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Right Side of History: Revisiting Scandals of the Clinton Era With Ken Starr

Jarrett Stepman / @JarrettStepman / Fred Lucas / @FredLucasWH /The Daily Signal "Here is, to me, the very key difference. Throughout the investigation, the Clinton ...

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Dem Campaigns Paid SEIU-Owned Bank $2.2 Million in Fees, Interest This Cycle

Labor union spent millions of dollars backing liberal campaigns in 2018 Getty Images BY: Brent Scher /  Washington Free Beacon A bank owned by the SEIU ...

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Powerful House Democrats’ Bloc Linked to International Communist Movement

  Ben Sellers  /libertyheadlines ‘The Congressional Progressive Caucus is by far the largest and most influential coalition in the federal government…’ IMAGE: Congressional ...

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Letter writer commends East Penn School District for finally approving video taping meetings.

Emmaus/East Penn School District   Dear Editor of the Lehigh Valley Commentator,   I am happy to write this letter to inform the Lehigh ...

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Justice Department Sued For Docs On Obama DOJ's Efforts To Shut Down Clinton Foundation Investigation

This is not a partisan issue, it's a corruption issue.  TIM BROWN —  Freedom Outpost Don't think that with the raid on a Clinton ...

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President George H.W. Bush: Impressive achievements and character

By Rev. Mark H. Creech at Renew America   President George H.W. Bush led our country with some impressive achievements. During his four ...

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Mexico’s New President Quickly Signs Legislation Aimed at Shutting Down Migrant Caravans

By Jack Davis /Western Journal With the city of Tijuana reeling from an influx of migrants that Mexican authorities allowed to enter the ...

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 STEVEN AHLE / Steadfast and Loyal  The Tijuana Migrant camp has been closed due to unsanitary conditions and the invaders were moved to a ...

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Media Hides Story of Obama’s Careless Treatment of Migrants at the Border

                  American Liberty Report The mainstream media continues to attack President Trump for praising border security’s use of tear gas to enforce border security. ...

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Mexicans Come to Their Senses. Turn on Liberals and Caravanners. Announce Huge Agreement with Trump

BY KARA PENDLETON /Western Journal Bad news for the left has come by way of a poll of Mexican citizens conducted by a ...

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Union moves to limit First Amendment rights of teachers


By at

Three teachers who want more of a say in how their dues are spent say they are being bullied by Pennsylvania’s largest teachers union.

FREE SPEECH: The Pennsylvania Education Association, the state’s largest teachers union, is accused of bullying teachers who demand more say in where their money goes.

Jane Ladley, who is retired, Chris Meier and Linda Misja are fighting the Pennsylvania State Education Association in court because they say their First Amendment rights are trampled by the union’s policy of using member dues for political purposes.

The three registered for a religious exemption to prevent their money from going to

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Constitution Class Forming


First Meeting- Monday September 12, 2016

Meeting times:2nd Monday of each month at 3 PM and 6 PM


You can attend either class and can switch back and forth if needed


Meeting Place: Harvest Church in Fleetwood- 300 W. Arch Street

Text Book: ‘The 5000 Year Leap” by W. Cleon Skousen cost $7.00

Cost of classes–Free


Learn who the founding fathers were Where they got their ideas What they wanted our nation to be How they arrived at their beliefs Learn the 28 principles on which our nation was founded


There will be handouts to help with the lessons. There are no tests.

You will get from the class what you put into it. You are there

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Is your local school district haunted?


Monday, August 29, 2016

Dear CF Friend,

Is your local school district haunted?

92% of school district contracts grant teachers and/or other district employees “release time” to leave the classroom and work for the union. Over 100 districts let these “ghost teachers” work full time for the union, while staying on district payroll and keeping pensions, health benefits, and seniority positions.

Teachers should be paid to teach, not work for the union. When lawmakers return to session, they have the chance to lay ghost teachers to rest.

HB 2125, sponsored by Rep. Rick Saccone, would end union release time with minor exceptions and require unions to reimburse districts for costs associated with release time, including salary, benefits, and pension contributions.

The bill passed

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Offense by Design 2


By Tabitha Korol at Renew America, Provo, Utah

It began when Dalia Z, a high school junior and editor of her school newspaper in suburbia, Ohio, championed Aya, a senior who complained to school authorities that she was a victim of racial bias because she wore a hijab. To the disquieting article, I wrote “Offense by Design,” and Dalia replied in her defense. In response to my readers’ requests and to Dalia, I submit the following about the severely misinformed product of our deteriorating national educational system.

Dalia, the first generation American of a Holocaust-surviving Jewish family, attended Jewish day school and presumes knowledge about immigrants, irrespective of the individual’s personal history, heritage, culture, language, beliefs, needs, aspirations and expectations.

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The Obama administration is Trying to Bypass Congress to Continue Meddling in Local Education


By Kenny Stein at Freedom Works

Last year, Congress passed the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) with bipartisan majorities in the House and Senate, reflecting a consensus that the federal government needed to pull back from the prescriptive mandates of the No Child Left Behind law and give states more flexibility. While imperfect, the ESSA sought to move in the right direction. Like most laws, however, the ESSA left a significant amount of implementation decisions to the administrative state, in this case the Department of Education. The Obama administration in new proposed regulations is seeking to use this regulatory power as a back door to continue imposing federal control over local education issues, even potentially continuing its efforts to force Common

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Scott Armstrong is guest speaker at CEPTA on “Ghost Teachers”



Scott Armstrong is a former Allentown School District School Board member. He has filed suit against the Allentown School District due to the fact that they have been illegally paying the Teacher’s Union President, a teacher who does not teach, 100% of their salary and benefits, to do union business.

Hear what Mr. Armstrong has to say;

Preview YouTube video CEPTA 6’22’2016 HD Scott Armstrong on Ghost Teachers

CEPTA 6’22’2016 HD Scott Armstrong on Ghost Teachers


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Socialism Attacks the Family, Just as Its Inventors Intended


iStockphoto and Shannon Henderson

By Paul Kengor at the

Paul Kengor

Last year, “socialism” was the most looked-up word at That is hardly a surprise. It clearly reflects growing interest, especially with the remarkable surge of lifetime socialist Bernie Sanders, who has won a pile of states in pursuing the Democratic Party presidential nomination. He will eventually have earned over 10 million votes nationwide. Many of those voters have only a hazy idea what socialism entails, but most surely know that it gives the government more control over the so-called “means of production” as well as your wallet and your property, but not as much as outright Communists crave.

American interest in socialism was growing well before

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A Philadelphia Story—30 Blocks Of Dog Sh*t, Sugar Taxes And Political Corruption


By The Burning Platform/ From Stockman’s Contra Corner

Earlier this week I left for work on a cool crisp sunny morning at 6:30 am. Traffic seemed lighter than usual. Even the Schuylkill Expressway was moving smoothly. I just knew it was going to be one of those rare 45 minute uneventful commutes. Boy was I mistaken. Half way down the Schuylkill traffic came to a grinding halt. I flipped on the traffic report and found out there was a bad bus accident near Girard Avenue blocking two lanes. My delightful commute had turned into a house of horrors. We inched along at 5 mph for the next five miles.

My Plan B was in effect. I’d get off at Belmont Avenue and

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