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Federal Judge Orders Deportation Of DACA Recipient For Smuggling Illegal Aliens

DCwire By Daily Caller/ThePoliticalInsider A federal judge ordered the deportation Monday of a Mexican national living in Laredo, Texas, under the DACA program, ...

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To boycott or not to boycott


I know there are people who think that boycotts are anti-American, or at least anti-Capitalist.  But I am a boycotter at heart.


The nature of doing business is one where money changes hands when service is provided, but when my political preferences are the reason that I am not allowed to do business I have a problem with that.  It’s Fascism in practice and I prefer to fight rather go along.  Unfortunately a recent U.S. president gave boycotting a bad name by using the IRS as a weapon against our Conservative groups, but for now I still have the right of association and can – in some small way – decide where and how I will spend my money.


I am a Christian and someone is concerned about the way Christians are being treated around the world and even here in America.  One day not long ago I tried to order a DVD called “War On Christians”  by Pastor Shahram Hadian, a former Muslim, now a Christian Pastor.  I typed in my Discover card information and hit “submit.”  All looked well and I waited for my DVD to arrive.


The next day I received a message from Hadian’s people that my payment was declined.  I called immediately and learned that Discover Card Services uses a payment “processor” called Stripe and Stripe is the company that refused to allow me to order the DVD.  Stripe told Hadian’s people that because Pastor Hadian and the Truth In Love Project is on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s “hate group” list, they will not do any business with TILProject or Pastor Hadian.


To say that I went “ballistic” is an understatement but I wanted to give Discover a chance to confirm their position with Stripe and their decision to accede to Stripe’s decision and ultimately refuse my business.  I called Discover and eventually got through to a mid-management person and explained what happened and “now I want to know what Discover will do about it.”


Their response? They don’t have any plans to change our association with Stripe.


I froze my account immediately and then followed up with this message to Discover:


“As an American citizen, and supporter of the U.S. Constitution, I abhor the anti-1st Amendment practice of and its defense of the SPLC (, a fascist organization that uses a financial weapon to keep us from venturing out of Stripe’s politically-correct associations.


The world has always had “hate groups” and the United States of America is the only place where a free people are still allowed to decide for themselves who or what they will associate with.  That Discover Card Services chooses to join forces with this type of “hate group” (Stripe & SPLC) and take money from unwitting American citizens is anti-American on its face and worse yet, these Customers do not know that Discover is judging their associations.


I intend to continue warning other Americans that Discover Card Services is employing this particular financial ploy and urge them to discontinue use of their Discover cards.


I have no proof, but I suspect that Discover Card Services – like many U.S. companies – has a Sharia compliance officer and that was the impetus for their decision to submit to Islam’s fascist behavior-modification strategies.  At least I have not yet been reported to the authorities for anti-Islam opinions or statements.   One just has to read what happened to Elisabeth Sabatisch-Wolff in Austria to see the scope of Sharia Law’s reach into the lives of people who speak out against Islam.   With more-and-more Muslims gaining political power in the U.S. the more we will have to fear the “law” being used against our constitutional rights.


In the end, I used a different credit card to purchase “War On Christians.”  But it’s not the end for me.  It’s merely the beginning of my own personal “war” against Sharia.


Dianne Mueller

Easton PA

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