An unprecedented event took place when President Donald Trump gave Attorney General William Barr authority to declassify millions of pages of sensitive Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act court material, investigative documents, and related material to assist with the investigation into the genesis of the Trump-Russia investigation.

This caused hew and cry about the danger of the president’s action, but that soon will be silenced. Bright sunshine has always been the best disinfectant.

Our nation’s classification system was designed to protect sources and methods of the government’s secret work against foreign enemies—to protect who is spying and the unique methods they employ to communicate securely and do risky, sensitive things.

For citizens to eventually see this material and judge for ourselves, it’s important to remember: The U.S. government classified document system—laws and regulations—must never be used as an excuse to protect elected officials, government employees, or federal law enforcement agents from embarrassment or shame, nor must it be used to conceal illegal activity or abuse of public trust and civil rights of private American citizens.

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