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House to Mark Up Surprisingly Bipartisan Bill to Counter China's Shell Companies

Peter Ferrara at Townhall The opinions expressed by columnists are their own and do not represent the views of Source: ...

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The China-Biden Ties Get Even Deeper After This Special Report

By Daphne Moon/Red Right Videos. Previously Steve Bannon warned that China would be the “single most important topic” for the 2020 ...

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MEDIA Scott Morefield | Reporter/DC Tucker Carlson lit the New York Times ablaze Monday night after one of its own interview subjects ...

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Rush Limbaugh: The 'dangerous' base created by Democrats is lashing out

By Victor Garcia | Fox News   Democrats have created a "dangerous" base, and now they are struggling to stop those very same supporters from ...

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2020 Candidate Eric Swalwell Says Only a Certain Kind of “White Guy” Should be President

                    American Liberty Report In the modern Democratic Party, identity politics is the hot ticket. Watching the 2020 Democratic presidential contenders constantly ...

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Truth and light in black and white

By A.J. Castellitto at Renew America I don't like singling people out based on the color of their ...

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Clarence Thomas Shows Left’s Hypocrisy on Discrimination

Star Parker / @UrbanCURE /The Daily Signal Liberals cannot tolerate Justice Thomas', pictured in 2008, consistent, unyielding and faithful commitment to America's founding ...

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Stacey Abrams lost Georgia because America is racist, 2020 Dem says on CNN

The narrative that won't die Bastiaan Slabbers/NurPhoto via Getty Images)  AARON COLEN/theblaze Rep. Seth Moulton (D-Mass.), one of nearly two dozen Democrats running ...

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WATCH: Trump Reads FDR’s Historic D-Day Prayer–Reveals How Far Democrats Have Fallen

It is a prayer that really proves just how far the Democrat Party has fallen from true Americanism By Warner Todd Huston/flagandcross   In ...

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D-Day’s ‘Forgotten’ Woman

Cal Thomas / @CalThomas / The Daily Signal American troops of the 4th Infantry Division ("Famous Fourth") land on Utah Beach June ...

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Transgender Bathrooms Are Not the Issue


By Dr. Hurd from Dr.




The national debt is $20 trillion and counting. Medicare and Social Security are going bankrupt. ISIS is at our doorstep, the federal government threatens to confiscate guns from peaceful gun owners, and health care is being ruined by socialized medicine.

And yet we’re fighting over transgender bathrooms in public schools.

When historians look back on the whole history of the American republic, and contrast it with the early twenty-first century, which may prove its waning years, what will any honest and objective observer think and conclude?

The Obama administration told public school systems across the nation on Friday to allow transgender students to use the bathrooms and locker rooms that match

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Pennsylvania Family Council Report/Call to Action


Call to Action Family Update | May 13, 2016 | Forward |


Record-Breaking Alert: Keep Contacting State Senators & Representatives to Stop Governor Wolf’s Bathroom Bills


We have had the largest response ever of Pennsylvanians using our Citizen Action Center to tell State Senators and State Representatives to oppose Governor Wolf’s Bathroom Bills (HB1510 & SB974). Thousands stand for protecting privacy rights and agree that men should not be allowed to use the women’s restroom, locker room or showers.


Keep it up – share the alert at or point to the website



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Great Teachers Deserve an A-Plus


Monday, May 16, 2016

Dear CF Friend,

Every day, thousands of teachers work extra hours and give their all to change the lives of students across the state. These teachers deserve our thanks—and our action.

Last week, the Legislature moved to protect these great teachers by ending Pennsylvania’s archaic “last-in, first-out” policy that says exceptional teachers can be laid off in favor of teachers with more seniority, regardless of their performance.

Unfortunately, Gov. Wolf has already threatened to veto this bill, punishing high-performing teachers simply because they haven’t tallied as many years in the classroom.

This is no way to treat Pennsylvania’s most effective teachers, and it’s no way to serve schoolchildren.

Students don’t deserve simply the longest-serving teachers. Students deserve the best

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California Teachers Unions Force Nonmembers to Pay for LGBT, Other Political Goals


Unions expect nonunion teachers to help pay for LGBT leadership programs, among other “human rights” activities. (Photo: Kham/Reuters/ /Newscom)


A large California teachers union and its national affiliate are forcing nonunion teachers to pay for political activism, according to a disclosure form acquired by The Daily Signal.

Under a category called “human rights,” both the National Education Association and the California Teachers Association require nonunion teachers to finance LGBT leadership training and other political goals that may run counter to the teachers’ convictions, The Daily Signal’s analysis of the disclosure form shows.

The form shows that unions charged $1.1 million in “human rights” costs to nonunion teachers

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Isolating political thought in higher education


By Natalia Castro at NetRight Daily and Americans for Limited Government

Immediately upon entering adulthood, students are forced to make the largest decision of their adult life, barely 18-year-old students must decide the higher education institute of their choice, or if they want to go at all. Common considerations include cost, location, and notoriety, but for many a key consideration is far less obvious — the politics of individual schools.

While many colleges tout open-mindedness and diversity, this is done on a superficial level, where diversity is defined by characteristics of race, socioeconomic status, and language. To clarify, these are extremely important margins for ensuring an inclusive educational environment, but what about intellectual diversity?

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Commonwealth Foundation -Action Alert


Tuesday, May 10, 2016

In a crucial victory for both students and teachers, the Protecting Excellent Teachers Act passed the Senate yesterday with a vote of 26 to 22.

HB 805, championed by Rep. Stephen Bloom, provides that public school teachers are retained based on effectiveness in the classroom—not merely seniority—in the unfortunate event of furloughs. A seniority-based system punishes young, effective teachers who excel in the classroom but have not racked up sufficient service time. This is unfair. HB 805 ensures our best teachers remain in the classroom, helping every child reach their maximum potential.

The legislation now moves to Gov. Wolf, whose options are clear: Side with the teachers’ unions which oppose the bill or

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Why Socialism Will Always Fail


By at

The director wants to build a house. Now, there are many methods that can be resorted to. Each of them offers, from the point of view of the director, certain advantages and disadvantages with regard to the utilization of the future building, and results in a different duration of the building’s serviceableness; each of them requires other expenditures of building materials and labor and absorbs other periods of production. Which method should the director choose? He cannot reduce to a common denominator the items of various materials and various kinds of labor to be expended. Therefore he cannot compare them. He cannot attach either to the waiting time (period of production) or to the duration of

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Philly charter schools are an open book


By at Pennsylvania Watchdog

If you want to access a directory of Philadelphia charter schools, you just have to click here.

For a listing of information-packed charter school profiles, all parents need to do is click here.

And now, for the first time, Philly families curious about how public charters are performing just have to click here.

School District of Philadelphia

OPEN RECORDS: The School District of Philadelphia is making more information about charter schools available.

Wasn’t that easy?

The School District of Philadelphia is making it simple to scan and evaluate charter schools. In a two-week span, the district

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