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President Trump’s Approval Rating Hits 52 Percent

                  Liberty Planet The longest ever government shutdown and a raging debate over the wall didn’t do much harm to President Donald ...

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Learning From Lincoln

Ed Feulner / @EdFeulner / The Daily Signal It was, in large measure, President Abraham Lincoln's deep understanding of the Constitution that enabled him ...

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Unearthed Letter From George Washington Praises God for Ratification of Constitution

Too cool! By John Salvatore/flagandcross After spending decades in a private collection, a resurfaced letter written by America’s first president praises God ...

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William Barr Is Our New Attorney General. Here Are 4 Things He Should Focus on Right Away

Hans von Spakovsky / @HvonSpakovsky / Cully Stimson / @cullystimson / The Daily Signal Attorney General William Barr says he intends to ensure that the Justice Department ...

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McCabe admits his treason!

By Sher Zieve at Renew America In a move that veritably boggles the mind, fired FBI'er Andrew McCabe has admitted his ...

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“Onward Together”: Inside Hillary’s Latest Political Tax Scandal

 COREY LYNN — Freedom Outpost Most people are aware that “Onward Together” is a political organization to raise funds for the Democratic party, ...

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REPORT: Indisputable Proof Obama Admin, FBI, & Hillary Colluded to Protect Her Campaign

Hey, MSM – where you at? By John Salvatore/flaggandcross When Americans hear the word “collusion” their minds instantly think Trump and Russia. Of ...

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Report: It Looks Like the Government Failed to Act on Hillary Money-Laundering

The Federalist  Margot Cleveland/ The Hollywood Conservative Tuesday evening the Committee to Defend the President (CDP) filed a motion in a ...

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Senate Intel Committee Clears Trump of Russian Collusion

                Conservative Zone After two years, more than 200 interviews, 300,000 pages of documents and more than $30 million spent on the ...

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Why Johnny Still Can't Read

Because of shortcomings in how teachers are educated, children are failing to learn essential skills. By Martin Cothran                                           In 1955, prompted ...

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Now Is the Time!


Facebook APN Website Twitter Now Is the Time! It’s Time to Unite and Say, ‘We Will Stand’

Do you feel it?It’s a sense of urgency after this historic election. And here at the American Pastors Network, we feel our nation has been given a very small window of opportunity for true renewal.

Pastors and churches will be a key component to restoration and revival in America, so we’re urgently asking you to unite with us and say, “We Will Stand.”

We need your name added to this initiative that will mobilize and encourage pastors to preach biblical truth and unite

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Berks students featured in Argall’s latest television program


For Immediate Release November 22, 2016 Berks students featured in Argall’s latest television program SPRING TOWNSHIP – Senator David G. Argall’s (R-Schuylkill/Berks) television program for November features the highlights from Argall’s recent student government seminar held at Penn State Berks. “The Argall Report” provides viewers with a 30 minute recap of Argall’s “Senator for a Day” event that included 50 students from five Berks County school districts. “The topics are reflective of the issues under review in the state Capitol,” Argall said. “The questions asked and points made by students are very much a reflection of the same stances seen in Harrisburg on critical issues.” Berks Catholic, Fleetwood, Hamburg, Schuylkill Valley and Tulpehocken all participated in this year’s student government program. This year

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FLASHBACK: In 2007, Keith Ellison Compared 9/11 Attacks to Reichstag Fire



Rep. Keith Ellison (D., Minn.), a candidate to be the new chair of the Democratic National Committee, made remarks in 2007 comparing the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks to the Reichstag fire that helped bring Adolf Hitler to power in Nazi Germany.

In the video clipped by America Rising, Ellison said that the 9/11 attacks led to greater discrimination against religious minorities in the U.S. The Reichstag fire was a 1933 arson attack on the German Parliament that is viewed as a key event in the rise of Hitler.

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DHS shuts down aerial surveillance on border


By / at Watchdog photo

DARKENED OPS: A Texas-based UH-72 helicopter assigned to Operation Phalanx prepares to lift off for the Mexican border.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security quietly shut down Operation Phalanx, an aerial surveillance program that intercepts drugs and illegal crossings along the Mexican border.

Rep. Henry Cuellar, D-Laredo, vows to challenge DHS’s move, saying Congress provided “full funding” for 2017.

Cuellar, a member of the House Appropriations Committee and the Homeland Security Subcommittee, is drafting a letter to DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson protesting the shutdown.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and Cuellar challenged Johnson

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The Facts About the Dakota Access Pipeline That Protesters Don’t Want You to Know



Rep. Kevin Cramer is the U.S. representative for North Dakota’s at-large district. He serves on the House Committee on Energy and Commerce.

A mix of 2,000-plus indigenous and nonindigenous water protectors rally in Foley Square, a park across the street from the Army Corps of Engineers who temporarily halted the Dakota Access pipeline’s construction, Nov. 16, 2016, New York City. (Photo: Pacific Press/Sipa USA /Newscom)

For more than three months, thousands of protesters, most of them from out of state, have illegally camped on federal land in Morton County, North Dakota, to oppose the construction of a legally permitted oil pipeline project that is 85 percent complete.


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New Jersey’s pension nightmare


Photo: AP

New Jersey is in serious trouble: For the 10th time since Gov. Chris Christie took office, Standard & Poor’s last week downgraded the state’s credit rating.

This, after it had already changed its outlook for the state from “stable” to “negative.”

The moves will speed up Trenton’s fiscal death spiral by boosting borrowing costs, which will make it harder to make ends meet and address the state’s long-term “structural” budget gap.

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The Chicago Way


Mayor (of murder capital USA) Rahm Emanuel says to illegal immigrants, you are safe to break the law in Chicago. Cartoon by A.F. Branco ©2016. Read more at

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Memo: Google’s Eric Schmidt Working Directly With the Clinton Campaign


‘Discreet conversations’ also started with Facebook, Apple in 2014

BY: /the Washington Free Beacon

Joe Schoffstall is a staff writer for the Washington Free Beacon.

Eric Schmidt / AP


Eric Schmidt, the chief executive of Alphabet, Google’s parent company, is working directly with Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, according to a memo contained within an email released by WikiLeaks.

“Discreet conversations” of forming “working relationships” with companies such as Facebook and Apple were also facilitated as early as October 2014, the memo stated. This is at least six months prior to when Clinton announced her candidacy for president.

The document was attached to an Oct. 26, 2014 email

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