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Bill to Reduce Size of Legislature Passes House, Knowles Says

  Representative Jerry Knowles 124th District Pennsylvania House of Representatives Media Contact:  Krisinda Corbin 717.705.2032 /   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 13, 2018   Bill to Reduce Size of Legislature Passes House, ...

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Smucker Seeks to Reduce Rape Kit Backlog, Bring Justice to Victims of Sexual Assault

Smucker Seeks to Reduce Rape Kit Backlog, Bring Justice to Victims of Sexual Assault   Washington, D.C. – U.S. Reps. Lloyd Smucker (PA-16) ...

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Barletta Supports Lifeline to Main Street

Barletta Supports Lifeline to Main Street   WASHINGTON – Yesterday, the U.S. House of Representatives passed H.R. 1116, the TAILOR Act by a vote of 247 ...

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You’re Invited! State Rep Eric Roe's Report

Weekly Roundup Thursday, March 15, 2018 The latest news from the State Capitol You’re Invited!     Read More

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Mike's Memo Week of March 19, 2018

View this email in a browser Welcome to"Mike's Memo," an update on what's happening in the 48th Senatorial District and the State ...

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CEPTA to hold PA 131st Legislative District Candidate Debate

  CEPTA, the Concerned East Penn Taxpayers Association, will be holding a debate between the candidates running for the Pennsylvania 131st ...

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 BY FOX INSIDER:/Fear and Blood Now that we have witnessed the laughable paintings of the Obama’s, that will forever hang in the ...

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Hillary Tells India How Awful Americans Are

She would have won if not for misogynists holding women back and racists all over red America. By Nate Jackson · ...

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Sex Reassignment Doesn’t Work. Here Is the Evidence.

Ryan T. Anderson / @RyanTAnd / The Daily Signal  Dr. Paul McHugh of Johns Hopkins University writes that because biological sex is unchangeable, ...

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8 Million Sign Declaration Supporting Mothers, Rejecting Feminism

~ Conservative Zone Moms matter. The position of mothers in society should be elevated rather than being squelched by those feminists ...

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Pro-gun control Senator goes to prison – for gun trafficking


Image via SchnepfDesign /


Patriot News Alerts

Democrats love telling other people what to do when they do whatever they want.

That was the case of California State Sen. Leland Yee, an anti-gun activist who went to prison for gun trafficking.

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Florida Passes AR-15 Ban Over Weekend – For 15 Minutes


By Matt | Contributor | THE POLITICAL INSIDER The calls for gun control by hysterical liberals have been heard for weeks, and Florida finally relented, passing a ban on the AR-15 over the weekend. While over twice as many people are killed from falling out of bed each year than from all kinds of rifles combined (including the AR-15), the gun is always a hot topic of discussion after mass public shootings given its popularity among shooters.

Liberals are correct that it’s usually assault weapons used in mass public shootings (though there are many exceptions, such as the Virginia Tech shooting), but it’s handguns that are responsible for over 90 percent of the gun homicides in America.

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Michigan Democrat resigns after criminal theft conviction


Action Sports Photography /

The Conservative Institute

A Democrat state senator resigned from office just hours after admitting to stealing from taxpayers.

Former Michigan State Sen. Bert Johnson pleaded guilty to stealing money from taxpayers Friday before tendering his resignation with a one-sentence statement.

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DOJ Sues California Over Immigration Obstruction


Three state laws directly and deliberately interfere with federal efforts to enforce the law.

By Nate Jackson · at The Patriot Post/

The Justice Department filed suit Tuesday against the state of California over the Golden State’s obstruction of federal immigration law. Specifically, the DOJ seeks an injunction against three recent California laws that are deliberately interfering with immigration enforcement. One law prevents businesses from cooperating with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials by giving workers extra “protections.” Another grants authority to state officials to inspect and monitor Department of Homeland Security-run detention facilities in California. And the third is the infamous sanctuary state law that took effect Jan. 1 — the law prohibits state or local law enforcement officials from notifying

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Judicial Watch sues DOJ for Bruce and Nellie Ohr records related to Fusion GPS, anti-Trump dossier


Bruce Ohr had a close relationship with ex-British Intelligence officer Christopher Steele even after he was terminated as a source for the FBI. (AP)

By Brooke Singman | Fox News

Conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch is suing the Justice Department for records related to Bruce Ohr, his wife Nellie Ohr, and their involvement in the now-infamous anti-Trump dossier.

The suit was filed Monday, following the Justice Department’s failure to respond to Judicial Watch’s December 2017 Freedom of Information Act requests about the couple and their connection to research firm Fusion GPS.

Judicial Watch’s first lawsuit, related to their FOIA request from Dec. 7, 2017, seeks records of contact or communications between Ohr, Steele, and Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn

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10 Reasons Why “All Roads Lead” To Hillary Clinton


The real 2016 election collusion story begins and ends with Hillary Clinton. ELIZABETH VAUGHN —freedomoutpost

The last couple of news days have provided us with two new reasons why the real 2016 election collusion story begins and ends with Hillary Clinton. Never have truer words been spoken than when Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) said, “The Clintons’ tentacles go everywhere.”

Sean Hannity discusses the latest developments in his Tuesday night opening monologue below.

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FBI Agent Strzok Ignored Hack of Hillary’s Server ‘With Consent of Obama’


By Jim E | from the Political Insider

Red alert this morning as we’ve just gotten an update to a major story we reported on yesterday.

On Tuesday, we learned that Peter Strzok, the FBI investigator in charge of looking into Hillary Clinton’s illegal use of a private email server, actually ignored an indication that a foreign power hacked into the server, thus putting national security at risk.

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FBI Report Confirms Hillary Took a Bribe from the Russians


Patriotic Viral News

OAN, Fox News, and a number of other sources are reporting that Russian donations [read: bribes] to the Clinton Foundation are the reason that then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton allowed an estimated 20% of U.S. uranium reserves to be sold to a foreign power.

OAN interviewed Victoria Toesing and former Clinton advisor, Dick Morris for details of this breaking story. Toesing is an attorney for FBI informant William Douglas Campbell who revealed the real reason Clinton and others traveled to the former Soviet Union before the deal.

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