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After a federal judge ruled Wednesday that the administration of President Donald Trump can't halt grants to Philadelphia over its ...

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Mission to Politicians--APN

American Pastors Network Mission to Politicians Rebuilding America by turning the world upside down The Importance of Ministering to our Civic Leaders Listen Here (1:30) ...

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New Report Shows Government Gave DACA Protection to Thousands of Criminals

Hans von Spakovsky / @HvonSpakovsky / Christopher Baldacci /The Daily Signal Roughly 8 percent of those who received DACA protection under President Barack ...

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Seven Armed Illegal Aliens Charged in Texas Mall Robbery

By Natalia Mittelstadt |cnsnews Footage from security camera at mall jewelry store. (YouTube) ( -- Seven Mexican nationals who entered the U.S. illegally were arraigned on Monday ...

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Your Top Immigration Policy Updates & Headlines for August 5--FAIRTAKE

          RJ Hauman Discusses Trump Admin's Approach to Immigration w/ The Daily Ledger Video ft. RJ Hauman on The Daily Ledger | Watch ...

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155,965,000 Employed in June: 11th Record-Setter Under Trump

By Susan Jones |cnsnews President Trump applauds his fans in Wilkes-Barre, Pa. at a campaign rally on Thursday, Aug. 2, 2018. (Photo: Screen ...

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Former Virginia Governor John N Dalton’s Grandson Given No Jail In Violent Rape Case Despite ‘Sufficient Evidence’

The grandson of a former governor has avoided jail time despite there being "sufficient evidence" that he raped a young ...

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CNN Leads Anti-Free Speech Censorship Charge

                    ~ Liberty Planet Social media giants have backed CNN’s call to ban InfoWars in a telling violation of the First Amendment. Led ...

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Corrupt in every sense of the word

By Michael Oberndorf at Renew America For years, now, many of us have pointed out that much of the radical leftist ...

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Chuck Ross | Reporter/thedailycaller House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes claims that the FBI and Justice Department omitted ‘exculpatory evidence’ ...

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ADVISORY: Congressman Barletta, State Senator Regan to Hold Press Conference on Efforts to Secure America’s Schools


***MEDIA ADVISORY*** Congressman Barletta, State Senator Regan to Hold Press Conference on Efforts to Secure America’s Schools

HARRISBURG – Congressman Lou Barletta (PA-11) and State Senator Mike Regan (R-31) will hold a press conference on federal and state efforts to improve school security at 10:00 a.m. on Friday, June 1, 2018. The event will be held at the State Capitol, outside of the Lieutenant Governor’s office on the upper level of the Main Rotunda.

The legislators will discuss what is being done to date to address student safety in schools in the Commonwealth and across the country, proposed legislation at both the federal and state levels that improve school security, and other actions being taken to

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The Case for One-Room School Houses


Are big schools sucking the life out of our children?

by Annie Holmquist at FEE/Foundation for Economic Education

I’ve been fascinated with the concept of the one-room school ever since I watched television episodes of Little House on the Prairie in my preschool years.

Admittedly, my early fascination stemmed from the romanticism of wanting to be like Laura Ingalls. But as I grew older and that romanticism faded, the interest in one-room schools remained. It eventually spawned a thought that has nagged me since college: could small, one-room schools be a solution to the many educational problems which plague America?

Kickin’ It Old School

This thought was resurrected in my mind by the news that four Montana mothers are seeking to

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Missing Chapters from American History


You can force people to attend school, but you cannot force them to learn in any meaningful sense.

by Clarence Carson / from Foundation for Economic Education

It has fallen to my lot over the past two decades to examine and write reviews of a goodly number of textbooks. Most of those reviewed have been intended for use in the high schools, though some have been designed for use in colleges as well. I have reviewed scores of books on American history, an armful on world history (or European Civilization, as the case might be), several dozen on such varied subjects as American government, civics, problems of democracy, citizenship, and such like, a few on economics, a handful on geography, and

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Student: ‘Hero’ Teacher Tackled School Gunman, Swatted Weapon Away



An Indiana middle school science teacher is being hailed as a hero after tackling and swatting the gun away from a student shooter who entered his class.

The shooting took place at Noblesville West Middle School, to the north of Indianapolis, at around 9 a.m. Friday morning.

A seventh-grade student who was in the classroom and wished not to be identified told WXIN that a classmate of his showed up late wielding a handgun and opened fire.

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Parents in Tears after Learning what Public School is Teaching Middle School Kids about Sex


Written by Onan Coca/ EagleRising

When the local news reports that the parents of local school kids are literally in tears about what is happening at that local school… people tend to pay attention.

So hopefully, as terrible as this story is, it will spark interest from public school parents around the nation, who might otherwise think, “well, that could never happen in my school.”

It can happen in your school as parents at Propel Charter School in Hazelwood, Pennsylvania have learned.

Parents of some of the 7th grade students at the Hazelwood location of Propel Charter Schools told local reporters that their children’s science teacher was completely inappropriate during a recent sex ed. lesson.

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Dispelling False Narratives in the Wake of the Santa Fe Tragedy


A student at Santa Fe High School in Santa Fe, Texas, killed eight students and two teachers in a mass shooting last week. (Photo: Jonathan Bachman/Reuters/Newscom)


Amy Swearer is a visiting legal fellow at the Meese Center for Legal and Judicial Studies at The Heritage Foundation.

Last week, a teenager stole his father’s shotgun and .38-caliber revolver, smuggled them into his Santa Fe, Texas, high school under a trench coat, and proceeded to murder 10 innocent people before surrendering to police.

It’s another devastating reminder that human beings are capable

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Shocking Undercover Video Shows Teachers Union Presidents Admitting to Protecting Teachers Who Abused Students



Note: This article contains coarse language that may offend or disturb some readers.

A trio of current and former teachers union presidents in Ohio appeared to admit they’ve defended educators who have committed “physical, sexual, verbal” abuse of underage students, a new video from the controversial Project Veritas purported.

In a video filmed April 25, Bill Siegferth, a former teachers union president and current consultant for the Akron Education Association, appeared to state the union stood by teachers despite various kinds of abuse:

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LVC Editors Note:

It has always been about the teachers, never about the students.

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School Can Force Students to Share Bathrooms With Transgender Students, Federal Court Rules


“One day when I was in school, I walked into the bathroom and immediately when you walk in the bathroom, there is actually a mirror there, and I saw a reflection of a man,” Alexis Lightcap said. “My body went into immediate shock.” (Photo courtesy: Alliance Defending Freedom)


A Pennsylvania student said Thursday that her school opening its locker rooms, showers, and restrooms to students of the opposite sex is unfair and wrong.

“There are good ways to make room for everyone, without letting a boy into the girls’ locker rooms, shower areas, or restrooms,” said Alexis Lightcap, a senior at Boyertown Area Senior High School in Boyertown, Pennsylvania,

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