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Conservative Icon Charles Krauthammer Faces Death with Dignity

~ Conservative Zone The former Democrat who emerged as a leading conservative voice influenced American thought through words and inspired millions ...

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Study: Fewer Children of Divorce Get Degrees

Research considers impact of divorce on professional degree achievement Getty Images BY: Charles Fain Lehman/ the Washington Free Beacon The children of divorced parents ...

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Man Gets 6 Years in Prison for Threatening Sen. Joni Ernst

AP   Katherine Rodriguez/Breitbart News Network A judge sentenced an Iowa man to six years in federal prison on Wednesday for sending a ...

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Justice Department IG Report: FBI Agents Regularly Received Free Handouts From Journalists

Joe Simonson / @SaysSimonson / The Daily Signal Christopher Wray, director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, speaks at a press conference on the ...

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Kerry Picket | Reporter The Daily Caller Former FBI Director James Comey and other bureau employees told investigators they thought Department of Justice prosecutors ...

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Major Revelation From Recent IG Report Shows Obama Had DIRECT ACCESS To Hillary’s Illegal Email Server

by Doyle Alexander /en-volve     A recent report compiled by U.S. Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz makes public new allegations and contradicts ...

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Where’s The Justice?! Obama Appointed Judge Pulls One Straight Out Of The Russian Play Book, JAILS Manafort

by Doyle Alexander /envolve   In a soviet-style court-move leftist Obama appointee Judge Amy Berman known for hatred of Trump and conservatives said, “I ...

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Report: GOP Leaders Hammer Rosenstein Over ‘Intimidation’ Tactics and ‘Chilling’ Threats

By Chris Agee /WJ Some Republicans are ratcheting up the rhetoric against Rod Rosenstein following recent reports. The deputy U.S. attorney general, who assumed ...

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Americans for Limited Government Press Release

Aug. 2016 Strzok text of ‘we’ll stop’ Trump from becoming President is another smoking gun June 14, 2018 by press   June 14, ...

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HE’S SO FIRED! Hot Mic Catches Acosta’s True Intentions Behind Deplorable Summit Question – ‘Hey, If They’re Not Going To Let Me In The F***king Meeting…’

by Doyle Alexander/en-volve CNN’s Jim Acosta was caught on a hot mic bragging that he had intentionally disrupted the historic peace summit between North ...

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‘You guys hurt black people’: School board member called to resign after berating police officer


Image source: YouTube screenshot

Breck Dumas/theblaze New Jersey South Orange Maplewood School Board member Stephanie Lawson-Muhammad has drawn criticism over her treatment of a police officer after she was given a citation for speeding.

The dashcam video recorded by the officer who pulled her over for driving 37 mph in a 25-mph zone drew scrutiny not because of her alleged violation, but because of what she said to the policeman.

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Illegal Immigration and the Collapse of our Laws


Written by Jim Bowman/EagleRising. Just how can a nation endure both external and internal dysfunctions to what should be an integral and fundamental function of its societal order? Realizing that both breakdowns were officially condoned under one Presidential administration is cause for both alarm and down right suspicion.

America’s external plight centered around an official blind eye to a continuous onslaught of illegal immigration through our southern border areas. And internally, it was assumed that to lessen “heavy-handed” punishments for student misbehavior, based upon a racial percentage of those being punished, that this would somehow lessen disobedience.

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Somali Muslim Immigrants Stealing MILLIONS in Welfare from Minnesota


By Warner Todd Huston /Constitution They came to the U.S. as “refugees,” but it has been discovered that a number of Somali immigrants are stealing hundreds of millions in American welfare money that they are literally shipping back to Africa stuffed in suitcases. Worse, the cash is going to fund the various Islamist terror armies there.

It has come to light that these Somali terrorists living among us have a long list of tactics to steal America’s benefits, but one was revealed by Fox 9 in Minneapolis with an investigation that found that Somalis were using a sham daycare center system to bilk the American people out of welfare cash.

During its 5-month investigation into the story, Fox 9 KMS

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DHS: Most Illegals at Border Don’t Meet Criteria to Enter US


U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen. (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

By Todd Beamon | Newsmax


About 100,000 people per day have crossed the U.S.-Mexico border seeking asylum in the last two months, Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said, and four in five do not meet the criteria to enter the country.

“The way the system works right now, the threshold under the law is so low that about 80 percent pass that initial interview,” Nielsen told Fox News host Laura Ingraham on Tuesday.

“But only 20 percent are granted asylum by a judge,” she explained, “which tells us that 80 percent of that is either just a flat-out fraud or somebody who thinks they can come here because they want a

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DCCC Hit With Ethics Complaint After Secret Recording Released


Watchdog: DCCC illegally gave in-kind donations to preferred candidate

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer / Getty Images

BY: / the Washington Free Beacon

A government ethics watchdog Tuesday filed a complaint with the Federal Elections Commission after audio from a secretly recorded conversation implied the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee tipped the scales in favor of their preferred candidate, and may have violated campaign finance laws in the process.

The secret recording of a conversation between House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer and Levi Tillemann, a Democrat candidate for the 6th Congressional District in Colorado, was made last December.

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Is God mad at America because of abortion?


By Jerry Newcombe at Renew America

Is America shaking its collective fist at God through the wholesale slaughter of the unborn?

Some people virtually celebrate abortion.

•Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood for a dozen years, is leaving her position as a virtual celebrity. Her “legacy” includes 3.5 million abortions by Planned Parenthood during her tenure.

•Some of the signs seen at January’s pro-abortion-rights march, such as “Abortion on Demand & Without Apology,” prompted to note, “New Women’s March T-shirts Celebrate Killing Babies in Abortion” (1/17/18).

Today we have surpassed the 60 million mark in number of abortions since the Supreme Court’s companion decisions, Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton, which on January 22, 1973, gave us abortion on

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Rape, of the body and mind



By Tabitha Korol at Renew America

“Taharrush,” or “collective harassment,” is an Arab phenomenon that defines an horrific form of rape, both physically and psychologically. Originating as a weapon against female protestors in Tahrir Square in Egypt, May 2005, it became commonplace by 2012, and it has reached Europe. It takes the form of a group of male aggressors who encircle the female in a public setting and simultaneously grope, molest, beat and rape her, while a second, outer circle of men diverts the attention of strangers. While they continue to scream Allahu Akbar, the outer ring prevents the victim from being heard or accessed by police, who might also be fewer than required and inadequately armed.

Islamic rape

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Wasserman Schultz Calls Five Million Americans ‘Terrorists’


“The NRA is kind of just shy of a terrorist organization,” she contemptuously declared.

By Nate Jackson · at The Patriot Post/

“The NRA is kind of just shy of a terrorist organization,” declared Debbie Wasserman Schultz. “They have done everything they can to perpetuate the culture of violence that we have in our country with the spread of assault weapons across the nation.” She was responding to Oliver North, the NRA’s new president, who said recently of gun-controllers, “They call them activists. That’s what they’re calling themselves. They’re not activists — this is civil terrorism.” He accused them of “intimidation and harassment and lawbreaking.”

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