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Georgia: While Stacey Abrams' Sister Is A Judge In Campaign Lawsuits, Massive Voter Fraud Is Taking Place In Fulton County

Look at how Democrats are manipulating and engaging in what is clearly vote manipulation and voter fraud, and in Abrams' ...

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Yes, Florida Elections Have Had Their Moments, Like 200,000 Non-Citizens Possibly Voting In 2012

by Matt Vespa at Townhall ***This post has been updated*** The ballot counting in Florida elections is a shambles. The gubernatorial race is ...

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12 Times Florida County’s Elections Supervisor Has Been ‘Incompetent and Possibly Criminal’

Luke Rosiak / @lukerosiak /The Daily Signal Broward County Supervisor of elections Brenda Snipes answers reporter's questions about a possible recount from ...

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What Veterans Say About Effort at Supreme Court to Remove Peace Cross War Memorial

Troy Worden / The Daily Signal “I hope that in the future, a revisionist will not take such liberties with my ...

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In 1919, Mothers Designed a Cross to Remember 49 Veterans. Now the Supreme Court Will Decide If It’s Constitutional.

Jeremy Dys / @jeremydys / The Daily Signal A U.S. Army soldier of the 3rd United States Infantry Regiment uses his boot ...

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Long-lasting effects of the 'Great War'

By Wes Vernon at Renew America The 100th year anniversary this month of the end of World War I gave us ...

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The Morning of November 11, 1918

By T. Hunt Tooley at Mises/ Wire On the morning of November 11, 1918, fighter pilot and leading American ace Eddie Rickenbacker ...

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A religion that asks us to kill for God-is no religion at all

  By Michael Bresciani at Renew America As a very young man this writer read Kahlil Gibran's book "The Prophet" but I ...

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Celebrating 5 Years of Equipping Pastors to ‘Stand in the Gap for Truth’

We Salute Our Nation's Veterans, Who Fought to Protect Our Freedom American Pastors Network: Celebrating Five Years of Equipping Pastors to ‘Stand in ...

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[NEW Edition] Your Top Weekly Immigration News & Updates!

          FAIR's Ira Mehlman Discusses Migrant Caravan on Fox News Fox Interview ft. Ira Mehlman | Watch the Video Attorney General Jeff Sessions Resigns ...

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Good Morning, Governor. Billboards Causing a Stir in Harrisburg



from Americans for Prosperity-PA

Americans for Prosperity is greeting Governor Wolf with billboards highlighting the cost of his tax plan on Pennsylvanians. The Governor, state lawmakers, and all other commuters driving into the Capitol today on 581, I-83, and 283 will see some new billboards explaining the impact of the Governor’s tax plan.

“Our billboards are pretty clever, but there’s nothing smart about the Governor’s plan to substantially increase the tax burden on Pennsylvanians from birth to death,” explained Beth Anne Mumford, State Director of Americans for Prosperity. “Our billboards will remind Governor Wolf, lawmakers, and everyone passing through Harrisburg that the Governor’s budget means smaller paychecks and higher prices for everyday goods. As lawmakers and the Governor sit down to negotiate a budget,

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Outside mailers show political side of Pennsylvania budget time


by Andrew Staub at Watchdog

As much as the June budget scramble is about the nitty-gritty of governing, it’s a time ripe for politicking (just check out this calendar of fundraising events as proof).

At least a handful of Republican state lawmakers recently received a reminder of that reality, as a nonprofit tied to the Democratic Governors Association targeted them after last week’s House vote on Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf’s tax plan.

Glossy mailers began landing in mailboxes over the weekend. They included an accusation that GOP representatives were “putting oil & gas companies over kids” when they voted against legislation that includes a severance tax on the natural gas industry to help fund education.

It was a quick

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Obama pummeling Freedom of Information


by Garth Kant —at WND

Reporters are reknowned for swapping war stories, but they came to Capitol Hill on Tuesday to tell horror stories about trying to use Freedom of Information Act, or FOIA, requests to get the truth from the federal government.

Testifying before the House Oversight Committee, five-time Emmy award-winning investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson described receiving FOIAs with everything redacted (blacked out) but the address line.

She said it took the Defense Department 10 years to comply with one FOIA, in violation of the 20 days prescribed by law. The reporter said the Centers for Disease Control once told her it was too busy dealing with Ebola to even bother complying with her FOIA.

Attkisson testified federal bureaucrats have told

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State Legislators take action of pension problems


Republican John McGinnis and Democrat Tom Caltagirone are introducing legislation to fix the huge “pension crisis” in Pennsylvania. Please read the memo and actual Bill HB1400 (number can change in the early stage). Both are printed below.



John D McGinnis

Memo with Caltagirone


In the near future, we will be introducing legislation to improve the management standards of the state pension systems, SERS and PSERS.


Our legislation will address specific elements of standards of practice for the selection of board members and their training, including education, licensing requirements, and ethics. It will also establish standards for the selection of investment advisors and counselors by the boards of SERS and PSERS and will avail direction and compliance with the Financial Industry Regulatory

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Keystone Graduation Exams on Hold


Keystone Graduation Exams on Hold — from PA State Senator Dinniman

State Senator Andy Dinniman and his colleagues in the Pennsylvania Senate today unanimously approved legislation to delay the graduation requirement associated with the Keystone Exams for two years.

“After three years of hard work, I’m delighted to say that the Senate today passed Senate Bill 880 to delay the Keystone Graduation Exams for two years. The Keystones as graduation requirements are neither fiscally responsible nor educationally sound. This legislation will provide much-needed time to review the exams and come up with better means of assessment,” Dinniman said.

Under current law, high school students beginning with the class of 2017 (rising juniors) will have to pass Keystone Exams in three subject areas (Algebra I,

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Legislators can help the homeowner. Will they?


Many of you have heard about “Property Tax Elimination” or HB/SB 76. It has been batted around in PA legislature for over ten years now and soon it will be again up for a vote. In the original form it would have been a tax shift that would have totally eliminated school property tax by raising the sales tax from 6% to 7% and income taxes from 3.07% to 4.34%. This shift would allow the state to completely eliminate school property taxes forever. This bill would eliminate the potential loss of your home due to not being able to pay the taxes and it would free up all that tax money for the homeowner to buy more

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Judicial Watch Gets Files of Lost Badges Used to Enter Secure Areas at Airports


As we’ve seen from story after story, the security measures put in place after 911 to protect us haven’t made us any safer. In fact, all they have done is invaded our privacy, subject us to humiliating strip searches by TSA, and left many wondering if we should just abolish the Department of Homeland Security and the TSA. The only real terrorist attempts prevented since 911 have been by foiled by average American citizens, the FBI has only managed to disrupt terror attacks they had staged. Here’s yet another story documenting the ineptness of government and how the TSA is nothing more than stage show smoke and mirrors to give the illusion of security. Now take off your shoes and turn your head and cough,

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Pennsylvania lawmakers introduce legislation to protect innocent property owners from government overreach


by Jason Pye at FreedomWorks

Christo Sourovelis was surprised, in May 2014, to find out that his 22-year-old son, Yanni, was selling $40 worth of drugs out of the family’s suburban Philadelphia home. His son, who had never been in trouble before, was arrested and sentenced to a diversion program because of his status as a first-time offender. One would think that justice was served, with the young offender learning a valuable lesson and, hopefully, spared from being caught up in the system.

But not long after, Sourovelis was even more shocked when he received a panicked phone call from his wife, Markella, as local law enforcement stormed into their home declaring that they were seizing it. “We’re gonna break your walls. We’re

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