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Smucker Statement on Executive Order Ending Family Separation

Smucker Statement on Executive Order Ending Family Separation Washington, D.C. – U.S. Rep. Lloyd Smucker (PA-16) issued the following statement after President ...

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Smucker Contacts DHS Secretary Nielsen Regarding Family Separation Policy

Smucker Contacts DHS Secretary Nielsen Regarding Family Separation Policy   Washington, D.C. – U.S. Rep. Lloyd Smucker (PA-16) has contacted Department of Homeland ...

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Barletta Statement on U.S. Withdrawal from UNHRC

Barletta Statement on U.S. Withdrawal from UNHRC   WASHINGTON – Congressman Lou Barletta (PA-11) today issued the following statement on the withdrawal of ...

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Bernstine Votes in Favor of No-Tax-Increase Budget

      FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE June 20, 2018   Bernstine Votes in Favor of No-Tax-Increase Budget HARRISBURG – Rep. Aaron Bernstine (R-Beaver/Butler/Lawrence) today released the following statement ...

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[Urgent] FAIR Needs YOU to Help Stop the Ryan Amnesty!

URGENT: FAIR Needs YOU to Help Stop the Ryan Amnesty!   After amnesty failed in the Senate back in February, now the ...

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STUDY: Washington, D.C. Has America's Highest Concentration Of Psychopaths

No surprise here. Samuel Corum/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images ByEMILY ZANOTTI/DailyWire You may be shocked to learn that, according to a recent study by Southern ...

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Chain Migration Turned This Small Penn. Town of 25,000 Upside Down

BY JOE SAUNDERS /WJ With the sudden interest of the national media in the families-separated-at-border storyline, the American immigration narrative is currently wound ...

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Sarah Sanders to Laura Bush: Trump Trying to Fix Law that Your Husband Signed

NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty  Charlie Spiering/Breitbart White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders responded to a sharply critical Washington Post op-ed penned by former First Lady Laura ...

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Trump is Far More Lenient on Immigration Than Critics Think

              ~ Liberty Planet With multiple immigration bills floating in Congress, Pres. Donald J. Trump has taken a firm stand about which ...

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DHS Secretary: Smugglers and Traffickers Are Using Illegal Minors as Pawns

By Melanie Arter | cnsnews DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen (Screenshot) ( - DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen pushed back Monday on claims that the administration ...

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WASHINGTON – Republican leaders are expressing fear that Alabama U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore will tarnish the GOP brand after four women were cited in a Washington Post report claiming the former judge dated them when he was in his 30s and they were teens, with one charging he initiated a sexual encounter when she was 14.

Moore is the Republican nominee in a special election Dec. 12 for the Alabama U.S. Senate seat vacated by Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

The Post, which endorsed Moore’s Democratic opponent, reported Tuesday one of the women claimed she went on several dates with Moore when she was 18, another said she was 17, a third said he asked her to date when she was

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New Democratic Spin Cycle: Launders Money, Gets Out The Toughest Sleaze!


Freedoms’s Back

The Democrats have two very different profiles. One is their public face of absolute moral purity. They’re just better people than Republicans.

That’s what you’re buying when you walk into the Democratic store: pure virtue. They’ve got nothing else on the shelves. No beef jerky, no wiper fluid, no Gatorade.

The other profile is reality: In the backroom, where the employees eat lunch, the Democrats and their fat-cat donors are committing unspeakably sleazy and immoral acts.

Everyone on the left knows this. That’s why, the moment Harvey Weinstein was exposed as a sexual predator, his reflexive response was not to apologize. Accused of

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How the Electoral College Helps Protect Against Voter Fraud


The Electoral College limits the effects of voter fraud in presidential races to a few swing states. (Photo: iStock Photos)


Tara Ross is a retired lawyer and author of several books, including “The Indispensable Electoral College: How the Founders’ Plan Saves Our Country from Mob Rule,” and “We Elect a President: The Story of Our Electoral College.”

“Our new Constitution is now established,” Benjamin Franklin wrote to a French physicist in 1789, “and has an appearance that promises permanency; but in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.”

Perhaps Franklin

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The real scandal in the Alabama senate race


By Selwyn Duke at Renew America

Scandals take many forms. If you could be transported back to antebellum times, for example, would you not find the desire to perpetuate the legal institution of slavery scandalous? This brings us to the Alabama special election to fill Jeff Sessions’ vacant Senate seat, a contest now front-and-center with the recent sex allegations made against GOP hopeful Judge Roy Moore. Moore denies the charges, but there are certain things that can’t be denied.

Democrat Doug Jones, Moore’s opponent, has some noteworthy positions. He’s pro-prenatal infanticide. It’s not a stance he took 40 years ago but has since abandoned, and it doesn’t mean he’s accused of once having kissed an underage girl.

It means he

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Video: Want to Stop These Massacres?


The Political Editors at The Patriot Post/

Commentator Bill Whittle argues, “It’s not like we don’t know how.” Just stop the media frenzy.

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James Woods: Not a Single NRA Member Has Ever Been Responsible for a Mass Shooting


While the National Rifle Association is frequently the target of criticism following a mass shooting, one popular conservative tweeted what he called the “actual facts” about the organization.

In the wake of Sunday’s church shooting in Sutherland Springs, Texas, actor James Woods used social media to link an Independent Journal Review article which suggested that no NRA member has been responsible for a mass shooting.

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Dems responsible for Texas church murders


By Rev. Austin Miles at Renew America

SUTHERLAND SPRINGS, Texas-11/10/17 – Communists and the Democratic Party are one and the same. We have Communists in virtually every area of the government of The United States. It strains credulity as to how they were able to get into those positions. Simple – now that you’ve wondered – they had inside help….from our own countrymen.

It was known from the beginning that Communists saw Christians and the church as a foe they had to abolish since a Christian’s mind cannot be enslaved. So in the beginning, Lennon and Stalin began closing churches to get them out of sight proclaiming that Christianity is the opium of the masses and this sabotages their usefulness

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SHOCKING: New Results Show ‘Racist White Conservatives’ Aren’t The Problem, The REAL Results Have The Congressional Black Caucus Scrambling


by enVolve

America’s urban communities need a reformation. So why do they keep electing Democrats whose progressive policies hold them hostage on the plantation of liberal ideology?

Every week a prominent Democrat is in the news labeling their opposition as racist as if it is some sort of sport. Do you support school choice that helps struggling black parents end generational poverty? Racist. Call out black crime rates that disproportionately claim black victims? Racist. Criticize the welfare state that keeps black people hooked on government handouts? Racist. Are you a Republican? Automatic racist. And if you’re a black conservative like I am, it’s even

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