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Bernie Seeks to Bail Out Bankers, Lawyers, Doctors

Analysis: Sanders Debt Forgiveness Plan Would Benefit the Well-Off Sen. Bernie Sanders / Getty Images BY: Charles Fain Lehman/ Washington Free Beacon Sen. ...

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Fact Check: Democrats Launch Primary Debate by Lying About Trump Economy

Miikka Skaffari/Getty Images for MoveOn JOHN CARNEY/Breitbart News Network  Democrat presidential hopefuls on Wednesday night falsely claimed the economy during Donald Trump’s ...

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Dem Congressman Hit With Ethics Complaint For Allegedly Hiding Gift From Foreign Regime Known For Bribery

Yuri Kadobnov/Pool via REUTERS     LUKE ROSIAK INVESTIGATIVE REPORTER/DC Two Democratic congressmen took an all-expenses trip paid for by the government of ...

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Your weekly update on America's hottest immigration news and stories!

          Special 4th of July Message and Quick Immigration Update Video ft. Dan Stein | Watch Dan's Message Pennsylvania House Overwhelmingly Passes E-Verify Bill for ...

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Donald Trump More Patriotic than Democratic Challengers, Analysis Finds

Andrew Stiles -  Washington Free Beacon. As Americans from sea to shining sea prepare to celebrate our country's independence from ...

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Dossier 2.0--Mueller's 'Black Cash' Ledger

By Daniel John Sobieski at American Thinker We are familiar with the pattern. Leak details about fake documents like the Steele ...

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Comey Hid ‘CLINTON EMAILS’ Binder In His Office Safe and Had Hillary’s Backup Email Device

NEWS By Patrick Howley / Big League Politics  Former FBI director James Comey had a white binder marked “Clinton Emails” in his office ...

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James Clapper Tells CNN It Was Obama Who Ordered Trump-Russia Hoax

By Tori McNabb/Red Right Videos. Editor’s Note: This story is originally from July 2018. It’s been republished to detail, as well as ...

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Former Congressman Trey Gowdy Says an FBI Transcript Exists that Can Flip the Russia Narrative and Mueller Investigation on Its Head

                                  American Liberty Report While the Democrats continue to obstruct any means of dealing with the border crisis, the mainstream media is ...

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Swalwell Posted a Twitter Poll to Prove Americans Don’t Want Guns on the Street — It Didn’t Go as Planned

Madison Summers/IJR Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) is wondering if Americans support a ban and buy-back of “every weapon of war” — ...

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HOT, HOT–Bethlehem City Council’s attempt to silence protest, unconstitutionally! Attend Tuesday’s Meeting




Urgent Action Needed to Protect Constitutional Rights to Free Speech and Freedom to Assemble

Action Requested:
Please attend the Bethlehem City Council Meeting on Tuesday June 18 at 7 pm to peacefully oppose an unconstitutional ordinance [map here]

We can use your help to defend the freedom to assemble and freedom of speech against a direct violation of the US Constitution and a direct infringement on your own rights.

On June 18, Bethlehem City Council plans to hold a final for approval of  Article 961–Special Event Activity Permits ordinance document (See Attachment) that the Socialists in Bethlehem City government and its City Council have built into this Unconstitutional, despicable, new ordinance which dramatically limits free speech and the freedom to peaceably assemble.

The aim of this ordinance is to specifically cripple the activities of the Lehigh Valley Tea Party and other conservative organizations by choking them in mountains of Red Tape that Violates their Constitutional Right to Freedom of Assembly and their Right to Freedom of Speech. This stealth ordinance is the revenge constructed by the radical Socialists in City government, who were infuriated by the April 15th Lehigh Valley Tea Party’s Anti-Socialism Rally, outside of Socialist Bernie Sanders’ Steel Stacks Town Hall.

This new ordinance sets up many dozens of Red Tape ways for City officials to persecute, harass, fine, and even imprison Lehigh Valley Tea Party (LVTP) and other conservative organization leaders and members.  This ordinance is designed to permit the City of Bethlehem government at its whim to shackle LVTP and conservative group actions so tightly that their organizations will be mired in mountains of Red Tape and paralyzed into inaction.  This government-created paralysis is the exact opposite of what the Founding Fathers intended when they designed and built the Constitution: to protect our Unalienable Individual Rights, to Limit Government size and power, and, thereby, to Maximize Freedom for all the citizens of the United States.

Even more ominous is the concern that this Unconstitutional, despicable ordinance is intended to act as a template to be copied by every other socialist-controlled government body in the Lehigh Valley. This is designed specifically to violate our Constitutional Rights to Assemble and the Right to Free Speech of every conservative organization specifically to cripple their actions just in time for the 2020 Election Cycle.  In other words, this Unconstitutional, despicable ordinance is a local level version of the Lois Lerner, IRS, ATF, OSHA, and FBI attack on Tea Party organizations across the nation before the 2012 election.

Paul Saunders has prepared an edited version of the proposed ordinance highlighting the unconstitutional aspects of the Article.

If you live in the City of Bethlehem, please contact members of the city council to let them know you oppose Article 961–Special Event Activity Permits Legislation.

Whether you live in Bethlehem City or not, please attend the Bethlehem City Council Meeting on Tuesday June 18th at 7pm to publicly and peacefully voice your rational opposition to this most heinous proposed legislation. [map here…]

Andrew Snyder, Chair
LVTP Individual Rights – Energy-Environment Action Committee

Talk is cheap.  Actually doing something costs just $15 a year. (Join Now



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