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Knowles to Host Tamaqua District Office Open House and Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony on Sept. 28

TAMAQUA – Rep. Jerry Knowles (R-Berks/Carbon/Schuylkill) cordially invites residents of the 124thLegislative District to join him on Friday, Sept. 28, for ...

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Chicago Democrats Harass Food Truck Vendors

                    ~ Liberty Planet Chicago has a higher than average crime rate, serious pension problems and a host of other issues; even ...

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'Obama Built a Legacy Built on Sand': Chaffetz Explains How Trump Demolished Obama's Legacy

MADISON DIBBLE | IJR John Gress/Reuters/Mark Wilson/Getty Images Former President Barack Obama laid into President Donald Trump, breaking the longstanding tradition of presidents abstaining from political ...

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Another Leftist Attacks a Republican

The MSM continues to give Maxine Waters's rhetoric and antifa violence a pass. By the Political Editors · at the Patriot ...

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TDS: College Professor Shoots Himself in Class to Protest Prez


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Beginning to Worry about the Safety of the President 

                   By The Common Constitutionalist   President Donald J. Trump arrives at the Inaugural Parade ...

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Peter Hasson | Reporter/ The Daily Caller A Republican Party office in Wyoming was set on fire just two days after ...

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Police Respond to Mass Shooting Threat at MAGA Event at Trump Hotel

Jack Posobiec / TwitterPolice patrol outside the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday after a Twitter user threatened ...

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Peter Hasson | Reporter from The Daily Caller California man Farzad Fazeli was arrested Tuesday for allegedly trying to stab a ...

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‘What is this damn fool doing?’ Former governor criticizes Obama’s return to politics

  Aaron Colen STAFF WRITER/theblaze Former President Barack Obama has stirred up some resentment with his aggressive return to the political stage recently, and ...

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Study: Communism makes nations poorer, less healthy


Red flags flutter in the wind as Russian Communist party supporters attend a memorial ceremony on March 5 to mark the 65th anniversary of Soviet leader Joseph Stalin’s death on Red Square. A study published in the journal Royal Society Open Science found that being a former communist state had a significant negative impact on the health and income levels of nations. (Kirill Kudryavtsev/AFP/Getty Images)

Mike Ciandella/theblaze

A study published in the journal Royal Society Open Science found that being a former communist state had a significant negative impact on the health and income levels of nations.

What did the study say?

The study found that “recent cultural factors – especially communist history – provide a better explanation” than cultural differences for health

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Progressivism is Neo-Communism


Progressivism is best explained by an old sage who said a long time ago, “Progress governs our world according to fatal laws. Once it starts, nobody and nothing can stop it.” ILEANA JOHNSON — Freedom Outpost The obsessed and irrational infatuation of intolerant Millennials with neo-communism they euphemistically call progressivism can be understood when one takes into account academia’s professorial and administrative cadre of communist indoctrinators and the world-wide curricula similar to Common Core, developed with advice, textbooks, and funds from elitist billionaires who want to re-engineer societies around the globe in the borderless and diabolically mish-mashed coexist image of their totalitarian dreams of control. Read More

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If Michael Cohen lied about not being Prague in 2016, he may have fooled everyone-including CNN, Buzzfeed, the intelligence community and President Trump


By Robert Romano at the Daily Torch and Americans for Limited Government

“By the way, we just found out, I was just coming down, Michael Cohen… is a very talented lawyer, he’s a good lawyer at my firm, it was just reported that it wasn’t this Michael Cohen they were talking about. So, all night long, it’s Michael Cohen. I said, I want to see your passport, he brings his passport to my office, I say, hey, wait a minute, he didn’t leave the country, he wasn’t out of the country. They had, Michael Cohen of the Trump Organization was in Prague. It turned out to be a different Michael Cohen. It’s a disgrace, what took place, it’s a disgrace, and

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$37 Million Grant For Clinton Foundation Haiti Fund Found It’s Way To A Baltimore PO Box


Tori McNabb/RedRightVideos



How is the Clinton Foundation even allowed to continue operating their business still with all they have done wrong? Honestly!


If they are not up to one thing its another, and usually its all hidden under the table. And let’s not forget how the liberal media has Clinton’s back and will cover up whatever they want as they sweep it under the rug.


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Letter writer brings clarity to PA Governor’s Race



What’s going on in Pennsylvania? (The Answer is in the Bathroom!)

April 15, 2018 Op-Ed By Carla D’Addesi, Family Advocate, Political Commentator, Radio Host, Follow on Twitter

A simmering issue is heating up in Pennsylvania’s Gubernatorial Primary to be decided on May 15th.Confusing campaign ads & ambiguous language are hiding the truth causing PA to appear to be another corrupt swamp in need of draining!

The emerging battle has divided Conservatives and is challenging the paradigm of the Republican Party, turning them against the PA GOP itself!

Let’s simplify the situation for voters.

Current PA Governor, (D) Tom Wolf will be challenged in November, 2018 by one of three prospective Republican candidates, (R) Laura Ellsworth, (R) Paul Mango, or (R) State

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$36,731,130,000: Improper Medicaid Payments Skyrocket


By Terence P. Jeffrey | cnsnews

President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden on the day in 2010 when President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act. (Screen Capture)

( – Improper payments made by the Medicaid program climbed from approximately $29,149,680,000 in fiscal 2015 to $36,731,130,000 in fiscal 2017, according to data published by the Department of Health and Human Services.

That is an increase of $7,581,450,000–or 26 percent.

“Despite efforts to reduce improper payments in the Medicaid program by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, which oversees the program, overall improper payments continue to increase—rising to about $37 billion in fiscal year 2017 compared to $29.1 billion in fiscal year 2015,” GAO Health Care Director

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New SNAP Proposal Aims to Get Millions Off Welfare, Back to Work


House bill expanding work requirements follows Trump order to do same

Getty Images

BY: / the Washington Free Beacon.

Getting able-bodied adults off of welfare and back into the workforce is the focus of reforms to federal transfer programs in a bill released by the House Agriculture Committee Thursday.

“We need to begin to define success differently—not by how many people we serve, but rather how many people we aid in climbing the economic ladder,” Agriculture Committee Chairman Rep. Mike Conaway (R., Texas) wrote in an op-ed in Thursday’s USA Today.

About 42 million Americans benefit from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance

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Obama Holdover Accused of Corruption Approved Trump Lawyer Raid


Khuzami was in charge of SEC enforcement under Obama. He did speak at the RNC convention in ’04 in support of the Patriot Act and donated to McCain in ’08. But as we’ve seen with Mueller, that kind of thing is old news. The much more significant factor is his SEC gig. DANIEL GREENFIELD —Freedom Outpost The inmates are running the asylum and locking up the guards.

When the media first began to spin the raid on the president’s lawyer, they claimed that it had been approved by a Trump appointee. Of course, it hadn’t. It came from Rosenstein on one end. And Trump’s appointee had recused himself. That left his deputy, an

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