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The Bill of Rights is Missing an Amendment

Written by The Common Constitutionalist/Eagle Rising One of greater problems that plague our federal government is that of cross-delegation. What do I ...

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Freedom, Inequality, Primitivism, and the Division of Labor

    By Murray N. Rothbard at [This essay was written in 1970. Read Rothbard's 1991 introduction.] I. If men were like ants, there would ...

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The Labor Board Is Now GOP-Run. Here’s 1 Big Change It Could Make to Rein In Unions.

Fred Lucas / @FredLucasWH / The Daily Signal Fast food workers in Detroit hold a daylong strike demanding a $15-an-hour minimum wage. (Photo: ...

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The Looming Fiscal Nightmare of Extravagant Unfunded Pensions for State and Local Bureaucrats

By Daniel J. Mitchell at Back in 2013, I shared a poll to see who people would pick as their “favorite ...

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CA Lawmaker Flees State Over Liberal Lunacy, Says Trump is…

By Warner Todd Huston/The Constitution Chuck DeVore, a one-time member of the California State Assembly has moved away from the Golden State ...

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Millionaire Protesting Welfare Abuse Collects Thousands in Food Stamps to Prove His Point

By Bethany Blankley /The Western Journal Rob Undersander and his wife, of Waite Park, Minnesota, collected roughly $6,000 in food stamp benefits despite ...

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AMAZING! Trump Supporters Line Streets of Key West for Miles to Welcome President Trump (VIDEO)

 Jake Baker  ·   Tap Wires   By: H.T. Coffee  - TapWires News Service Thursday marked the first visit of the President to Key West, Florida.  ...

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Californians Beg Trump: Deport More Immigrants!

By : shawn/UnfilteredPatriot  California’s elected representatives want to make it difficult if not impossible for the Trump administration to arrest and deport ...

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Identity Theft: Illegal Aliens' Stock and Trade

Untitled Document 1. Identity Theft: Illegal Aliens' Stock and Trade As Congress delved into Facebook's "scraping" of users' personal information last week, ...

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House Hacking Suspects’ Father Transferred Data To Pakistani Government, Ex-Partner Claims

 Pakistani activists burn Indian, U.S. and Israeli flags at a rally in Quetta, Pakistan, August 14, 2015. REUTERS/Naseer Ahmed LUKE ROSIAK ...

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Governor: The Idea That You Can Solve Gun Violence With A Law Is Naive & Delusional


Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin ended by saying that when we remove a higher authority and a higher morality and expect a governmental solution with a piece of paper to solve these moral issues, “we’re kidding ourselves. TIM BROWN —Freedom Outpost

Kentucky Governor Matt Bevinposted a video clip of him answering a question by a woman trying to ask an emotionally charged question regarding the shooting in Parkland, Florida and the children’s lives being most important and yet, telling people that if they think passing more gun confiscation laws will solve the problem they are naive and that is was premature to talk about such pretended legislation.

Bevin had said that it was

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The Tyranny of the Bench


By Murray N. Rothbard at

One of the fatal flaws in the concept of “limited” government is the judiciary. Endowed with the compulsory monopoly of the vital power of deciding disputes, of ultimately deciding who can wield force and how much can be wielded, the government judiciary sits as an unchecked and unlimited tyrant.

Pledged to preside over the rule of law, law that is supposed to apply to everyman, the judges themselves are yet above the law and free from its sanctions and limitations. When clothed in the robes of his office, the judge can do no legal wrong and is therefore immune from the law itself.

There is a crucial catch-22 in this grisly situation. For if anyone would

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Al Sharpton’s Brother Charged in Shooting Murder ONE DAY After Participating in Anti-Gun March


by /enVolve

The anti-gun hypocrisy continues. Yesterday, we reported the revelation that a #MarchForOurLives Performer and Gun Control Advocate Was ARRESTED on GUN-RELATED CRIME. Today we learn that the brother of Al Sharpton, who attended the march, was arrested for capital murder using a firearm just 36 hours after the march ended.

Rev. Kenneth Glasgow was charged in shooting murder the day after he participated in the local anti-gun march.

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Bombshell: Father of Orlando Shooter FBI Failed To Stop Was FBI Informant Himself


The father of the 2016 Pulse nightclub shooter Omar Mateen was an FBI informant, according a Monday federal court filing, which may explain why the FBI dropped its investigation into the would-be terrorist in 2014.

Lawyers for Noor Salman, the widow of Mateen, filed a motion for a mistrial just hours before the first witness was to be called, charging federal prosecutors with failing to timely reveal material information in her case.

Salman has been charged with aiding her husband in carrying out the attack in Orlando, Florida, in June 2016, that resulted in the deaths of 49 people with 58 more wounded.

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No Excuse for the Ignorance of Gun-Grabbers


Anti-gun zealots don’t have to be experts, but they need basic knowledge of the things they are trying to ban.

By Louis DeBroux · at The Patriot Post/

Unfortunately, one side in the gun debate is not just ignorant of basic facts but militantly and willfully so. In fact, many are just plain idiotic.

Gun control advocates demand “commonsense” gun control measures, like expanding background checks, closing the “gun show loophole,” and banning “assault” weapons, machine guns and “high capacity” magazines. They claim it’s easier to buy a gun than to buy books, and anyone opposing their “commonsense” reforms must want children to die.

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Political Pawns Ignorantly March Against Gun Rights


Saturday’s “March of Our Lives” was a classic display of appealing to emotions over facts.

By Thomas Gallatin · at The Patriot Post/

Ignorance of the unknown can be easily manipulated into fearing the unknown. A display of this all-too-common scenario was on full display over the weekend in Washington, DC, where thousands of folks descended in an emotive and illiterate display of anti-firearms virtue-signaling. This protest of gun rights was ironically dubbed the “March for Our Lives.” Organizers touted the crowd as being upwards of 800,000, but in reality it was just over 200,000. Note that DC is 95% Democrat and the surrounding suburbs share similar percentages. Consequently, any leftist confab can draw hundreds of thousands of Demo government-dependents, either because

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The Parkland school in the news yet again. This time two students were arrested, one who had a knife and the other a reportedly had a razor blade. The incompetence shown in and around the school is astounding because that isn’t the only thing that has happened in the last two days. There isn’t any wonder why student are so afraid there.

A Third student was taken to a mental hospital for making threats on social media. The third student reportedly showed off his gun and bullets while threatening the school. But wait there is more…

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Congress succeeds in gutting Obama HUD racial and income zoning rule in omnibus


By Robert Romano at the Daily Torch/Americans for Limited Government

One good thing that came out of the omnibus spending bill signed into law by President Donald Trump is that it defunds a key aspect of the Obama era Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) regulation, Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing.

This was the rule enacted in 2015 that allowed HUD to order more than 1,200 cities and counties that accepted any part of $3 billion of annual community development block grants to rezone neighborhoods along income and racial criteria.

This was always a vast overreach, where the federal government could come in and tell communities what must be built and where. Now, it’s over.

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