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35 Mind Blowing Facts About America That Previous Generations Of Americans Never Would Have Believed

 MICHAEL SNYDER — Freedom Outpost The only thing that seems to be constant in our society is change, and today America is changing ...

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A Close Look at the New Radical Muslim Agenda in America

                American Liberty Report Have you heard? Congress has more women serving right now than ever before! Apparently, that’s because America is ...

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Image credit: Wikimedia Commons | CC BY 2.0

AOC's Green New Deal Is a U.S. Version of Mao’s Disastrous Great Leap Forward

Support for this proposal demonstrates a profound ignorance of even basic economic concepts. Image credit: Wikimedia Commons | CC BY 2.0 By ...

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Trump’s Agenda Is a Winning Formula for Black America

By Star Parker                                                         @ The Daily Signal My fellow Americans. Given that the Democratic Party chose to select a recently defeated political candidate ...

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Why Affordable Housing Is So Hard to Find in America’s Big Cities

To make housing affordable, policymakers need to remove the things that are making it unaffordable now: excessive regulations. By John Phelan                ...

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Green Is the New Red – From Capitalism to Socialism

By Stephen Moore | cnsnews WASHINGTON, DC - FEBRUARY 07: U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) speaks as Sen. Ed Markey (D-MA) (R) and ...

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Green New Deal More Proof Left Intends to ‘Fundamentally Transform’ US

Cal Thomas / @CalThomas / The Daily Signal Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's, D-N.Y., Green New Deal is just one example of how once-extreme ideas ...

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What Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Could Learn from G.K. Chesterton

Once in power, democratic socialists cease to be democratic.   By Chuck Chalberg                                   G. K. Chesterton (1874-1936) and H. L. Mencken (1880-1956) ...

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Democrats Release Green New Deal. Here’s What’s in It.

By Michael Bastasch                                       of The Daily Signal New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez released a resolution that outlines the “Green New Deal” ...

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There’s Nothing New About the Green New Deal

Jarrett Stepman / @JarrettStepman / The Daily Signal Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., and Sen. Ed Markey, D-Mass., right, announce their Green New Deal resolution ...

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How Federal Missteps Make the Case to Transfer Public Lands to States, Localities



Marjorie Haun / / from The Daily Signal

A forest fire on national parkland in Washington state in 2014 overtook a young black bear, seriously burning its front paws. This little bear, which would gain world renown, crawled on its elbows out of the massive Carlton Complex fire on land managed by the U.S. Forest Service.

Later named Cinder, the malnourished and horribly burned bear was rescued and treated by wildlife officials and volunteers.

After months of medical care and physical rehabilitation, officials last Junereleased Cinder into the federally managed Black Bear Rehabilitation Center near Boise, Idaho.

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Redoubt: Northwest a Haven for Dismayed Americans


By Chuck Holton at CBN News

CBN News Reporter

NORTHERN IDAHO — You don’t hear the word “redoubt” used very much anymore. It means a “fortress” or a “safe, protected place.”

Some conservative American Christians are so dismayed with direction of the country that they’re looking for a safe place for their families. They call it the “American Redoubt.”

Alarm over the future of America can be seen almost daily in the headlines and on cable news. The loss of privacy, constitutional freedoms, and out-of-control government spending are just a few of the reasons sending shock waves across the country.

For Christians, there are even bigger concerns. Religious persecution is on the rise, and that’s leading many

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Has America’s social fabric been torn asunder?


By Rick Manning at NetRight Daily and Americans for Limited Government

The government depends upon mass, voluntary compliance with the law for it to be able to enforce the rules on society as a whole.

Simple things like a general agreement that if the speed limit says 55 miles per hour, that we will travel somewhere in the general proximity of that posting, with the outliers risking a ticket.

The understanding that we drive on the right hand side of the road and that slower vehicles stay to the far right on multi-lane highways make the free flow of traffic possible

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Why These High School girls Don’t Want a Transgender Student in Their Locker Room


The U.S. government pressured a high school in Palatine, Ill., to give a student who was born male, but identifies as a female, unrestricted access to the girls’ locker room. (Photo: Think Stock)

Speaking out, they knew, could make them the public face of a very private issue.

It could lead their classmates to call them “bigots,” “insensitive,” and “homophobes.”

But after seeing their high school back down to threats that the U.S. Department of Education would strip away federal funding, and watching school officials overrule their parents, a group of six high school girls in Cook County, Ill., decided to speak out.

On Dec. 7, before

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PC Is About Control, Not Etiquette


By— Jeff Deist at Mises Daily


[This article appears in the November–December 2015 issue of The Austrian.]

I’d like to speak today about what political correctness is, at least in its modern version, what it is not, and what we might do to fight against it.

To begin, we need to understand that political correctness is not about being nice. It’s not simply a social issue, or a subset of the culture wars.

It’s not about politeness, or inclusiveness, or good manners. It’s not about being respectful toward your fellow humans, and it’s not about being sensitive or caring or avoiding hurt feelings and unpleasant slurs.

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What the Constitution Really Says About Race and Slavery


Referring to slavery, Abraham Lincoln wrote, “Thus, the thing is hid away, in the Constitution, just as an afflicted man hides away a wen or a cancer, which he dares not cut out at once, lest he bleed to death.” (Photo: Gary Cameron/Reuters/Newscom)

Commentary By

David Azerrad devotes his time and research to increasing public understanding of America’s founding principles. As director of The Heritage Foundation’s B. Kenneth Simon Center for Principles and Politics, he teaches the tenets of the American political tradition to policymakers, political leaders and the public at large, while connecting our founding principles to

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2015: Obama’s Transformative Year



By Rick Manning at NetRight Daily and Americans for Limited Government

2015 may be remembered as the year when the world finally was turned upside down with actions once deemed so bizarre that they would never even be considered becoming the norm, and the formerly accepted norm being shouted down by a mob that imposes its version of correctness.

Below are eight shake-my-head events from 2015 that are straight out of what is becoming the new normal in Obama’s post-constitutional America.

1) The State of Oregon took every dollar from the bank accounts of the Oregon bakers who ran afoul of the gay marriage lobby by refusing to provide a wedding cake for a lesbian couple seeking

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Watch and learn from Canada’s experience!



LVC Staff ( Video from Canada’s Sun News)


Gun Control, Background checks, Gun-owner registry, Licenses, Excessive Insurance Requirements and all the other plots to disarm Americans. Watch this video from Sun News Canada to learn from their experience.

With Big Government Dictators and Muslim Terrorists threatening our Liberty and very Lives–Do you really want to give up your God given right to protect yourself and your family? Remember the First and Second Amendments to our Constitution is what protects all of our Liberties!

Watch this video at Preview YouTube video Canadian News Anchor Gives Warning To American Gun Owners

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