As you celebrate the sacrifice of those in uniform this Memorial Day, you should give those in ...

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My REAL ID Informational Event

Facebook Website Bio Latest News Contact The Weekly Roundup Friday, June 14, 2019 The latest news from the State Capitol You’re Invited to My REAL ID Informational Event  Please ...

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 US Andrew Kerr | Investigative Reporter/DC The owner of a property where a private border wall was built over Memorial Day weekend ...

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US William Davis | Contributor/DC HBO comedian and political commentator Bill Maher ripped the far-left Monday night during an appearance on CNN. Maher ...

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Rush Exposes Jaw Dropping Truth About What Happened At Border That NO ONE Noticed

   Martin Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh exposed a jaw-dropping truth this week about what happened at the border that no ...

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Berks County GOP Report

The Berks GOP is growing exponentially! We’ve doubled our membership and grown on social media by over 700% in the last year. This growth has rattled the cages of Indivisible Berks and the Berks Democrat Committee.
Our growth has led to the restart of a sub-committee for the City of Reading with many new committee members. This growth has also resulted in the start up a new sub-committee called “We are Berks GOP”!  Thanks to both Jamie Kyle and Karen Toman for their spearheading this effort.
This community out-reach committee has kicked off the summer with our first community event.
The Boyertown Philadelphia Ave Street Fair Event: This was a smashing success. 
* Over 3000 showed up in attendance through-out the day! 
* Hundreds walked by our table and said hello, expressing support for Trump and our Republican Party.
* Dozens signed up for our committee to volunteer. That’s right folks, dozens signed up to volunteer with our Berks County Republican Committee: This will lead to new members!
This new sub-committee is forging forward getting us into community events building on the community excitement for our Republican Party: WHICH IS VERY REAL! This will afford the Berks GOP the ability to keep our finger on the pulse of the community and yes this is our “focus group” study for how our President is fairing in our communities. 
We must be sure we are setting the record straight with voters! We need to be sure our messaging to our community unmasks the Party of Lenin Democrats as Marxists-Socialists. 
We need to ask the question of all we meet: How will the Party of Lenin Democrat Marxist-Socialist agenda help the middle class? 
* The answer is their agenda will not help, their agenda will eliminate the middle class. Thus unmasking their real intent! 
Repealing Trump’s Tax Cuts: 1) A family of 4 with a household income of $73000 per year would lose $2300 in tax cuts. 2)  Single mom making $41000 with 1 child would lose $1300 per year. 3) The Corporate taxes are now at 21% they were at 35%. Their plan is to make us the least competitive in the world. 3) Utility bills are lower now as well with the Trump tax cuts.
Late Term Abortion: Even after the birth of a baby from a failed abortion.
The Green New Deal (9 Trillion Per Year)
Universal Basic Income (4 Trillion Per Year)
Free College for everyone (1 Trillion Per Year)
Election Vouchers: This will be given to people and allow them to donate to election campaigns. (1 Trillion Per Year)
Abolish the Electoral College
Expand and stacking the Supreme Court
Open Borders/Sanctuary Cities
Wealth Tax
End Private Healthcare/Medicare for all (3.5 Trillion per year)
Universal Basic Income (4 Trillion Per Year)
Slavery Reparations ( 1-2 Trillion Per Year)
Amnesty for illegals
Voting rights for felons, even while in jail.
Proverbs: 10:32 The lips of the righteous know what finds favor,

but the mouth of the wicked only what is perverse.

My sincere thanks for all your efforts to increase our margins of victory this November. For all you do every day to help Republicans win!

May we never find ourselves in defeat having not given our best! The energy, faith and devotion that we bring to this election year will bring us victory in November!

Clay Breece

Chairman of the Berks County Republican Committee
Boyertown School Board Director

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