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What Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Could Learn from G.K. Chesterton

Once in power, democratic socialists cease to be democratic.   By Chuck Chalberg                                   G. K. Chesterton (1874-1936) and H. L. Mencken (1880-1956) ...

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Democrats Release Green New Deal. Here’s What’s in It.

By Michael Bastasch                                       of The Daily Signal New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez released a resolution that outlines the “Green New Deal” ...

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There’s Nothing New About the Green New Deal

Jarrett Stepman / @JarrettStepman / The Daily Signal Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., and Sen. Ed Markey, D-Mass., right, announce their Green New Deal resolution ...

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WATCH: Ben Stein Unleashes On AOC, Compares Her Promises to Those of Hitler & Stalin

Epic smackdown! By John Salvatore/flagandcross Economist, lawyer, and actor Ben Stein is not a fan of Democrat Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (NY). Stein declared ...

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Why ‘Medicare for All’ Would Be Bad News for Everyone

Robert Moffit / from The Daily Signal The House and Senate "Medicare for All" bills would abolish Medicare. (Photo: Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images) COMMENTARY ...

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Cartoon: White Wing Extremist

By A.F. Branco at Americans for Limited Government Click here for a higher-level resolution version.

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Only 13 Percent Want ‘Medicare for All’ If It Means End of Private Insurance

By Ivan Pentchoukov                                         of The Epoch Times Just 13 percent of Americans would support the idea of “Medicare for All” if ...

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United States Senator Capito's Report

Friends, I hope you had a chance to catch President Trump’s State of the Union address earlier this week. He outlined ...

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Berks County Patriots Report

Commissioner Leinbach is sponsoring our February Meeting.  Thank you Christian    All Candidates are invited for Petition Signing       ...

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Fwd: Is Your Marriage Doomed? It Is If God Isn’t In It--APN

Is Your Marriage Doomed? It Is If God Isn’t In It American Pastors Network Gives 5 Principles to Strengthen, Defend and Protect Marriage ...

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When Democrats Accidentally Told The Truth, America Hated It, & The Media Tried To Pretend It Never Happened.


By Kevin McCullough at Townhall The opinions expressed by columnists are their own and do not represent the views of

A sitting Governor describes a baby being born alive, intact and whole and then describes a death panel’s decision over whether that born child should live or die.

That was the moment I saw it happen.

Oh because he was a physician and had at some point(s) in his history delivered a child or two whose life hasn’t ended in a “post-birth abortion” we were supposed to trust that he cared about all kids.

In his multiple back-to-back days’ worth of press conferences reading prepared statements we were told that we weren’t supposed to question his thoughts on the

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Award-Winning Actor James Woods’ Fury: ‘Virginia Gov. Northam Is a Savage Baby Killer’


By Jim-Kouri from Conservative Base via COP Magazine



Award-winning actor James Woods gave into his fury and blasted Virginia’s Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam for his “barbaric” political position on abortion-in-demand.

The governor had showed his support for late-term abortions including a new legislative bill that allows the termination of a baby even after it is outside of the mother’s womb.

“Watch your interview, pretend you’re not a lackey for the #DemocratDeathMachine, and imagine the person speaking about killing a newborn isn’t you,” said Woods on his popular Twitter account.

Woods was referring to what many believe were bizarre comments made by Gov. Northam on the Washington, D.C. WTOP aired on Wednesday morning. The governor,

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The Abortion Agenda: Its Benefactors & What You Don’t Know


These power players are in this game for the long haul. They are planners, deceivers, manipulators, and if someone isn’t paying close attention, they may be fooled. COREY LYNN — Freedom Outpost

Pay very close attention, because there is a lot more going on with their abortion agenda, than meets the eye. Who’s involved, where is this headed, and what atrocities have already occurred? Something very significant began back in 1993, leading up to this, and no one is reporting on it.

New York’s ‘Reproductive Health Act’ brought shock and awe to the entire country, by legalizing full-term abortions, and decriminalizing it. As barbaric as this all is, no one seems

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The growing assault on private property


Are single-family homes “racist?”

By Tom DeWeese at Renew America

One of the main indicators used by economists to measure the health of the nation’s economy is housing starts – the number of private homes being built around the nation. In 2018 housing starts fell in all four regions of the nation, representing the biggest drop since 2016.

While many economists point to issues such as higher material costs as a reason for the drop in housing starts, a much more ominous reason may be emerging. Across the nation, city councils and state legislatures are beginning to remove zoning protections for single-family neighborhoods, claiming they are racist discrimination designed to keep certain minorities out of such neighborhoods. In response to these charges

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Largest Drug Bust In History At Southern Border: Border Patrol Seizes Enough Fentanyl To Kill 57 Million People


Imagine the devastation and destruction of lives these drugs would have caused if they had not been found. PAMELA GELLER — Freedom Outpost

Imagine the devastation and destruction of lives these drugs would have caused if they had not been found. And then consider the fact that the Democrat Party leadership is hell-bent on stopping President Trump from protecting Americans from this kind of thing by building a wall along our Southern border.

They are so single-minded in their determination to enlarge their voting base and secure themselves in power for another generation that they are willing to see innumerable Americans dead and others with their lives shattered, just so they can enjoy the

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American Culture War


By Ronald R. Cherry at Renew America

You may not realize it yet, but, if you are a White Christian man, there is a target painted on your forehead, and that of your sons and grandsons.

The easiest most effective way to subjugate a class of people is to portray them falsely as those who unjustly possess a superior economic, social or legal position compared to other groups – a Marxist mind trick – and then bring them down by force. Envision a false bar graph where a certain group’s measure is higher than that of other groups. In reality the bars are of equal height in regards to natural human rights and legal standing. Thus, in order to

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South Dakota Becomes Latest Permitless Gun-Carry State


NRA says law allows ‘South Dakotans to exercise their fundamental right to self-protection in the manner that best suits their needs’

Gov. Kristi Noem (R-SD) / Getty Images



South Dakota governor Kristi Noem (R.) signed the state’s permitless carry bill into law on Thursday.

The bill, SB47, eliminates the state’s requirement that residents obtain a permit in order to legally carry a firearm. Instead, so long as a resident is legally allowed to possess a firearm, they are legally allowed to carry it concealed on their person.

Noem said the new law is in line with the country’s

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Next Attack On America: Democrats Want References to God Removed from Oaths for Testimony


/Godfather Politics.

Not even a month has gone by with the Democrats in control of Congress and they are already wrecking havoc on the country. The latest attack on our traditions comes with Democrats looking to take references to God out of the oaths witnesses take before Congressional committees.

The reason we add oaths of “so help me God” in witness oaths is to impress on witnesses that there is a higher power than man and if they are swearing to that higher power, then they are promising that their testimony is the absolute truth.

But if there is no higher

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