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Right Side of History: Revisiting Scandals of the Clinton Era With Ken Starr

Jarrett Stepman / @JarrettStepman / Fred Lucas / @FredLucasWH /The Daily Signal "Here is, to me, the very key difference. Throughout the investigation, the Clinton ...

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Dem Campaigns Paid SEIU-Owned Bank $2.2 Million in Fees, Interest This Cycle

Labor union spent millions of dollars backing liberal campaigns in 2018 Getty Images BY: Brent Scher /  Washington Free Beacon A bank owned by the SEIU ...

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Powerful House Democrats’ Bloc Linked to International Communist Movement

  Ben Sellers  /libertyheadlines ‘The Congressional Progressive Caucus is by far the largest and most influential coalition in the federal government…’ IMAGE: Congressional ...

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Letter writer commends East Penn School District for finally approving video taping meetings.

Emmaus/East Penn School District   Dear Editor of the Lehigh Valley Commentator,   I am happy to write this letter to inform the Lehigh ...

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Justice Department Sued For Docs On Obama DOJ's Efforts To Shut Down Clinton Foundation Investigation

This is not a partisan issue, it's a corruption issue.  TIM BROWN —  Freedom Outpost Don't think that with the raid on a Clinton ...

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President George H.W. Bush: Impressive achievements and character

By Rev. Mark H. Creech at Renew America   President George H.W. Bush led our country with some impressive achievements. During his four ...

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Mexico’s New President Quickly Signs Legislation Aimed at Shutting Down Migrant Caravans

By Jack Davis /Western Journal With the city of Tijuana reeling from an influx of migrants that Mexican authorities allowed to enter the ...

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 STEVEN AHLE / Steadfast and Loyal  The Tijuana Migrant camp has been closed due to unsanitary conditions and the invaders were moved to a ...

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Media Hides Story of Obama’s Careless Treatment of Migrants at the Border

                  American Liberty Report The mainstream media continues to attack President Trump for praising border security’s use of tear gas to enforce border security. ...

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Mexicans Come to Their Senses. Turn on Liberals and Caravanners. Announce Huge Agreement with Trump

BY KARA PENDLETON /Western Journal Bad news for the left has come by way of a poll of Mexican citizens conducted by a ...

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Seth Rich’s Family P.I. Confirms Our Worst Fears


Tori McNabb / RedRightVideos

Since DNC staffer Seth Rich was murder in Washington, no solid answers have been found. No motive, nothing… until perhaps now.



Rich was shot and killed in Northwest D.C. and police labeled it as a botched robbery. However, the online conspiracy theorist would let it go and have continued to tie his death to his work at the DNC.

Now we’ve gotten word that there’s new information which may, in fact, prove the conspiracy theorists right!

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Obama’s DOJ Under Fire: House Oversight Committee Calls for an Investigation


~ Conservative Zone

This week, the House Oversight Committee called for the appointment of special counsel to commence an investigation into the Department of Justice under the Obama administration for possible crimes such as FISA abuse and bias.

The official request was implemented by the chairmen of both the Oversight and Judiciary Committees — Republican Representatives Gowdy and Goodlatte. When asked what prompted the need for these new investigations, it was said that matters have arisen that would prescribe the need for special counsel.

Why the Need for Special Counsel?

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A stroll through the beautiful ruins of American public education


By Bruce Deitrick Price at Renew America

Q: What is your main feeling about K-12 education today?

A: Sadness. There is a perennial waste of energy and money, both taken in great quantities from millions of citizens. Instruction, if logical and systematic, can teach a great deal in a timely way. Instruction, if incoherent, will leave students worse off than when they started. That is why McKinsey and Company, circa 2007, concluded that American students are measurably worse each additional year they remain in the public schools. Our #1 job is stopping this waste.

Q: So what is the big sin?

A: The Education Establishment concocts new ideas that are presented to the public as panaceas, as the ultimate and final

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Democrat candidate accused of abusing women and lying about military service


Image via Songquan Deng /

Patriot News Alerts


A Democrat candidate for Congress in Illinois is in hot water after his brutal past was exposed.

Benjamin Thomas Wolf has been accused by his ex-girlfriend and former campaign intern, Katarina Coates, of assaulting her in vicious fashion.

Brutal Assault.

Coates has described six separate incidents in which Wolf abused her, Politico reported.

“He actually hit me, threw me to the ground, put his foot on my chest. He was really angry. He grabbed my face,” she said. “I thought it was normal. I cannot explain the logic. It seemed like he cared about me when he did that. After that time he stood on my chest, he went

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Hard Left Nashville Mayor Resigns After Pleading Guilty to Theft


~ Liberty Planet

Nashville Mayor Megan Barry officially announced her resignation shortly before pleading guilty to felony theft of property charges.

The resignation was proceeded by a recent scandal involving her sexual relationship with a head of security as well as persisting allegation throughout the past couple of months that she had carelessly misspent hard earned taxpayer’s money.

The resignation hits Nashville’s local Democratic establishment especially hard, considering Barry’s historical significance.

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Ethics Complaint: Rep. Cleaver Let Non-Staffer Access His Servers, Paid McDonald’s Worker As IT Guy


Emanuel Cleaver / Government photo / LUKE ROSIAK Investigative Reporter/The Daily Caller Democratic Rep. Emanuel Cleaver hired former McDonald’s employee Rao Abbas to manage his data for three years Cleaver claimed on an audio recording that now-indicted Imran Awan was actually his IT aide FACT has submitted an ethics complaint against Cleaver for allegedly having Awan as his aide but paying Abbas $60,0000

A Democratic congressman is facing an ethics complaint for paying an unqualified former McDonald’s employee to manage his data for three years and allegedly admitting to handing control of his servers to now-indicted Pakistani-American Imran Awan despite Awan not being on his staff.

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Convicted Money Launderer in Rep. Alcee Hastings’s District Office Received Pay Increase for ‘Part-Time’ Work Last Year


Hastings’s longtime girlfriend also received a promotion; has been paid maximum congressional salary for six straight years

Rep. Alcee Hastings (D-FL) / Getty Images

BY: /the Washington Free Beacon

A convicted money launderer employed by Democratic Rep. Alcee Hastings (Fla.) in one of his Florida district offices received a pay increase for “part-time” work last year, new salary data filings show.

Additionally, Hastings’s longtime girlfriend Patricia Williams appears to have received a promotion, though she did not get a raise since she is already receiving the maximum salarythat is allowed to be paid to congressional staffers.

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Republicans in Congress continue to dismantle oppressive regulations



C/O American Energy Alliance

By Natalia Castro at NetRight Daily and Americans for Limited Government

Republicans in the House of Representatives have spent this week breaking down the oppressive regulatory regime the previous administration put into place. Former President Barack Obama dramatically expanded the influence of the executive branch through agencies like the Environmental Protection Agency(EPA). House Republicans are now working to pass legislation that mitigates the impact of overreaching federal policies, but barriers in the Senate could make this a difficult task.

The House has taken up two pieces of legislation this week to combat EPA overreach.

First, the Satisfying Energy Needs and Saving the Environment Act or SENSE. The legislation exempts certain coal power plants from 2012

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