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Lehigh Valley Commentator E-paper

    Dear readers of the Lehigh Valley Commentator E-paper, The E-paper site has been temporarily suspended until further notice. Our popular quarterly print ...

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Judges Seated by Trump Begin to Transform ‘9th Circus’

Fred Lucas / @FredLucasWH / The Daily Signal Protesters gather outside the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Seattle on May 15, ...

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Tlaib Said Trump Should Be Deported in 2015

News Commentary By Rusty | Featured Contributor | ThePoliticalInsider Rep. Rashida Tlaib, responding to an article about then-candidate Donald Trump’s proposal to close borders in ...

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Is The Presidency Getting Too Attractive?

If we can reduce the power of the presidency to constitutional levels, it may not be worth the effort for ...

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The Economic Cost of Cuban Socialism

Cuba has a sad history. It traded a regular dictatorship for a communist dictatorship six decades ago, and the results ...

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WaPo Gives Booker Four Pinocchios for Voter Suppression Claim

'The most likely explanation for the loss was that Hillary Clinton was on the ballot' Sen. Cory Booker/ Getty Images Zach ...

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Steve Moore in the Wall Street Journal: Counter Inequality With Private Social Security Accounts

  BY STEVE MOORE AND JEFF YASS/ FREEDOMWORKS Originally Published in The Wall Street Journal by Steve Moore and Jeff Yass on 7/26/19. Democratic presidential candidates ...

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Mexicans Want Illegal Immigrants Deported

                Conservative Zone The previous goodwill of the Mexican people has run its course as criminals and desperately poor migrants from Central ...

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Newspaper defends Baltimore with Orkin rat rating list

Baltimore Sun/GOPUSA   It’s true: Baltimore ranked No. 9 on Orkin’s list of American cities with the worst rat problems in 2018. But so is ...

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Federal Judge Orders Deportation Of DACA Recipient For Smuggling Illegal Aliens

DCwire By Daily Caller/ThePoliticalInsider A federal judge ordered the deportation Monday of a Mexican national living in Laredo, Texas, under the DACA program, ...

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Fidel Castro, Media Darling


Analysis: Liberal media, politicians praise dead dictator

BY: / the Washington Free Beacon

Bill McMorris is a staff writer for the Washington Free Beacon.

Fidel Castro in 1988 / AP

On November 25, 2016, Black Friday here in the United States, the world said farewell to a “fiery apostle,” a “spiritual beacon,” a “charismatic icon,” and a model “of wit and clarity” who led a “joyful, raucous, and brash” movement that even “critics praised [for its] advances in health care and in education.” Fidel Castro died of an undisclosed illness at age 90, sending residents of his fortress state into nine days of

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Wagner: ‘I will not be a rubber stamp for waste’


Senator Scott Wagner

Wagner: ‘I will not be a rubber stamp for waste’ (column) Scott Wagner 8:31 a.m. EST November 30, 2016 Click here for the original source –

I am writing in response to Carl Huber’s letter to the editor (“Scott Wagner playing Scrooge this holiday,” Nov. 28).

Unfortunately, the call center employees have become political hostages of Gov. Wolf – so don’t blame me or my senate colleagues.

I was elected as a Pennsylvania state senator to do a job. I am expected to do my job. I will not be a rubber stamp for waste, fraud and abuse in Harrisburg.

There is an alarming amount of taxpayer money being wasted in Harrisburg. I

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Operation Rescue Report


Thankful: Late-term Abortionist Carhart Calls it Quits in Maryland!

November 24, 2016

Germantown, MD – Abortionist LeRoy Carhart will no longer be conducting abortions at Germantown Reproductive Health Services (GRHS), an abortion facility in Germantown, Maryland, that has until now provided abortions throughout all nine months of pregnancy. According to local sources, Carhart’s last abortions in Maryland took place during the week of October 30, 2016. He returned to GRHS on November 8, but stayed only a few hours, sending several very late-term patients home without abortions. He left later in the afternoon and never returned.

“The fact that Carhart will no longer be aborting babies in Maryland is something to be grateful for this Thanksgiving. We congratulate our co-laborers at the Maryland

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Pastors: It’s Time to Say, ‘We Will Stand’


It’s a feeling that is palpable.

Pastors around the nation know that the recent election means that a very small window of opportunity has been opened for real change in America.

That’s why the American Pastors Network (APN, been communicating to pastors and churches about “We Will Stand,” a new initiative where pastors can sign a pledge to preach biblical truth and stand for truth in the public square.

“God has given us a stay, so what can we do with that gift?” asks APN President Sam Rohrer. “God answered the pleas and the prayers of His people and provided a reprieve. His continued blessing will be linked directly to our level of obedience. We will very easily return to the

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Religious Liberty Protections Stripped From NDAA


Melanie Israel / /at The Daily Signal

Melanie Israel is a research associate for the DeVos Center for Religion & Civil Society at The Heritage Foundation.

The amendment, offered by Rep. Steve Russell, R-Okla., was originally included in the House-passed version of the NDAA and applies decades-old religious exemptions from Title VII of the Civil Rights Act (1964) and the Americans with Disabilities Act (1990) to federal grants and contracts. (Photo: John Greim/John Greim Photography/Newscom)

Congress may have just removed an important religious liberty provision from a major bill.

Reports have surfaced that House and Senate members of the conference committee negotiating the final version of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) have caved to the Obama administration’s Continue reading…

Soros-Funded Group Pushing ‘Sanctuary Campus’ Anti-Trump Protests


The demonstrations are billed as being led by students

BY: /the Washington Free Beacon.

Joe Schoffstall is a staff writer for the Washington Free Beacon.

Hundreds of University of Texas students march through downtown Austin in protest of Donald Trump’s presidential victory / AP

An organization that has received funding from liberal billionaire George Soros is pushing anti-Donald Trump student protests that call for sanctuary campuses to protect undocumented students.

Thousands of students at more than 80 college campuses have participated in “sanctuary campus” protests, CBS Newsreported. Students have signed petitions and walked out of classes at their universities “in support of undocumented classmates.”

The protests are billed as though

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Defend My Privacy Organization’s Report


Forward | Donate | Share:

We Stood Up to Pennsylvania’s Bathroom Bill Bully


Dear Citizens,


Nobody likes a bully. For the last year and a half, that’s exactly what our Defend My Privacy Coalition had to deal with. And no, I’m not talking about Governor Tom Wolf, even though his #1 non-budget priority was to see his Bathroom Bill pass.


Back in 2015, the bully came to Pennsylvania. Named “Pennsylvania Competes,” this bully is a group of insiders and influential lobbyists that was created and paid for using out-of-state money specifically targeting our state as the next place to force these laws upon.


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The Very Liberal Views of the Leading DNC Chairman Contender


By Fred Lucas / /at The Daily Signal

Fred Lucas is the White House correspondent for The Daily Signal.

Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minn., is the leading contender to be the chairman of the Democratic National Committee. (Photo: Pat Benic/UPI/Newscom)

The leading candidate to be the next chairman of the Democratic National Committee, Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minn., has said he wants the Democratic Party to come out against the Second Amendment, compared the 9/11 attacks to the Nazi Reichstag fire, and was affiliated with the controversial Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam.

“We’re not broke. There’s plenty of money, it’s just the government doesn’t have it,” @keithellison says.

Ellison, the co-chairman of the Congressional Progressive Caucus and supporter of Vermont Sen. Bernie

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