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Proposed End to Salvadoran TPS--Trump's Strategy

Trump is making a chess move that has to do with Democrats, DACA and the border wall. By Thomas Gallatin ·at ...

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Trump: Immigration Deal Has ‘Got to Include the Wall’

Fred Lucas / @FredLucasWH / The Daily Signal              President Donald Trump answers questions from reporters during a joint news conference with Prime Minister Erna ...

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Andrew Cuomo’s Insane Travel Ban is Hurting a Mississippi Baseball Team

~ Conservative Zone On April 5, 2016, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, Democrat, prohibited all non-essential travel to the state of ...

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'Justice investigation' of Clintons likely a sham!

Larry Klayman says AG's probe 'motivated only by his desire to keep his job' By Larry Klayman at Renew America Since ...

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Fake fire and fury

By Michael Oberndorf at Renew America The leftist propaganda machine has hit an absolute new low with Fire and Fury, ...

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WH Insiders: ‘Fire and Fury’ Book Claims are Absurd

                ~ Liberty Planet On January 6th, publisher Henry Holt and Company released the much-anticipated book “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump ...

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Senate Republicans: Defund Left-Wing Groups

By Richard McCarty at NetRight Daily and Americans for Limited Government In 1978, the US Labor Department created an occupational safety ...

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The Hollywood Hypocrisy Awards Show

Cowardly silence followed by moralizing lectures, all while continuing to churn out immoral filth. By Nate Jackson · at The Patriot ...

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FLASHBACK: That Time Obama Called Libya A ‘S**t Show’

BENNY JOHNSON Reporter At Large/dailycaller Following President Trump’s Thursday comments, it’s worth noting that former President Obama called the African country of ...

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TRUMP: I Didnt Say 'S***hole Nations'; 'Made Up' By Democrats

ByJOSEPH CURL @josephcurl/DailyWire President Trump on Friday denied that he said what every single news organization in the world says he said. The ...

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Wealthy New York City Elites Prepare to Leave the City Under de Blasio’s Tax Burden


109th Mayor of New York City

Wealthy New York City elites are preparing to flee the state because the Republican tax bill is going to make them face the full brunt of Mayor Bill de Blasio and Democrat state leadership’s tax rates.

“Everybody I speak to brings this up. Every NYC resident I speak to asks about the feasibility involved in doing it,” Wall Street tax expert Robert Willens told Yahoo Finance.

“I’ve been doing this more than 40 years, and never heard more discussion about relocating than recently.”

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Trump DOJ Anti-Trust Actions Media Mega-Mergers, May Protect First Amendment



By Rick Manning at NetRight Daily and Americans for Limited Government

The First Amendment to the Constitution protecting the right to engage in speech is fundamental to a free country. The past few years have seen multiple attempts by the Democratic Party and their far-left supporters to create a new definition of this right – the freedom from speech that one doesn’t like.

While this trend toward the left trying to redefine rights as being freedom from activity they don’t like is not new, it has taken hold as the dominant philosophy of the Democratic Party in the past few years. It was just in September of 2014, that Senate Democrats voted to repeal the First Amendment and replace it

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Dem Rep. Bobby Rush Sued for $1 Million to Collect Unpaid Loan for Church He Founded


Wellness center connected to church has received $17 million in gov’t grants

Rep. Bobby Rush / Getty Images

BY: / the Washington Free Beacon

Democratic representative Bobby Rush is being sued for $1 million after failing to make payments on a loan he received for a church he founded in his home district in Illinois.

A wellness center linked to the church has also collected more than $2.6 million in taxpayer-funded government grants in 2017 and more than $17 million in grants since 2008, according to records.

Rush founded the Beloved Community Christian Church, a nondenominational Christian church, in Chicago in 2002 with the intent of helping disadvantaged

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Is the CFPB run like the Mafia?


By Printus LeBlanc at NetRight Daily and Americans for Limited Government

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has been in the news a lot lately, mostly because the former head of the agency Richard Cordray stepped down. However, before stepping down, Cordray believed he had the right to pick his own successor and chose Leandra English. The President disagreed and has appointed Mick Mulvaney to rein in the out of control agency. There is currently a legal battle brewing over who is in charge with a federal judge ruling Mulvaney is acting director.

The CFPB was authorized in the 2010 Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. It was created as a result of the 2007-2008 financial crisis.

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Obama Allowed Hezbollah to Traffic Cocaine in U.S.


He thwarted a DEA operation so as to appease Iran to grease the skids for his legacy nuclear deal.

By Louis DeBroux · at The Patriot Post/

“The Obama administration has been remarkably scandal-free.” —New York Times faux conservative columnist David Brooks, Feb. 9, 2016

Scandal-free. That is a plausible claim … as long as you ignore the Fast and Furious gunrunning scandal, IRS targeting of conservative groups, trading five hardened terrorists for traitor Bowe Bergdahl, a private email server and use of aliases between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, Benghazi, NSA warrantless collection of every American’s private communications, etc., etc., etc.

But this latest bombshell may be the most shocking and egregious violation of the public trust yet.

As revealed in an

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Rosie O’Donnell’s Bribery ‘Joke’ Is No Laughing Matter


O’Donnell hoped to convince two Senate Republicans to abandon tax reform with a multimillion-dollar seduction.

By Jordan Candler · at The Patriot Post/

Tone-deaf celebrities harbor an immeasurable amount of hate toward Donald Trump and his agenda. There’s a way that society can protest and ruffle some feathers without succumbing to unjustified vitriol or even law-breaking, but the latter is happening more and more these days under the guise of “entertainment.” On Twitter this week, Rosie O’Donnell, a favorite target of Trump anyway, hoped to convince two Senate Republicans — Susan Collins and Jeff Flake — to abandon tax reform with a multimillion-dollar seduction. She called the tax reform package “criminal” before pledging “to give 2 million dollars to senator susan collins [sic] and

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Misandry rises: in defense of men


By Selwyn Duke at Renew America

“Don’t vote for men!” is the message of a recent campaign ad. Issued by Dana Nessel, Democratic attorney general contender in Michigan, what she literally says is, “Who can you trust most not to show you their [sic] penis in a professional setting?”

She answers that it’s the candidate who doesn’t have one.

Now, a person could easily go tit for tat (not that I’d ever consider such a thing!). Noting how some voters, addressing politicians’ pusillanimity, lament how we need leaders with “a pair,” one could ask “Who can you trust most to have a pair?” and answer “The candidate who by definition has one.”

But the anti-male bias animating Nessel has long

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Sexual Harassment Allegations Roil California Democrats


High-ranking Dems under fire as sexual harassment allegations proliferate

California Senate President pro Tempore Kevin de Leon / Getty Images

BY: /the Washington Free Beacon

Democrats in the California state capital are deeply divided over the need to punish colleagues for sexual harassment allegations, as party leaders in Sacramento have struggled for two months to respond to a spate of sexual-misconduct allegations.

Critics continue to blame State Senate President pro Tempore Kevin de Leon, a Democrat from Los Angeles and the highest-ranking lawmaker in the state, for failing to contain the political fallout from the allegations—both against himself and his party—and restore public confidence in the state legislature

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