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'Noble purpose,' terror famine, and continuing influence of the 'greatest liar'

  By Toby Westerman at Renew America Red Famine, the latest book by Soviet/Russian expert Anne Applebaum, skillfully combines the hard facts ...

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Breaking: DOJ Turns Over 1.2 Million Documents Related to 2016 Election to House Intel Committee

 by Jim Hoft /The Gateway Pundit The Department of Justice turned over some of the 1.2 MILLION documents requested by lawmakers this ...

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Tech Totalitarians

"The federal government is no longer the main threat to your privacy and to your freedoms. Big corporations are." By Arnold ...

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Project Veritas Bombshell: Twitter Engineers Explain How They 'Shadow Ban' Conservatives

BY DEBRA HEINE /PJ Media No, you weren't being paranoid. Everything you ever suspected about Twitter censoring right-wing opinions through "shadow bans" is ...

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Uranium One Indictment Unsealed By DOJ

 TIM BROWN —  FreedomOutpost. On Friday, the Justice Department unsealed an 11-count indictment concerning the Uranium One scandal.  Sadly, it did not include former Secretary ...

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Right-to-Work Advocate Blames Unions’ Legal Threats for Loss

Kevin Mooney / @KevinMooneyDC / The Daily Signal  Union members dominate those watching the Sussex County Council hold a hearing on the right-to-work measure ...

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Number of High School Students Who Have Had Sex Drops

Tony Perkins / @tperkins /The Daily Signal Most young people support saving sex for marriage. Most of them don't like the idea of ...

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White House Doctor: President Trump in 'Excellent Health'

WILLIAM STEAKIN | IJR Nicholas Kamm /Getty Images Following his first physical exam since taking office, the White House physician pronounced President Donald Trump to ...

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The dangerous case of Bandy Lee: Examining the mental health of the mental health examiners

By Linda Goudsmit at Renew America The Democrats are desperate. They have been trying to derail, discredit, and destroy President ...

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Here’s the History of the 25th Amendment

Jarrett Stepman / @JarrettStepman /The Daily Signal Activists are calling for using the 25th Amendment to remove President Donald Trump from office. (Photo: ...

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Governors Pardon Immigrants Convicted of Serious Crimes to halt Deportation


From Judicial Watch

While the nation was preoccupied celebrating the holidays, the governors of two major states pardoned immigrants convicted of serious crimes to shield them from deportation. First, California Governor Jerry Brown pardoned two men on the verge of being deported for committing crimes in the U.S., according to a Sacramento news report. Days later, New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo pardoned 18 immigrants convicted of serious crimes so they could remain in the country. The foreigners had obtained legal immigration status in the United States but committed such abhorrent crimes that they faced removal after the completion of their criminal sentence. An official statement issued by the governor’s office refers to the pardoned as “contributing

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The ‘Dreamers’ Have No Right to Demand Anything


Peter Parisi / The Daily Signal

Demonstrators have protested President Donald Trump’s decision to end DACA, an Obama-era policy that delayed deportation for young illegal immigrants. (Photo: Orit Ben-Ezzer/Zuma Press/Newscom)

Commentary By

Peter Parisi is an editor and writer for The Daily Signal.


Nearly 200 protesters were arrested on the steps of the Capitol at a rally in December.

The occasion? Thousands had gathered there to demand that Congress pass “Dream Act” legislation to protect from deportation young “undocumented” immigrants brought to this country by their illegal-alien parents.

Many of those who took part in that demonstration—as well as in an encampment on the National Mall and in a series of sit-ins in congressional offices—are themselves

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PRO-LIFE WIN ON HORIZON: First State Set To Be Abortion Clinic Free





Thanks to the tireless effort from brave pro-life advocates, voters, and politicians, there are a total of seven states that have only one abortion clinic left: Mississippi, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Missouri, West Virginia, and Kentucky.

In Kentucky, the pro-life movement and mothers and their babies are on the cusp of another major victory: ridding the state entirely of the death clinics.

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War in the classroom


By Tabitha Korol at Renew America

The year was 2011, and a freshman in Newton South High School, in Newton, Massachusetts, asked her father if it was true that the “Israeli occupation forces” had “imprisoned, tortured and killed” hundreds of Arabic women who had been “active in the Palestinian resistant movement.” Her father, Tony Pagliuso, asked for the source of this misinformation. It was her 540-page Arab World Studies Notebook, a highly explosive textbook filled with fabrications, shown to contribute, at least in part, to the marked decrease, from 84 to 57 percent, in student sympathy for Israel. In another textbook, The Cultural Landscape: An Introduction to Human Geography, a question reads, “If a Palestinian suicide bomber kills

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Shooting Down Fake News About Guns


Some media lowlights from 2017 and a reminder to stay vigilant in the new year too.

By Nate Jackson · at The Patriot Post/

The New Year, as with every year, will require vigilance on the part of Liberty-lovers. In particular, we expect the Second Amendment will remain under assault by those who claim to love safety. Much of that assault comes from a dishonest Leftmedia propaganda machine dedicated to advancing Democrat policies of gun control. What better way to do that than to fill papers, airwaves, TV news and websites full of fake news meant to scare people? Courtesy of Emily Miller, author of Emily Gets Her Gun, here are a few such stories from 2017.

Some stories are spun from

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Dem Lawmaker Hit With Justice, Pleads Guilty to Assaulting Well-Known Gun Rights Activist



Katherine Rogers/Facebook

Democratic New Hampshire State Rep. Katherine Rogers pleaded guilty to assault and was sentenced Friday stemming from a confrontation that occurred in November 2016, according to The New Hampshire Union Leader.

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Was the Democrat-funded Steele dossier a basis of the FBI’s Trump-Russia investigation?


By Robert Romano at NetRight Daily and Americans for Limited Government

It was not the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton campaign funded Fusion GPS-Christopher Steele junk dossier in 2016 that caused the FBI investigation of the Trump campaign, but George Papadopoulos’ meetings with suppose Russian agents to obtain “dirt” on Hillary Clinton.

That is the narrative now being fed by the mainstream media. According to the New York Times’ “bombshell” report published on Dec. 30, 2017, “when leaked Democratic emails began appearing online, Australian officials passed the information about Mr. Papadopoulos to their American counterparts, according to four current and former American and foreign officials with direct knowledge of the Australians’ role.”

So, let’s take a look at the

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Baltimore sets troubling new murder record






A surge of homicides in the starkly divided city resulted in 343 killings in 2017, bringing the annual homicide rate to its highest ever — roughly 56 killings per 100,000 people. Baltimore, which has shrunk over decades, currently has about 615,000 inhabitants.

“Not only is it disheartening, it’s painful,” Mayor Catherine Pugh told the Associated Press during the final days of 2017, her first year in office.

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