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End the EPA’s ‘Ancillary’ Ploy Justifying Excessive Regulations

Daren Bakst / @darenbakst / The Daily Signal The EPA appears to be rejecting a scheme that has led to some of the ...

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 ENERGY Michael Bastasch | Energy Editor/DC The federal regulatory apparatus imposed a roughly $14,600 “hidden tax” on American households in 2018, according ...

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Top House Democrat Steny Hoyer Spearheads Campaign To Give Congress a Pay Raise

  By Makenna Baird /WJ House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer advocated for a cost-of-living pay raise to lawmaker salaries, which have been frozen ...

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Vandals Hit Pennsylvania Church with Pro-Abortion Graffiti

Notre Dame de Lourdes Alumni Association/Facebook JOSHUA CAPLAN/Breitbart News Network  Law enforcement is investigating the defacement of a Roman Catholic Church in ...

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Taxpayers have a New Friend in the Pennsylvania Senate

Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania Taxpayers have a New Friend in the Pennsylvania Senate In addition to the primary elections on May 21st, ...

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Mike's Memo Week of May 27, 2019

    View this email in a browser Welcome to"Mike's Memo," an update on what's happening in the 48th Senatorial District and the State ...

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Never Forgotten

Memorial Day is not about mattress sales, cookouts, discounted linens, or an extra day off work. Roger Helle · at the ...

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Washington At War: 4 Skirmishes Between Trump and the Democrats

                  ~ Conservative Zone Democrats vowed to resist and obstruct Pres. Donald J. Trump even before he took the oath of office. ...

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Russia Dismisses Election Interference As Proof Is Found

DeSantis: Russians hacked two Florida voter databases ahead of 2016 election Gov. Ron DeSantis / Getty Images BY: Haris Alic /Washington Free ...

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The Russia Hoax Is Serious. Keep It Simple.

Chris Stigall at Townhall The opinions expressed by columnists are their own and do not represent the views of Source: ...

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Judicial Watch Statement on Supreme Court ‘One-Person, One-Vote’ Evenwel Ruling


From Judicial Watch

(Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch reacted to today’s ruling by the United States Supreme Court in finding that the “one-person, one-vote” principle under the Equal Protection Clause allows States to use total population only, rather than voter population, when apportioning state voting districts. Judicial Watch said that the decision was “political” and would “not stand the test of time.”

The Supreme Court ruled this morning unanimously that Texas was constitutionally justified in drawing state electoral districts based on total population.

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton stated:

The Supreme Court’s Evenwel decision undermines the principle of “one man, one vote.” The decision will encourage politicians to fill their legislative districts with more non-citizens and fewer voting

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Philadelphia Hit With Lawsuit for Concealing Election Records


City has failed to provide information on possible non-citizen voters


BY: at the Washington Free Beacon

The city of Philadelphia is being sued in federal court for refusing to provide information about possible non-citizen voters.

The Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF), a firm based out of Indiana, filed a lawsuit on April 4 on behalf of the American Civil Rights Union (ACRU), an Alexandria, Va.-based election integrity group, against the Philadelphia City Commissioners for their failure to respond to inquiries about voter roll maintenance

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San Francisco State University Investigating ‘Cultural Appropriation’ Incident Captured on Video


Student physically confronts peer because of his hairstyle

BY: at The Washington Free Beacon

San Francisco State University is investigating a spat captured on video during which a black female student physically confronted a white male student over the “cultural appropriation” suggested by his hairstyle.

A spokesman for the university said that school police were called to the scene of the incident, which was captured on video Monday afternoon. A black female student was seen verbally assaulting and grabbing a while male peer on campus in a disagreement over his dreadlocks hairstyle, the video posted to YouTube showed.

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16 Democrat AGs Begin Inquisition Against ‘Climate Change Disbelievers’


New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman speaks alongside former Vice President Al Gore. Neither Gore nor the “AGs United for Clean Power” has any concern over the First Amendment or the stifling of scientific debate. (Photo: Reuters/Mike Segar/Newscom)

Commentary By

Hans von Spakovsky is an authority on a wide range of issues—including civil rights, civil justice, the First Amendment, immigration, the rule of law and government reform—as a senior legal fellow in The Heritage Foundation’s Edwin Meese III Center for Legal and Judicial Studies and manager of the think tank’s Election Law Reform Initiative. Read his

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6 Reasons Not to Celebrate Obamacare’s 6th Anniversary



6 Reasons Not to Celebrate Obamacare’s 6th Anniversary

Problems Persist as Health Care System Flounders

HARRISBURG, Pa.—Lower costs? Improved access? Promises made—and broken—in the six years since Obamacare became law on March 23, 2010.

“The past six years have not brought the health care fixes promised to Pennsylvanians,” commented Elizabeth Stelle, director of policy analysis for the Commonwealth Foundation. “In fact, we’ve seen just the opposite—higher costs, less access, and lower quality care.”

Stelle provided six reasons Pennsylvanians won’t be blowing kazoos for this anniversary.

Higher Costs – Pennsylvania insurers asked for approval to hike premiums by up to

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Press Release from PA House of Representatives



PA Rep. Daryl Metcalfe

Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Ty McCauslin



April 12, 2016

Pennsylvania Must Join with Majority of States in Restoring Right to Work

HARRISBURG — State lawmakers, leaders from organizations across the Commonwealth and other individuals dedicated to making Pennsylvania America’s next right-to-work state officially reintroduced the Pennsylvania Open Workforce Initiative (House Bills 1750-55) on Tuesday.


“With the recent addition of neighboring West Virginia, there are now more right-to-work states in the U.S. than compulsory-union states,” said Representative Daryl Metcalfe (R-Butler). “The governor can mislead all he wants about the so-called structural deficit or the need for recurring revenue (massive tax increases), but

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Survey: Montanans support transferring public lands to the state


LVC Note: The Federal Government’s aggressive tactics in taking state land has been a big issue and getting bigger. We have reported on this recently, both on the E-paper and print paper. The Nevada and Oregon incidents come to mind.

Conservatism and civil society

By at

With federal control of Montana’s public lands growing more contentious due to questionable decisions by the feds, a majority of residents are now looking for an on-site manager.

A recent survey conducted by the University of Montana and Stanford University found that a clear majority of Montana residents now support transferring some public lands, which are controlled by

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Politicians Behaving Badly, Or Dumber And Dumber, Part II


U.S. Senator Toomey

From the Lehigh Valley 9/12 Project Tea Party Second Amendment Committee

Senator Pat Toomey (R-PA) is running a pro-gun control ad in hopes of attracting Democrat voters in the buildup to Pennsylvania’s April 26 Primary, according to report.


“According to the Associated Press, the ad is narrated by gun control proponent Nancy Grogran, a board member of CeasefirePA (known to 2A readers as a subversive organization that, along with the likes of Barack Hussein Obama, is trying to undermine our American rights). The ad is only running in certain areas of the state and appears focused on creating space between Toomey and pro-gun GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump,” notes the update.


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