Flag flies over Gander RV - Statesville, NC.

The U.S. flag flies high over Gander RV in Statesville, NC. Screen grab via WCNC.

After four years of fighting and over $10,000 in fines assessed, the city of Statesville has finally decided to relent in their battle with the CEO of Gander RV over his refusal to remove a flag from his Statesville location that the city declared was too big.

WBTV News reports:

Statesville’s Mayor has asked the Statesville Planning Department to draft a text amendment that would allow a large flag displayed at Gander RV on I-77 to continue flying.

Statesville Mayor Costi Kutteh has asked the department to draft a text amendment to the city’s ordinance that regulates the size of flags displayed in a highway business zone.

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