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Breaking: DOJ Turns Over 1.2 Million Documents Related to 2016 Election to House Intel Committee

 by Jim Hoft /The Gateway Pundit The Department of Justice turned over some of the 1.2 MILLION documents requested by lawmakers this ...

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Tech Totalitarians

"The federal government is no longer the main threat to your privacy and to your freedoms. Big corporations are." By Arnold ...

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Project Veritas Bombshell: Twitter Engineers Explain How They 'Shadow Ban' Conservatives

BY DEBRA HEINE /PJ Media No, you weren't being paranoid. Everything you ever suspected about Twitter censoring right-wing opinions through "shadow bans" is ...

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Uranium One Indictment Unsealed By DOJ

 TIM BROWN —  FreedomOutpost. On Friday, the Justice Department unsealed an 11-count indictment concerning the Uranium One scandal.  Sadly, it did not include former Secretary ...

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Right-to-Work Advocate Blames Unions’ Legal Threats for Loss

Kevin Mooney / @KevinMooneyDC / The Daily Signal  Union members dominate those watching the Sussex County Council hold a hearing on the right-to-work measure ...

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Number of High School Students Who Have Had Sex Drops

Tony Perkins / @tperkins /The Daily Signal Most young people support saving sex for marriage. Most of them don't like the idea of ...

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White House Doctor: President Trump in 'Excellent Health'

WILLIAM STEAKIN | IJR Nicholas Kamm /Getty Images Following his first physical exam since taking office, the White House physician pronounced President Donald Trump to ...

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The dangerous case of Bandy Lee: Examining the mental health of the mental health examiners

By Linda Goudsmit at Renew America The Democrats are desperate. They have been trying to derail, discredit, and destroy President ...

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Here’s the History of the 25th Amendment

Jarrett Stepman / @JarrettStepman /The Daily Signal Activists are calling for using the 25th Amendment to remove President Donald Trump from office. (Photo: ...

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President Trump Is Not the One with a Mental Illness

~ American Liberty Report The mainstream media has found its new sweetheart, a yellow journalist named Michael Wolff with a history ...

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Once Again, North Korea Is Reaching Out to the South. We Should Be Receptive, but Wary.


North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un delivers a New Year’s Day message on Jan. 1, 2018. (Photo: Yonhap News/YNA/Newscom)


Bruce Klingner, a senior research fellow for Northeast Asia at The Heritage Foundation’s Asian Studies Center, spent 20 years in the intelligence community working at the CIA and Defense Intelligence Agency. Read his research

It has become tradition among North Korea watchers to dissect Pyongyang’s annual New Year’s Day speech for clues of potential policy changes.

Each year, some experts interpret benign-sounding passages as indicating North Korean reform or greater willingness to engage diplomatically with Washington or Seoul. Others interpret passages that extol

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FAIR’s Top 5 – Groups in Mexico Push to Reclaim California


Untitled Document

1. Groups in Mexico Push to Reclaim California, End Hidalgo Treaty As open borders lobbyists push for an amnesty by way of a “DACA fix” or the DREAM Act, others are challenging the legitimacy of the current U.S. – Mexico border. Some prominent Mexicans are making the case that Mexico should return to its 1848 boundaries, by eliminating the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, a treaty that gave the U.S. large swaths of territory in the southwest. These were territories that were in dispute after the end of Spanish colonial rule in the area. At the end of the Mexican-American War, some 90 percent of residents in these territories chose to become U.S. citizens rather than

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The Left Is Politicizing Sexual Assault


They sought women who would accuse Trump of sexual misconduct and promised them cash.

By the Political Editors · at The Patriot Post/

The New York Times recently reported that the leftist organization Media Matters, founded by David Brock, had spent $200,000 funding an effort in 2016 to bring down Donald Trump via allegations of sexual assault. The Times reports that leftist organizations are still “raising hundreds of thousands of dollars to support accusers who come forward with charges against President Trump and members of Congress.” Motivated by the success of the #MeToo movement, which has been credited in helping to expose and bring down famous and powerful men in Hollywood and the mainstream media, as well as prompt the resignation of

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Nancy Pelosi: Tax Cuts For Everyday Americans Are ‘Crumbs’


House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s comments related to tax cut savings have changed dramatically over the past seven years.

She previously lavished praise on former President Barack Obama’s $40 payroll tax cut, but is now dismissing $1,000 bonuses corporate America is doling out to workers as a result of the recently signed GOP tax overhaul.

The wealthy California lawmaker called legislation extending a $40 payroll tax cut in 2011 a “victory for all Americans” and attributed the accomplishment to “Obama’s leadership.”

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Editors Note:

90% of taxpayers will win due to the tax reform, every Democrat voted against the low and middle class and voted to protect there 10% friends. Time

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Black Activist Explains Why African-Americans Are Doing So Much Better Under Trump Than Obama



Conservative black activist Horace Cooper says there is a good reason the unemployment rate hit an all-time low last month for African-Americans — President Trump’s economic policies.

The unemployment rate fell to 6.8 percent in December, which is the lowest rate ever recorded by Labor Department in the 45 years it has been tracking the statistic.

Cooper — who is a member of the conservative, free-market African-American group Project 21 — told The Daily Signal not only is 6.8 percent the lowest unemployment rate on record, it also represents the narrowest gap between black and white Americans at 3.1 percentage points.

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Martin Luther King on the Limits of Civil Disobedience


Martin Luther King Jr.’s form of resistance cultivated a respect for divine and natural law. (Photo: Everett Collection/Newscom)


Peter C. Myers is a professor of political science at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, and author of “The Limits and Dangers of Civil Disobedience: The Case of Martin Luther King, Jr.”.”

More than most years, 2018 will be a year filled with remembrances of Martin Luther King Jr. because in it falls the 50th anniversary of King’s assassination.

It will also be a year filled with remembrances of 1968 itself as the culminating year of the 1960s, a year in which the country

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Martin Luther King Jr.’s Own Speechwriter Claims He’d Vehemently Opposed Illegal Immigration


By Rusty | Featured Contributor/

The Political Insider

With the border wall and DREAMers being the hot topic in Washington these days, it would seem pertinent to analyze what civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. might think about the debate.

Democrats and the Trump Administration have been battling over funding for the border wall and DACA, drawing lines in the sand and flip-flopping on their original stance.

For instance, Democrats are opposing border wall funding that they voted in the affirmative for just five years ago.

Trump, meanwhile, urged lawmakers to solve the problem of those in the country here under Obama’s illegal DACA program, saying he hopes they pass a “bill

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Letter Writer warns of PA Senate Bills 172 and 251


To All Pennsylvania Drivers:

This letter is a speed limit tutorial.

Tell your Senator and Representative to VOTE NO on PA Senate Bill 172, authorizing speed cameras in work zones and VOTE NO on PA Senate Bill 251, giving RADAR to municipal police departments.

The object of speed cameras and RADAR is not the facilitation of safe, efficient travel but rather the issuance of as many tickets as possible.

First, officials impose deliberately unrealistic, under-posted speed limits on most roads in order to frustrate and criminalize virtually all drivers all the time. To make driving an unpleasant, slow-motion grind.

The law in Pennsylvania requires that posted speed limits be set according to something called the “85th percentile” standard. This is a traffic safety

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