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Here Are the Gov’t Programs Raising Gas Prices Sky High in Some Places

By Chris White /WJ The price of a gallon of gas costs dramatically more in California than in the rest of the country ...

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Scott Pruitt’s Mission to Make EPA Operate More Efficiently

Rob Bluey / @RobertBluey /The Daily Signal. EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt has promised to improve the speed of the agency's permitting process as ...

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Club-K is not for dancing

By Linda Goudsmit at Renew America Club-K is not for dancing. Club-K is the Russian container complex of missile weapons hidden ...

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Mueller on the ropes awaiting a knockout punch!

Larry Klayman explains significance of May 24 hearing in Washington   By Larry Klayman at Renew America Go to to Sign Petition ...

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When individualism goes too far

By Alan Keyes at Renew America "Now, an army is a team. It lives, eats, sleeps, fights as a team. This ...

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If liberals were animals, it would be an improvement

By Selwyn Duke at Renew America If liberals were animals, if would be a marked improvement. For one thing, animals don't ...

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Corrupt FBI Exposed For Fabricating Trump Allegations

~ American Liberty Report President Trump has been saying it for a while and last week’s revelations leave no doubt – ...

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Obama DoD Paid ‘FBI Informant’ Stefan Halper over $250,000 Right Before 2016 Election

Screenshot / C-SPAN  By Joshua Caplan/ Breitbart News Network Public records show Stefan Halper, the foreign policy expert “outed,” as an FBI ...

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Keith Ellison: Republicans Doing Bible Studies In Jails Are Making It Harder For Dems To Win

JUSTIN CARUSO Media Reporter/Daily Caller Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison said at a Democratic event Monday that Republicans doing “Bible studies” in prisons is ...

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SC Dem candidate Parnell under pressure to quit as court files show 'physical cruelty' to ex-wife

By Terace Garnier | Fox News Archie Parnell is under pressure to drop out of the South Carolina House Democratic primary.  (AP) COLUMBIA, ...

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A Law-Abiding Pennsylvania Gun Owner Fights Back in Court Against Harassment


by LVTP 2nd Amendment Committee

Law-abiding Hazelton citizen George Irizarry seeks $400,000 in a lawsuit against police who allegedly harassed him for exercising his Second Amendment rights to wear a gun on his hip, according to an article on

Years ago, George Irizarry decided to carry his guns—sometimes two at once—in plain view to “inform other Pennsylvanians that they have the same right,” according to an earlier article. Unfortunately, that rattled some area residents who called the police on him; even worse, the cops apparently didn’t bother asking the complainers if the gun carrier simply had a holstered firearm, which is perfectly legal in most parts of Pennsylvania, or if his was pointing it an innocent person or otherwise using it

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Calling an Article V Convention of States to Save the Republic


By Mary Ellen Stampone Ingeno, Executive Board Member, Lehigh Valley 9-12 Project Tea Party Group

Content editing provided by Steve Davies, PA COS Director

LVC Editor’s Note; this is an article from the Lehigh Valley Tea Party. The Lehigh Valley Commentator is not endorsing nor condemning an Article V Convention. We present this explanation for our readers edification. The LVC may present it’s views at a later time. We welcome our readers opinions both pro and con on this important subject.

In the transcript of his first inaugural address in 1789, George Washington stated, “The preservation of the sacred fire of liberty and the destiny of the republican model of government are justly staked on the experiment entrusted to the hands of

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A group of retired Pennsylvania State Police troopers are among the most visible opponents of acting state police commissioner Col. Marcus Brown, who is Gov. Tom Wolf’s nominee for state police commissioner, according to an article on troopers, Republican leaders and the union representing state troopers are all telling Wolf, a Democrat who’s staunchly pro-union and anti-gun, to drop his call for Brown’s nomination. Much of the concern over Wolf’s bad choice was driven by Brown’s bad decision to wear the Pennsylvania State Troopers gray uniform without ever serving in the department, or attending the State Police Academy. Retired troopers have denounced Brown for his decision, while Facebookand Twitter pages have been created to draw attention to Brown’s decision to wear the uniform,according to

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Barack Hussein Obama, 2nd Amendment Rights, and the Assault of British Girls


By the Second Amendment Committee of the Lehigh Valley Tea Party

The news has been shocking—during a 16-year period, gangs of barbarians raped more than 1,000 British girls, some as young as nine years old—and the local police stood by and did nothing, because they were afraid that left-wing liberals would call them “racist.”

“All but one of the perpetrators were Muslims of Pakistani heritage,” according to a British newspaper. “Powerless white working-class girls were caught between a hateful, imported culture of vicious misogyny…” while “Fear of appearing racist trumped fears of more children being abused.”

You can find the UK Telegraph article here

The issue, of course, is not the racial or religious background of the evildoers; indeed, blaming an

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The Hypocrisy of Modern Day Tolerance


By Mary Ellen Stampone Ingeno | With Ronnie DelBacco, Chairman, Lehigh Valley Tea Party

My neighbor told me to be open minded and accepting of differing opinions, life styles, and political ideals. He said that I should welcome the views of those who disagree with me because in doing so I will broaden my understanding of others’ ideas. My neighbor is a friendly guy who is always willing to listen and chat over the back yard fence about the grass, the weather, or anything pleasant in general. So to clarify, I asked him, “Do you mean like Jesus did when he ate with sinners and befriended society’s most despised members in order to share God’s love with them rather than just condemn them

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